Let’s talk: What do you think about Malcolm Turnbull’s new ad?

In a bid to get in touch with his softer side, Malcolm Turnbull’s new ad campaign focusses on the PM’s

In a bid to get in touch with his softer side, Malcolm Turnbull’s new ad campaign focusses on the PM’s relationship with his father and growing up in a single-parent household.

After weeks of being labelled as “out of touch” by the Labor Party, Mr Turnbull is fighting back with this emotional and personal insight into his life before he became a public figure.

The add features a series of photographs of Mr Turnbull with his father Bruce Turnbull and is commentated by the PM.

“Big brother, little brother really was the type of relationship – we were incredibly close,” Mr Turnbull says in the ad.

“I didn’t feel I missed out on anything because I had lots of love.

“We didn’t have much money, he was a hotel broker and for most of that time he was battling like a lot of people are, a lot of single parents are, certainly”.

“And he did well after a while; in the latter part of his life he ­kicked a few goals after a lot of ­effort.

“He was incredibly loyal, very, very strong, very disciplined.

“I was the main object of everything he wanted to achieve. He was very focused on doing what was right for me.”

Bruce was tragically killed in a plane crash in 1982, leaving the PM understandably distraught and shocked at the sudden loss.

Mr Turnbull’s wealth and ‘upmarket’ lifestyle have been the subject of much debate throughout the election with the Opposition and many voters saying he can’t possibly understand the needs and reality of life for struggling Australians.

The ad is no doubt a bid to prove the PM is not as out of the loop as people make him out to be.

The big question though is, has it worked?

After watching the ad, does it change the way you think about Malcolm Turnbull?

Do you think the PM is out of touch with every day Australians? Or, should we be praising him for achieving everything he has given his childhood circumstances?

  1. Robyn Jefferson  

    He was fortunate to have a good brain but his relationship with his wife and father in law put him into his current position. He is too emotionally dependent on his wife. We won’t get a Prime Minister but a couple. He always says Lucy and I, even when running the country. She is his Achilles heel.

    • Janice  

      A weak man, under his wife’s ‘thumb’.
      NOT suitable ‘material’ for PM, after 2nd July……

  2. Neta Williams  

    Sorry Mr Turnbull no sympathy from me. I think I know about the values your father would have taught you but you have shamed him by forgetting them. You do nothing for the battlers of today.

  3. The watcher  

    I am sure the 7 million he was left by his dad didnt soften the loss. Just made his bid for pity seem hollow to those who lose relatives without that cushion of fortune.

  4. Noel Baxendell  

    A hotel broker is someone who buys, sells, leases and provides finance for such transactions. Now the same profession would be called a merchant banker. His father had the money to finance the best education in the most elite private schools. Rich people in politics always seem to try and invent hard upbringing stories. A sort of politics of envy in reverse.

    But I do accept that, riches aside, he must have had a difficult childhood. His mother abandoning him when she ran off with another man would leave a scar on any young boy. He could not help feeling abandoned and unloved by his mother.

  5. Rosemary Charles  

    I’m more concerned with what he’s been doing to, or not doing for, our country right now, and the damage that he could continue to inflict on it in the future. I don’t want a government that only governs for the top end, plays on imagined fear and has no vision. So far Turnbull has not been impressive, unless you’re in the top percent and don’t care about the environment, public education, modern connectivity or social justice, so there is no reason to believe anything will change….. Regardless of all this ridiculous effort to distract from the real issues.

  6. Glenda Hymers  

    I thought it very refreshing to know that a Father, all those years back was such a great man. We do not hear enough about the Dad’s, it is generally the Mum’s that have had the biggest influence. Always knew he was “self made”, & “B” good luck to him.
    Our past always has some impact on our future, & The Prime Minister is no different.

  7. Marjorie browne  

    I always used to vote liberal, not any more, the major parties have lost the plot, I am giving my vote to someone who truly wants to make a difference , who cares about the little man, and really knows what it is to really struggle to make ends meet, I can,t wait for all this election talk to be over.

  8. Janice  

    I don’t think about him at all!
    AND definitely NOT on 2/7/2016!

    There’re many more upstanding, creditable people I prefer to think about.

  9. Joanne  

    I had a greater upheaval in childhood, & then some, than he did.
    I’m not a millionaire like him, thanks to his father’s inheritance, but a survivor.

    I’m grateful for that, & enjoy my life as best I can in my circumstances.

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