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Unless you’ve been living in a cave you’d know that Usain Bolt is fast. Like, really fast.

He might not have broken his own world record in the 100m sprint final at the Rio Olympic Games on August 15, but the superstar sprinter was so quick about it that he even snuck in a cheeky smile as he sped passed his competition on his way to the finish line.

The image was hastily shared around the globe and social media was abuzz with memes in support of the Olympic icon.

One such supporter was United States’ television host and comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres, who posted a photoshopped version of the image featuring herself riding on Usain’s back with the caption: “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016”.

It didn’t take long for the internet to get on Ellen’s back with claims her meme was racially insensitive for showing a white woman riding on the back of a black man.

But was she? Some claim Ellen’s meme made out that Usain was nothing more than a ‘mule’ or a piece of property, while others leapt to the host’s defence saying that she was merely referring to Usain’s speed.

The 58-year-old acknowledged the backlash on August 16 in a Twitter post saying, “I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country. It is the furthest thing from who I am.”

What do you think? Was Ellen’s photo racist or are people making too much out of it?

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  1. Oh for gods sake this racism card is being over played, she was referring to how fast he is.get over it.

  2. Oh for gods sake this racism card is being over played, she was referring to how fast he is.get over it.

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    • I agree. I’m no Ellen fan, but seriously what is wrong with some people!

  3. Leftie media and leftie loonies at it again. For all the imbiciles out there. He is fast full stop. Attention seekers always scream out racist as they have nothing intelligent to say.

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    • Enough already with the ‘lefty loonie’ rubbish. I consider myself to be rather left leaning and I thought it was a an overreaction to a fun meme, which I read somewhere, that Usain Bolt himself shared. It was his speed that was under discussion, nothing else!

  4. Omg what rubbish. It isn’t racist. I thought it was clever and funny. Racism didn’t enter my mind. Get over the race card. I wonder if they would complain if the guy was white and the girl black. Don’t think so. Normal everyday people don’t even think this is a issue. It’s people that don’t have anyone better to do and pick discrimination with everything. Just more whingers.

  5. If different coloured people can’t play together then you have racsism. The only people who are racsist are those people who keep bringing the subject up because they are always thinking about it. Many of us make comments without thinking about racsism becuase we don’t notice colour in the situation.

  6. I agree with others, just get over it. People are people, we just come in different colored skins, who cares what color you are!

  7. Has anyone looked at the disgusting world of pornography eg. Anal sex, gangbangs etc, disgusting to read about.. African males flood those industries with the females usually Caucasian, European or Asian, has anyone complained about Africa??

  8. oops here we go again..playing the racist card. What a lopsided deck we play with.

  9. people grow up it must be black people complaining trying to stir up trouble would it have matterd if he was green or asian its getting so boring all this racist crap .

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