Let’s talk: Should people have to pass a test before they have children?

After shocking revelations about a couple of drug-addicted parents, radio host Alan Jones has made a drastic call for change.

After shocking revelations about a couple of drug-addicted parents, radio host Alan Jones has made a drastic call for change.

Mr Jones made made the call on his program this morning while discussing the Sydney couple who are reportedly receiving state assistance to raise their ninth baby after having eight children taken away from them already.

The parents are said to be receiving support form a full-time care worker to help them in their bid to keep the child under the new child protection scheme.

The baby was deemed “at risk of significant harm” before birth, but still the parents have been allowed to keep it.

A seemingly furious Jones said there needs to be tests and qualifications issued before anyone becomes a parent.

“We are going to have to bite the bullet and introduce certain qualifications for as to when people have children,” he said.

“You can have them, but you can’t use them as an instrument to get money from the taxpayer, and spend it on drugs.

“There is nothing to stop the biological parents from at any given time making applications to have these children back.

“What a mess it is.”

While it may seem like a drastic proposal, many are agreeing with him. Earlier this year, there were calls for stricter rules around foster parents following the murder of Queensland girl Tiahleigh Palmer, allegedly at the hands of her foster father.

So do we need to take it one step further and make sure people are fit to be parents before they have children? Or would this turn us into a nanny state?

  1. Carolyn Mash  

    While that idea may sound harsh, something has to be done to protect children from parents who should never have had kids in the first place. There are perfectly good people in this country who would love and care for a child if they could adopt one but it is so difficult and there are so few given up for adoption. Surely a childs happiness and welfare has top priority, especially over two “adults” who have already had eight chances to prove themselves?

  2. Janet Broomfield  

    Certainly should. So many children born so parents can get extra welfare payments and society is left with looking after their children.

  3. Ruby Tuesday  

    Yes!! Yes!! and Yes!! again!!

    I have maintained for years that people should be licensed to have a child. I have also been accused of being harsh and that could happen again…but think about it.
    If you want to adopt a child, you are thoroughly investigated before you can be considered as a prospective parent. They take into consideration your age, relationship, housing, financial situation etc;
    You have to prove that you not only want a child but that you have the right formula to love, protect, house, feed, clothe and educate that child.
    I’m not saying that the system is perfect…nothing is…but it certainly tries to ensure that the child is properly cared for.

    Sadly, there are some people who should not be allowed to breed. The parents in this story are clearly two of them.

  4. Fay  

    Absolutely yes!!! As long as our children are kept safe, I don’t care if we have nanny states!! While the action of getting pregnant is easy for some, it takes much, much more than love to raise a child !! We have an obligation to make sure we care for our children’s physical and mental wellbeing, be great role models, be there for them and guide them through life so they can take their places in today’s world. I don’t believe there is a more important job in the world, and I believe we have to take a strong stand to prevent people with any history of harming a child, from ever bringing another one into the world. I wish you could rule out those with no common sense, superficial values and no sense of responsibility too. Our children deserve so much better.


    So Alan, are you proposing that the Governments’ approval must be obtained prior to you having sexual intercourse with your partner? Come on, get real !!! Do we all want to live in a Nazi type “nanny” state controlling all our natural freedoms? Perhaps we should be castrating those males that do not achieve the correct Government approval to procreate? Perhaps indigenous parents in remote areas could be rendered impotent by state authority? UTTER NONSENSE ALAN !!! Yeah, it’s certainly a mess but you’re wasting your breath (and looking a bit silly) with your comments.
    Sure, you’re completely right about the shameful minority of bludgers that rort our welfare system, but I’d rather see your usually sound and sensible platforms attacking other such blatant misuse of the taxpayers’ dollar, ie: the flagrant and dishonest maternity leave double-dipping.

  6. Greg Hills  

    Is this guy serious! He. Must be joking. It would be impossible to police such a law. What are we supposed to do if the lady is pregnant, but they don’t have a parenting certificate? Make them have an abortion? I don’t think so.
    Alan jones hasn’t really thought this one through at all, I don’t think.

  7. Perhaps it is time to encourage those parents who are obviously never going to be able to care for their own children, to be encouraged to put them up for adoption. Too many children are used by parents to get money and give them a reason not to seek employment because they have to look after their many children. It is time we put the welfare of the child first. I am so sick of hearing about toddlers being abused and or neglected. It is shameful. If you can’t look after your children then you don’t get to keep them.

  8. Phil  

    Alans parents should have been tested

    • Duncan  

      Qualifications are required for practically everything else in life, BUT nothing for the most important ‘job’ in the world!

      In every ‘job’ I’ve applied for, including the Australian Army, a Psych evaluation, as well as other varying Tests were done.
      Obviously I was ‘OK’, as was employed, on each occasion!

      Given the number of ‘feral’ parents’ out there, a full barrage of Psych assessment, as well as the number who are genetically producing various types of non-normal children, they also should have a genetic test as well!

      There was a case on ‘ACA’ some time ago, about one woman who’d had FOUR autistic kids’, to the same husband, one after the other.
      Obviously neither of them had a brain between them, as most people would be concerned after one, maybe go for the second, & if that baby born autistic, you’d stop.
      No, not this pair. They ‘kept going’, & produced TWO more autistic babies’!

      The mother was on tv, because she was WHINGING she couldn’t get ENOUGH money out of Centrelink, read: the Aussie Taxpayer, to support her FOUR autistic sprogs!

      She should’ve been sterilized after the second baby.
      What gives her the ‘rght’ to continue producing offspring which will be a burden to the COUNTRY’s populace, for dcades?

  9. Pamela  

    After having 8 kids removed from her, she should have been sterilised so she could not have more!

    Actually, after the first 1 or 2, she should have been sterilised!

  10. Wendy Sargent  

    What about support for hard working tax paying parents with children with mental or physical disabilities!! They have to go through so much finacial hardship plus hold down their jobs & be there for their kids when the school calls & theres a problem! Maybe we all should be low life druggos to get all the benefits!! Makes my blood boil!

  11. J Sharwood  

    I think in today’s time , if your on wealthfare benefits 2 children is more than enough for the tax payer to support . After this mum or dad has to be working or looking for work . There has to be a cut off period for unemployed parents . We see so much of this 1to4,5,6 children & when there so called pay isn’t in the bank or the right amount , they say my (PAY ) was wrong what pay they didn’t earn it . I think some not all think it is their given right . (WRONG). Everyone needs a helping hand now & than , but with this amount of children (NO) & just stop & think are these children really getting any of the benefits .

    • Melinda  

      ………it might be ‘wealthy’, so to speak, but is actually called ‘WELFARE’!…….

      BTW, your Grammar is atrocious……..

  12. S Dangerfield  

    As long as the government keeps paying then they will keep having babies. Its that simple

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