Let’s talk: Should Australia be more open to Chinese investment?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in China with world leaders from around the world for the G20 Summit and it

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in China with world leaders from around the world for the G20 Summit and it looks like things got off to a shaky start.

After reports of a confrontation between Chinese and American officials on day one, things didn’t go as smoothly as China had hoped when Mr Turnbull had his own meeting with Mr Xi to speak about investment and business opportunities.

While Mr Turnbull has maintained his stance on keeping Australia “open for business”, only last month the government blocked a $10 billion-plus Chinese bid for power network Ausgrid – a move that is said to have angered the potential buyers.

Chinese investment in Australia has been a divisive topic for many voters, with people split over whether or not it’s the right thing for our country.

While Chinese dollars certainly help boost the economy, some are opposed foreigners buying up large chunks of land for their own profit.

Others though, point out that foreign investment creates job opportunities for the thousands of Aussies looking for work.

During their meeting over the weekend, Mr Xi told Mr Turnbull he hoped Australia would “continue to create a fair, transparent and predictable policy environment” for foreign investors.

It seems he got his answer too, with Mr Turnbull saying “We’re a good friend of China. Good friends are very honest with each other”, reports The Australian.

“Overall it is a very strong relationship,” he said.

What do you think about this issue though?

Should Australia be more open to Chinese and foreign investment? Or should we stop allowing so much foreign investment?

  1. Ted Jaeger  

    There is too much selling. Try leasing instead, and we still own our country. As for Chinese investors creating jobs – they import their own labour.

    • Yes its a myth that it increases jobs as our government allows them to use their own workers who they don’t need to pay Australian rates as they pay them back in China and we don’t know the details.

  2. Elizabeth Litster  

    NO. Selling the farms and the mines to our main consumer is unbelievably stupid.

  3. Should not be selling any of our assets to any country and that is what we are doing, especially with China, as their so called firms are controlled by the Chinese government. At the most we should only be letting them lease on short terms and on the condition that the lease will be cancelled immediately if they act against the interests of Australia and its people.

  4. Bette Campbell  

    I totally agree with Rhonda.We probably can’t buy anything in China.

  5. Terry Harris  

    We have to be completely mad to sell any of our infrastructure to China or any other foreign countries. Not only is it dangerous regarding security, but it is like selling the crown jewels in as much as you can only sell them once. What next do you try to sell? Our pollies can’t see past the next election, because out they go and the other mob come in, they then blame the previous mob, and on it goes etc etc etc. Older Aussies can’t believe what is happening to their country. Brexit was only successful because the Brit pollies and the elites had completely lost touch with the general population, and therefore misread what would happen. The same is happening here, Turnbull blew the election through sheer arrogance, and Shorten tried to claim a victory with 36% of the primary vote. The indies scored big because the people are peed off.

  6. Joan Thompson  

    On our recent trip to China we were advised that no one can buy land in China, even the Chinese, not sure about that, but, Australians would be allowed to buy over there. We should not be selling any land to an overseas country.

  7. Claire  

    The people of Chinese origin that work with my husband have said that they cannot buy a home and land in China and love the fact that they can own land here. Then we have the Asian investors that buy a house here and it stays empty except for the Gardeners and cleaners that we see from time to time. Chinese of course and local gossip says no taxes declared. So no I don’t think that we should sell our land and assets to any country.

  8. No country in its right mind should sell off its vital infrastructure, such as, power, water, gas, agricultural land and housing real estate to any foreign power! Least of all one that is a blatant dictatorship that has forcably annexed small countries around it, eg; Tibet.

  9. Robert  

    Australia is being stupid letting Chinese interests buy our farms, ports and power companies. When China has consolidated its control over the South China Sea it’s not going to be a benign superpower as the US has been since WWII.

  10. Isabel Liddle  

    We as Australians should be given the right to buy utilities.

  11. WAYNE  


  12. Already the power companies plus other utilities have a stranglehold on this country , so any one with any sense would not sell another single block of land or anything that could hold us all to ransom at the flick of a switch as we are in that situation already .So keep what’s left and get in the “pollies” head to stop any more sell offs.
    We only own a fraction of this country now after years of stupidity by all side of politics ‘Complain and lets hope all concerned Listen ………………….

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