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The phrase “be careful what you wish for” may have been ringing around the Prime Minister’s head last night with the news two Liberal backbenchers will co-sponsor a cross-party bill to legalise same-sex marriage.

Just a few weeks ago, Tony Abbott dismissed a Labor bill, saying that the only way to move forward on the issue was with cross-party supporting.

He said, “If our parliament were to make a big decision on a matter such as this, it ought to be owned by the parliament and not by any particular party”.

The bill will be introduced in August. It will be moved by Queensland Liberal Warren Entsch and seconded by Labor’s Terri Butler, with other sponsors being Liberal Teresa Gambaro, Labor’s Laurie Ferguson, independents Cathy McGowan and Andrew Wilkie, and the Greens’ Adam Bandt.

In the ensuing media flurry, Mr Abbott issued a curt statement saying it is very unlikely the legislation will get through and that the government is focused on national security and the economy.

Government whip Andrew Nikolic reinforced the message: “Anyone who thinks that this should be prioritised over economic or national security issues has rocks in their head and is totally misreading the needs of the Australian people,” he told ABC radio.

Polls have found that 72 per cent of Australians want same-sex marriage legalised, while 77 per cent think Coalition MPs should be granted a conscience vote.

Political commentator Michelle Grattan says the issue is becoming a growing problem for Mr Abbott who now finds himself caught between the conservative supporters he needs and the growing feeling among his party that same-sex marriage should be accepted to keep voters happy, and also for the principle of the matter.

Liberal backbencher Ewen Jones, who wants a free vote on the issue, called for the bill to be debated as quickly as possible rather than pulling the Bandaid off “one hair at a time”.

“Let’s rip the thing off and get it done,” he said.

Conservative cabinet minister Eric Abetz, however, says there is no need to legalise same-sex marriage because no other country in Asia has done so.

The government says marriage equality is not a priority for the Australian people but polling says it is. So which is it?

Let’s talk: Do you think the government should focus exclusively on national security and the economy, or is there room for the marriage-equality issue as well?


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  1. Did anyone else hear the idiot minister that said – we have to be careful with trying to change the marriage act for any of these new fads!!! What a plonker!

  2. I’m very happy to have marriage equality. I just wish as many people would show support for gender equality as do for marriage equality, as gender equality effects 51% of the worlds population. One is not more important than the other, but one gets a whole lot more press than the other.

  3. Not a big issue? Then lets get it over and done with.

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  4. About time the so called politicians listen to the people and not what they want.It all comes down to equality for everyone. Those against it just move on with your happy life as it won’t interfere with you at all…Let’s make the other side of the coin happy as well…

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    • I am not against gay people being together, but for heavens sake, we have more important issues in our economy and security. Gays can live as they wish and no one is affected, if Govt . time and money is wasted on this debate it is total stupidity. To rank Gay and Lesbain relationships against our Countrys weath and security is childish and just a scam.

    • Peter O’connor, as Trish said if you dont agree, move on. And dont tell people to get lost because of their views. You fuck wit

    • I agree with you but this will not go away so deal with it and get it put to rest .I am not gay so sick of the topic coming up all the time .

    • .lame Peter if you walk into a pub, wear a skirt because talking like that to a lady you would get your blocked knocked off

    • I agree Trish, I don’t care what homosexuals do in their own house, I don’t what to hear about it all the time.

    • HEAR hEAR TO THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE A BIT OF COMMON SENSE !! maybe I should say they have a lot of common sense…… NO! to gay marriage ……. there is no need for it

    • If same-sex marriage is passed into law, of course it will affect the whole of society. To suggest otherwise is sadly niaive.

    • It should be decided by the people, not politicians . They only want votes BUT I see many religions that are not in agreement. I heard them saying , all they want is to legally put their name on death certificate as spouse. A law would fix this . If it doesn’t mention ” marriage ” I would be happy, to agree to anything . But like others on here I don’t believe ALL i read. We are still being told about Ireland BUT they are not saying voting is not compulsory, and only 50% of population voted , I am wondering if we will have any money left after we

    • To all those people who think there is no need for same sex marriage, this is a legal issue and one of equal rights.
      1. If one of their partners falls gravely ill they can have a say just like a husband or wife, at the moment they are not recognised as family and have no say.
      2. I think if one dies then they are not recognised as family and the deceased family can decide their estate.
      All they wish is for equal rights the same as anyone else. It makes NO difference to the ones who believe marriage should only be between man & woman. That they do in their lives has NOTHING to do with you, so just don’t block it.
      The sooner it is decided everything will settle down. Why should they NOT fight for their rights? We would if an issue affected us.

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    • Question Peter Warren ….how does same sex marriage affect whole of society .I am not gay I can’t see how it would affect me…..

    • How on earth will Marriage Equality affect ANYONE, but the people concerned? And as for the people, including our PM, who keep saying we have more important things to think about…Do you honestly believe that a Government worth its salt is not capable of dealing with more than one issue at a time? They do it constantly.

    • Purdon..1! the easy way is to allow the same sex couples in love & a Bill could be passed.!! the ”Certificate off UNIAGE’… for the relationship off the same sex couple wanting to be one…..

    • Well, Trish Purdon, it affects the whole of society when openly homosexual relationships are paraded as the norm in front of our children and grandchildren. It affects the whole of society when children become confused about having two dads or two mums instead of the natural mother and father. It affects the whole of society when “gays” demand to be “married” in churches. It’s not just a private matter to be ignored.

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      • Peter, you are exactly right, this does affect the whole of society. In the USA where there is now marriage equality sex education for children is now affected as reported today:

        “8th graders will soon be receiving lessons on “oral and anal” sex. Fourth graders will receive instruction about incest. The goal is to teach students about homosexual, bisexual, and transgender identity”.

        “Starting in kindergarten, students will be taught about same-sex or gay marriage and the parents will not be able to opt out,” Andrea Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition, told CBN News.

        Schools that do not carry out this teaching will be in breach of civil rights and anti discrimination laws.
        There are many more important things for the Australian government to focus on such as the economy and security, however if Australians feel strongly enough about this issue then let them be given ALL the facts, good and bad and then let us have a referendum (at significant cost to the whole of society) in which everyone must take part, then the issue will be resolved by the people.

    • Trish, you say it won’t affect anyone, well yes it will if those couples wanting a traditional marriage ceremony are forced to sign a watered down Marriage Certificate which does not refer to them as husband and wife but as partners just because the others are not husband and wife but 2 men or two women partners. For those wanting a referendum, it is not necessary under our constitution, unlike in Ireland where only 45 percent of the population voted and 65 percent of those 45 percent wanted marriage equality. So unlike it was reported, it was not an overwhelming majority of the popiulation at all. One thing if it does go through is parents in partnerships will not longer be able to claim to be single parents lving together for conveniencer to raise their children but will have their benefits classed as married couples do so that should save the taxpayers heaps. Same will apply for all the aged marriage equality couples too can no longer claim a single aged penson but will be classed as a couple and if one partner owns the home in which they both live well neither can claim the rental allowance either. Goes with marriage equality so welcime to our world.

  5. Abbott can’t be seen agreeing to gender marriage equality because of his sister being a lesbian

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    • you would think that would incite him to get marriage equality passed..he won’t be PM forever but he will be his sisters brother till they both die

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      • I don’t think Abbott really cares about his sister. Nor does he ever have any intention of allowing his Ministers to have a conscience vote. He’s too busy dictating to Australians how he’s saving our borders and protecting us by locking up refugees and children.

    • Let’s ask the
      Muslims if they agree after all they will be running the country soon enough if not the world

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