Let’s talk: Polls show government approval rating at all-time low

It's more bad news for the government in the polls today, but they have brushed them aside.
While Labor is ahead, Shorten still trails behind Turnbull.

New polling results out today have shown the government’s approval rating is at its lowest level since Malcolm Turnbull took over as prime minister.

In a lacklustre start to the year, the Coalition has fallen behind Labor 54-46 in a two-party preferred poll, according to the Newspoll published in The Australian today.

However, while the Labor Party is enjoying the early surge, Bill Shorten is still trailing Turnbull as the preferred prime minister.

A number of Liberal MPs have already come out and brushed off the results, with Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison and Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne saying they had more important things to worry about.

“We’re not going to be distracted by polls that come and go,” Pyne told the ABC.

“Obviously, there isn’t an election for two-and-a-half years in Australia, and whether the polls are up or down in February 2017 when an election is not due until mid-2019 is really neither here nor there.”

Despite attracting attention around the world for his reported spat with US president Donald Trump over the deal for America to take 1250 refugees from Manus Island, it appears it didn’t do enough to endear the Coalition to voters back home.

This morning, Today show host Karl Stefanovic was discussing the issue with panellist and Stellar magazine editor Sarrah Le Marquand, who suggested the best way for the PM to increase his popularity would be to take a stand against Trump.

Citing the famous scene from the movie Love Actually, where Hugh Grant’s character stands up to the US president and declares his country will not be bullied, Le Marquand suggested Turnbull do the same to assert Australia as a country not to be messed with.

Do you think these poll results matter? Should Turnbull stand up to Trump?

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  2. Brian  

    I think it quite obvious Labor needs a much more talented and aggressive leader….and that person is in my opinion is PENNY WONG…you will see in this person someone who most assuredly will turn the numbers around regading preffered prime minister..

  3. macman2  

    1/ What Australia needs is for opposition to support Government much more, or all we see is a cat-fight effort to change Government and Australia is the loser.
    2/ We also need to get rid of preferences. The majority vote does not count, when tricks like placing dummy candidates is used to get more preferences. Look at some of the crazy minor candidates who got in on a tiny percentage of the vote.
    3/ Get rid of minor parties. (Achieved by removing preferences) If you cannot decide between the 3 majors, then your are too focussed on an issue instead of the good of the country.
    4/ I have less concern about who wins of the big 3 than getting on with governing.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    While I am not happy with Mr. Turnbull’s performance I would not vote Labor if you paid me. As for standing up to President Trump Australians need to realise that we need America and to some extent America needs Australia. One that quickly comes to mind is defence. How are we to defend this vast country on our own if we were attacked? and for any Australian to say who would attack us is being naive. I am a 50 year immigrant to Australia and I have taken note that the times they are a changing world wide. Do not bite the hand that feeds you. President Trump is trying to stand by his promise to the American people. I wish more politicians would know when to use strength with stringent measures to turn the country and its people around and this applies to all the gutless politicians all around the world.

  5. Dieter  

    People just think, we are a country of about 24/25 million inhabitants living on a vast island (called continent).
    We need good and strong friends especially in the present times.
    There are several CITIES around the globe with roughly the same amount of people.
    Where do we think is our place on the world stage? Most certainly not where lots of our so called brainy upper class make us think we are.

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