Let’s Talk: The frustration of Christmas roads

It’s just days until Christmas and half of the country has taken off to the beach it seems; my beach! It
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It’s just days until Christmas and half of the country has taken off to the beach it seems; my beach! It is great for the city-slickers who are left with vacant roads and infrastructure, meanwhile my normally sleepy beachside town that has just wide enough streets for one car, and just enough traffic lights for a handful of others has turned into a traffic nightmare.

The reality is, our beachside towns are not set up for this and right now it is near impossible to physically get to any beach in our area except by foot because every man and his dog is fighting to find a park, and blocking the one-lane roads. My sleepy little town is a disaster zone.

If you can get to the beach in this traffic, I congratulate you. But have fun walking onto the beach and then finding a nice place to sit without having a stranger’s too-tight swimmers in your face every time you roll over. If you’re a lucky one, you might only have to eat some sand while the neighbouring family’s children dig it up.

If you aren’t heading to the beach and are opting for some last minute Christmas shopping instead, I wish you all the best with that too. Last night I went to my local Westfield to do some late night shopping and it took me 45 minutes to get into the centre and find a car park and then another 30 to get out! Madness!

So, I have no idea what to do or where to go now. All I know is that I am very pissed off!

How are you finding the Christmas roads and shopping centres this year in your town? Are you having the same issues?

  1. We are lucky to live in Newcastle and don’t have all that Sydney traffic. That being said there’s not a hope in hell I am going anywhere near one of the major centres today!

    • I have to go to Westfield Kotara at 9 am and I am shaking thinking about it..it will be a madhouse

    • Possibly one last trip to Toronto but our local IGA will be open tomorrow morning for last minute emergencies. I went to Kotara Westfield on Tuesday and it wasn’t too bad. I will try as I do every year to be more organized next year but I’ll believe it when I see it. Merry Christmas all. Have a lovely and safe time.

  2. Just remember – they will be gone in a few weeks and you will have it to yourself again. Small sacrifice for what you enjoy all year.

  3. Our local area doesn’t sound as busy as yours but its size must at least treble when all the holiday houses are full. It is this holiday trade that keeps many of our small businesses going for the rest of the year when I can go and enjoy them in peace and quiet. I hate the bustle of some of the Eastern state beaches at the best of times and taketo the mountains for peace and quiet. Our beaches may not be as spectacular but apart from a couple of weeks around Christmas and again at Easter I can go and find on, or at least a large part of one, devoid of other people.

  4. We live a little way (12kl) from the beach so we have to drive. Walking is not an option. Often finding a park is a problem. Yes, the beaches are crowded, we are used to having them all to ourselves. Still In is lovely to see so many folk enjoying themselves. It won’t be long and it will all be back to normal. In the mean time Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  5. Spare a thought for me 🙂 I am driving to Queensland tonight, but am hoping not to many will be on the road Christmas Eve after dark lol

  6. I lived in a small Victorian beachside town until recently. Stop whinging, holiday makers spend millions over the summer – this is what keeps many small towns going.

  7. Yes of course we have the same issues at Christmas. Plan ahead = take it in your stride. Join in the celebrations. Good for you you live in a lovely place – they will be gone soon. Hope you have a lovely Xmas and that you have your cupboards stocked. Enjoy! Think of all the small business in your area that are benefiting.

  8. Know what you mean and most of them behave like disrespectful conquerors.CHRISTMAS is supposed to be a time of more friendliness and courtesy….well it seems these days it is the opposite.Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone.

  9. Everybody knows this time of year is full on . I remember in the 60s going to The Entrance camping, with mum and dad , what was normally a sleepy town most of the year turned into the centre of the universe , carnivals, huge bingo halls , Tuggera lake looking like a fairy land of lanterns with hundreds out trying to get their booty of prawns , which were in huge abundance those days…So just enjoy it for what it is , be it , your backyard or someone else’s . BUT one golden rule …respect the locals , cos they have to live there . H Xmas.

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