Let’s talk: should we have a no-visa agreement between Commonwealth countries?

Talk of a free-movement agreement between Australia and selection of Commonwealth countries is gaining traction as more people throw their

Talk of a free-movement agreement between Australia and selection of Commonwealth countries is gaining traction as more people throw their support behind the idea.

The proposal is for Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand to have a deal similar to the European Union, meaning we could all live and work in each other’s countries without having to worry about visas or migration laws.

The idea was started by The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation, with founder James Skinner saying it has “received significant support” from MPs and senators in each of the countries.

On the plus side, is thought that the deal would bring economic and social benefits, allowing people more options to find work and choose the lifestyle they want.

Others though worry such a deal could put a strain on health care systems push some workers out of the job market.

An online petition for the idea has already gained 162,000 signatures and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says it could be an option as we negotiate our new trade agreement with the UK.

“Should we be in a position to conclude a free-trade agreement after Brexit well then obviously [improved access] can be the subject of a free-trade agreement,” she said, reports News Corp.

A survey by the Royal Commonwealth Society found that 70 per cent of Australians, 75 per cent of Canadians, 82 per cent of New Zealanders and 58 per cent of Britons supported free mobility, with those aged between 18 and 35 in New Zealand and Australia most enthusiastic.

So is this a good idea or will it end in disaster?

The European Union has had mostly positive reviews over the years, but there have been some negative effects.

The UK has had to significantly tightened their migration laws due to the massive influx of people from poorer European countries heading across the Channel to find work and a better lifestyle.

The Global Financial Crisis saw the EU having to band together to bail out countries like Greece who fell into financial ruin, putting extra pressure on some of the EU’s most powerful countries.

So would a free movement agreement between Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK mean more options for over-60s or would it put more pressure on them?

What do you think about this idea?

  1. Isabel Reid  

    Why is the correct New Zealand not shown?

  2. Isabel Reid  

    Sorry, correct New Zealand flag.

    • Exactly, I assumed that NZ was not included, but then I see that sports flag and yes NZ is included, but NZ already has a visa free relationship with Australia. Actually it is not and I suspect there will never be an absolute visa free relationship as at the immigration border known criminals are not permitted to proceed, and fair enough too.

  3. Yes I agree even the Motherland we have to have a Visa Bloody ridiculous..
    But the Government needs the money so they can help Refugees who are n ot anyway live here and cut our Pensions to help them so they Afraid all Aussies will leave.

  4. Dave Pritchard  

    Surely a case of “back to the future”, since there used to be free movement within the old Commonwealth….but rather like the Brexit scenario, it got revoked when too many Ugandans (fleeing the ‘wonderful’ regime of that psychopath Idi Amin) and other ‘3rd world’ citizens were deemed to be calling Blighty home !!! It seemed like a weird kind of deja’vu to me, but the undesirable influx was now deemed to be Eastern European, rather than African. It was the same old “taking our jobs /strain on the health and social services” / not fitting in” cobblers I’d heard before. A straight swap of Enoch Powell for Nigel Farage. History repeating, as the Shirley Bassey song goes…

  5. K. Scott  

    i think only have no visa for those born in these countries or Naturalised. Other wise you will get everyone going to these countries without visas .Restrictions are necessary for this type of entry.

    • Joan Tisdell  

      You took the words right out of my mouth, everyone would enter the Commonwealth countries via the “back door” if restrictions weren’t in place!

    • Marion  

      Yes I agree there used to be an agreement between commonwealth countries free movement remember when australia needed the british to come hereand work but it needs to be properly controlled not just to make it easier to come in the back door i was born in england and have a very interesting story to tell but need to be out of here in 2018 i first arrived here with my parents 1950 grew up here from here on it is verylong and complicated to put in something like thisif anyone is interested in hearing my story i would like to tell it

  6. Donice Keenan  

    No No No
    Be careful what you wish for ! Have a GOOD look, as in do some research for yourself at how Open Borders has gone for Europe and wonder why many citizens of some of the EU countries want them closed…… and why Brexit is happening

    You don’t need to be a Zenophobe to see the potential damage to our Nation….. merely a realist !

    • Wiso  

      I agree 100% Donice !!!

      NO NO NO !!!

      Please open your eyes people and look at the damage being done in Europe right now. Do we want the same here and in NZ ?? Absolutely not !!

      • emmo  

        Ahem, aren’t all (apart from Aborigines and Maori onviously) NZ and OZ citizens descendants of Europeans and people from other countries? Yes. Without migration in the first place most people wouldn’t be ther

  7. c. dixon  

    NO It is far too easy for illegal immigrants & or so called refugees to enter Australia already. They would find a way to bypass the system. In case people dont know backpackers entering Australia can apply to Medicare for bulk billing health & I see that as wrong as I am of the older generation & paid taxes all my working life.

    • emmo  

      Most backpackers have paid taxes all their lives too and will always continue to do so by the time they’re your age.

  8. Carol Davies  

    Good for families to re-unite, excellent idea all round

  9. Brenda arnold  

    We are on the ‘final processing list ‘ for a permanent visa been nearly 8 years now !!!!!! Both children, grandchildren live here. Would love to be a citizen but will have to wait bit longer.in the meantime we are spending our money here and not UK where we were born. My husband will be 70 at the end of the year.its been a long haul.

  10. Pamela  

    No-one should be allowed into Australia without a visa.

    Most countries are crawling with potential moslem terrorists!

    Even more will then use those countries as doorways into Australia to our massive detriment!

    We need secure borders. Why undo the work that has been done already?

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