Let’s talk: Should Tony Abbott retire from politics, or do we need him to stick around?

Tony Abbott is still campaigning hard to hold onto his seat of Warringah come election day, but there is talk

Tony Abbott is still campaigning hard to hold onto his seat of Warringah come election day, but there is talk the former prime minister will retire if he is left of Malcolm Turnbull’s frontbench.

Mr Abbott is said to have caused a divide amongst party members since he was ousted as PM, regularly popping up at media events and making comments about the current government leaders.

Liberal party members, who chose to remain anonymous, have told the media they believe Mr Abbott will retire from government and take up a lucrative diplomatic position in London after the election.

“No one expects Tony to hang around for long,” one party member told Fairfax.

“Things are not well in Warringah,” said another Liberal.

“It reflects the way Tony deals with people: you’re either with him or against him.”

Even when he was in power, Mr Abbott caused huge divide amongst party members and voters.

He was criticized for his harsh budgets as well as his priorities, with many accusing him of putting his own interests ahead of the party’s and the people’s.

Others though saw him as a strong leader and an economic hero who took necessary steps to reign in spending and reduce the deficit.

Since being demoted to the backbench, Mr Abbott has been accused of deliberately interring with government matters, publishing essays defending his economic policies and his decision to reintroduce the honour of knights and dames of the Order of Australia – a move which saw his cop major backlash from the public and his own party.

However, despite all the bad press he receives, Mr Abbott still has a strong band of followers and is expected to win his seat come election day.

This could mean we might be seeing more of him after July 2, with many people hoping Mr Turnbull gives his a position on the frontbench again.

What do you think about Tony Abbott?

Should he retire from politics? Or does he have more to offer Australia?

  1. Michael Leitch  

    I’m sure B.Shorten would love him to stay around

  2. Jennifer Dickson  

    The comment that held me in thrall for a few minutes was “lucrative diplomatic position in London “. Lucrative would be just par for the course, but to have the word DIPLOMATIC applying to Tony Abbott is ridiculous. What have the poor Poms done to possibly deserve having Abbott let loose in a diplomatic post. The mind boggles and it is too scary for words.

    • The Watcher  

      He is such a royalist lickspittle he will wear his trousers out at the knees grovelling to Liz and then claim them at the taxpayers expense. What a complete idiot this man is, and to be considered for a diplomatic post? Thats like putting Seenodonors in charge of the reserve bank.

    • Mary Dawson  

      Jennifer I think he should be deported to England NOT given a diplomatic post. What a huge embarrassment he is to Australia. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word diplomacy. He’s never proved he’s Australian so pommies are welcome to him. Let them sort him out. But please don’t let him represent Australia.

  3. I admire Tony Abbott for all the strong policies he has brought in. I am definitely not voting for “The Turnbull Team”. The only person I see feathering his own personality is Malcolm Turncoat. He is self obsessed & totally self absorbed. He has to have HIS name out there, not the Liberal Party name. He loves himself & himself only. He is not interested in helping our nation. He needs to pull out & let some of the other ministers have a say in this campaign. I think he will lose the election for the Liberals because he waffles on aimlessly. He has nothing to offer this country. Tony Abbott has had a terrible time not only from his party, but mostly from the media. I wish him every success in the future.

    • Mary Dawson  

      Have to agree with you about Turnbull but unfortunately Tony Abbott never was nor never will be Prime Minister material. He is simply a greedy corrupt conservative. Nothing will change that.

  4. We need this man Tony who did so much with no recognition. Turnbull is taking all the credit for Tony’s hard work. He did all he could because he loves his Country. Turnbull is only out for himself and prestige and he has done nothing but swan around taking selfies. Yes the Country needs Mr Abbott. I’m sure he realizes he made some mistakes and would rectify them.

    • Don Morrow.  

      Rubbish, you should do your homework before making such a silly statement.

  5. Pam Nicholls  

    Let’s hope the people of Warringah are wise enough not to vote for him. That way he retires on account of democracy and not as a result of his own decision which inevitably would cause a costly bi-election. Why should he get a cosy diplomatic position for sour grapes. Let alone that he would be a total embarrassment out of the country.

  6. Mr Abbott need to leave Politics altogether. He is like a virus that will not go away.

    I also do not believe in Politicians getting lucrative overseas jobs ( diplomatic) after they leave politics.
    Politicians certainly look after themselves and NOT the people they are suppose top represent . When I left work and I worked for a large public hospital for 25 years ( I got NOTHING) the excuse was it is the Public’s money and we cannot spend it on a leaving present for you. But if I was a Politician the story would be very different, but I was only a WORKER .

  7. [email protected]  

    I feel we need him. Preferably working hard in the background to help stabilize the ‘popular’ prime minister! We need a strong government, ready with respect, to make unpopular policy decisionsfor the good of our future.

  8. Jen  

    Tony Abbott has good honest values that very few politicians have and this annoys those who have have no idea what honesty and integrity means.
    Those wackos on the left will destroy our wonderful country if allowed.

  9. J.Loehr  

    we still pay for THEM ex somebodys so lets get rid of em

  10. D Suter  

    Great in opposition but a failure as PM. Should have left with dignity. Does nothing for anyone remaining on. May be the underlying reason if the Coalition loses.

  11. Lynette Nelson  

    I like Tony Abbot sad that he is too honest I would like to think that he has the everyday aussie at heart but think he should just cut his losses and go back to his community duties which he is really great at.

  12. WJ  

    Hopefully he will resign soon. More trouble than he’s worth. I used to shudder at his Capts calls and complete disregard of how Australians thought in today’s society. A lucrative diplomatic job in London of all places, that would be another poor outcome for Australians.

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