Let’s talk: What do you do when life doesn’t go to plan?

This couple was looking forward to spending more time together, taking things a bit slower and indulging some of their
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This couple was looking forward to spending more time together, taking things a bit slower and indulging some of their passions and dreams. But then life “threw them a curveball” and their plans went out the window.

Their son was sent to jail and their baby granddaughter came to live with them full-time.

As they tell their story in this beautiful video, it’s a tale we can all relate to. No matter how many plans you lay, no matter how many times you wish and hope for a certain lifestyle or dream, it can come undone at the drop of a hat.

For this couple, it was a family emergency. They had to say goodbye to their ideal retirement, but said hello to a new phase of life, as parents again. In the video, they describe the challenges of wanting to be grandparents, but having to be parents to their spritely little girl. In turn she repays them in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.

For so many Starts at 60 readers, life often doesn’t go to plan. Be it illness, loss or circumstances beyond your control, many of you have had to “step up to the plate” and do the best you can.

In the story we’re showing here, adapting to life’s challenges was hard but ultimately worth every sleepless night. Others may not be so lucky.

What unexpected things have you had to deal with in your life? How did you handle them and make do with what life dished out?  

  1. yes know how you feel and all i can say is from my life take each day at a time and enjoy it dont wait for retitement families can be very heart breaking at times stay strong folks

    • Me too.Two years into retirement and he died within a few hours of feeling unwell. No history of illness. An unknown aneurism. Nearly 7 years ago now.

    • Me too. We planned on retiring at 60. He died at59 very unexpected . Life is very unfair at times we will meet again.

    • Me to. We planned to travel around the country and overseas when he retired in two years time, but my husband died suddenly at 58 that was 10 years ago.

    • Lots of love to all you girls, I hope you all have loving supportive families!!! 😘 ❤️

    • Me too. 3 years into retirement. Poor nuggets who r expected to work till 70

    • I know how you feel Pauline mine died in 2012 it still seems like yesterday you go on because of your children & grandchildren but the hurt is always there

    • Me too Lorraine 6 months into retirement. Fortunately have since met another partner and life is good again but my deceased will always be with me.

    • Me as well. We planned to travel, even bought an RV but my husband was diagnosed with cancer and had passed away within 12 weeks of diagnosis! He was 59. That was 6 mths ago and everything has changed now.

    • We were lucky in that respect..We did have 3 months travelling around Australia…We’d been back 3 months when he died..We who are left behind get strong because of our families..

    • Me too my husband died 9 years ago aged 53yrs so he never got to retire, thank goodness for my beautiful family and two previous grandsons 3 and 6!!

    • Me too, at age 59 & we never got to experience retirement together.Everything changed, I’ve been travelling solo.

  2. What beautiful people, I would do the same thing if I had to, far preferable to Fostering. Can’t beat blood!!!👪❤️

  3. Anne Wolski  

    I know how they feel. I am currently raising 2 little granddaughters. Their mum is in jail and dad is in a deportation centre. I too long to be just a grandparent and not have to be responsible for the parenting but what can you do? I guess we are among a growing number who have had to put our own plans on hold but hopefully these little ones will be okay because of it

  4. I would sooner of been in their place having to look after a child Even though their there son is in jail. In my case I ended up disable and cannot do 70 percent of what I used to do

  5. I met a couple on cruise I went on who adopted their granddaughter after a family tragedy. They said they don’t know what they would do without her, amazing people

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