Let’s talk: The six words women hate

What is the ugliest word in the English language to women? According to the experts there are six of them,
Let's Talk

What is the ugliest word in the English language to women? According to the experts there are six of them, and most are disliked because of their overt sexual connotations as well as for the way they sound. Do you concur?

Experts in the UK asked 500 women what they thought the world’s most unpleasant words were and the responses were reduced to 6 universally disliked selections:

  • Moist
  • Squirt
  • Panties
  • Chunky
  • Curd
  • Flap

“The common denominator seems to be disgust, either toward bodily functions or sex,” Paul Thibodeau, a language psychologist at Oberlin College, told Yahoo Health.

Other words which made the list were words like “chunky” which were rejected in the context of body shape where it represents a “full-figured” body shape but found to be OK when used to describer peanut butter.
The word “flap” which many associated with a skin flap, a phrase and context that most women dread.

And so we ask you: what you think of these words and which words you find the ugliest in the English language?


  1. There is another word which I daren’t say, a four letter word that starts with “c”, that I totally dislike, & find distasteful. It’s a word that many men use, often to denigrate a woman or others, but it’s something that they are always trying to get in to..

    • I agree ladies, it’s my pet hate and can usually switch off to some words, but that is the one word anyone using it is liable to get a serve from me because it maybe just a word but I can’t tolerate it.

    • Agree, Call U Next Tuesday, worst and probably only swear word I won’t use.

    • Some of the worst words are def not swear words, such as homelessness, bigotry, war, terrorism, rape, domestic violence just to mention a few!

    • There wasn’t one on the list that upset me I think the c word and faggot dumb idiot hopeless ugly any word that can destroy a person soul

    • Agree about that c word. A nasty insult. Also agree with Sue’s list. None of the words in the article bother me.

    • Owen Gustafson Lol, If you look upwards 5 posts to Sue Packer’s comment, you’ll know exactly, but yep, cash is definitely a hated word, haha..

    • I dislike the use of the word, too, Robyn Bottin. It is used as a denigration, a demeaning term, but I’d have thought not so much by men as by the younger generation who seem to have no hangups. It seems to be a normal part of everyday speech. 🙁

    • I have heard it from all generations John, & the use of the word becomes prevalent depending on the situations/jobs & environment that people are exposed to on a regular basis. This is my opinion only, through personal experiences, & my prior profession..

    • Robyn Bottin : I have even heard it on TV, particularly on the Comedy festival which I used to like, but it seems they can’t be funny without being obscene at the same time.

    • It’s just a word. .the more it’s said the less negative it is…remember people used to be shocked by fuck..now not so.

    • For the word I am referring to, it’s the context in which it is said, & the manner. It is not a flattering word in any way or form..

    • Robyn Bottin , I agree and all jokes aside,it is not a word that is commonly used in my circles even when the blokes are together in the club or pub and definitely not when we are with our wives and girlfriends and i’m no prude.

  2. From someone with very curly hair, it’s the “f” word for me, frizzy that is!

  3. Everyone always has to find double meanings in every word uttered. 500 people surveyed is hardly a cause for a printed survey after all there are millions of people in the world and in fact in the UK alone. In every country in the world words have different meanings, so I do hope the people who did this survey were not paid for a meaningless job.

  4. I don’t find any of these words ugly, I “moisten” a cloth to clean the kitchen bench…… I “squirt” water out of the hose to water the plants……… I have washed my wifes “panties” when she was sick……….I love a “chunky” steak pie……… not to fond of bean “curd”…….. and watch the birds everyday “flap” their wings every day.

  5. I think we have ourselves let too much influenced by vested interest of manipulative influence of media in general.

  6. The absolute most derogatory word is a man calling a woman a c___t l absolutely gringe with shame when I hear it. Unfortunately l don’t think or hope that most of the younger generation really understand this, because if they do the are totally without feeling

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