Let’s talk: Malcolm Turnbull says ISIS is nearly over

The Prime Minister has made a surprising declaration after attending a series of US intelligence and defence briefings in Washington

The Prime Minister has made a surprising declaration after attending a series of US intelligence and defence briefings in Washington DC, saying terrorist group Islamic State is “on the way out”.

Mr Turnbull is in the United States for the UN Summit and said the ISIS stronghold in Iraq was diminishing and that they would soon be reduced to nothing.

“The good news in terms of the battle against Daesh or (ISIS), is that we are continuing to roll them back and we look forward to further gains over the course of the next six months or so,” he said.

“There is a very real prospect of completing the defeat of (ISIS) in the battlefield, ending their so-called caliphate. Of course the struggle against terrorism will continue for many years to come,” he said.

When he talks about the continuing struggles, Mr Turnbull is of cause referring to the increasing danger of lone wolf attacks, where individuals launch terror attacks in the name of ISIS.

While fear of those attacks is a big issue for many people, Mr Turnbull remained optimistic and took at swipe at the terror group.

“I am more optimistic about the defeat of (ISIS) on the battlefield and the end of their caliphate, or their so-called caliphate, their so-called state,” he said.

“Remember their boast? They said they were going to sweep across Europe and stable their horses in the Vatican. Well, that is not going to happen.”

So are we heading towards a safer world with the end of ISIS? Mr Turnbull conceded things could still get worse before they get better.

“There is a concern that the terrorist, the lone actor terrorist threat in countries like the United States and Australia and the West, if you like, will get worse before it gets better,” he said.

Do you think ISIS can ever really be defeated? Do you believe Malcolm Turnbull’s claims?

  1. Pamela  

    ISIS = islam! Islam = ISIS – and all other named affiliates!

    Even if ISIS is gone (which I doubt) others will take its place.

    Terrorism is the legacy. WW3 is the end game.

  2. Janie  

    Can be defeated by putting 1000’s of Infantry into action, which should’ve been done at the very beginning.
    And continuously bomb the s@&$ out of their strongholds.

    Turnbull wouldn’t know anything. He’s a drongo.
    Can’t believe what he says here, as he’s no skills, or knowledge, in military action, or studies’.
    Has he ever been in the ADF?

    He’s only done one thing right, IMHO, as PM, & that’s to NOT support krudd to the UN job.
    What a hopeless, sociopathic narcissist, & rejector of the word ‘no’, he’s turned out to be.
    We’re WELL rid of him!

  3. The crisis will never be over, if it was then this government would have nothing to scare the great unwashed (us) with. People would then see what an incompetent mess this mob really are and consign them to the opposition benches for a very long time. The ISIS crisis is also a great excuse to bring in ever harsher laws to take away our freedoms and gradually get rid of the Westminster system of government.


      Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey. From other “masterpieces” you’ve written I now realise that you’re nothing but a misinformed
      Marxist Greens lowlife person truly dedicated to the communist ideals. Thank heavens only a tiny minority of Australians have your problem – watermelons I think they’re called. Get a life mate and stop living in the 1950s.

  4. Isis may well be defeated soon. They are not the big guys they pretended to be, in particular they have no country, they just have an anger. That sort of anger is a very male thing and can take over any nationality or religon. It doesn’t matter what their nationality or religion is – we saw it in Nazi Germany and in the behaviour of the Japanese soldiers, we also saw it in the behaviour of our own early settlers of Australia and of course in the hundreds of years of slavery and lynchings in America – normally civil societies can go a little crazy. There will be more Isis type groups though and the only way to predict them is to understand them. They are human and they have their reasons. Not looking into their motivations will ensure more problems in the future. Invading countries like Iraq for insufficient reason in 2003 and killing a million civilians does make one wonder who is the worst though – an apathetic American voter voting for a smiling Mr Bush or the fury of an Iraqi father watching his children burn. It’s so easy to give too lttle attention to our point of view when it can matter so much.

  5. Diana  

    If Turnbull thinks ISIS is “over” then he is a bigger fool than I thought. Anyone who agrees with him is in the same league. No, ISIS hasn’t reached the Vatican – yet. However, spare a memory of those thousands upon thousands of fit young men who stormed into Europe and continue to do so. Certainly, there were families in the mix but the majority were men of army age. There has been a study done in one of the think tanks which came to the conclusion that in twenty years there will be enough radical and other Muslims voting in to tip the balance of power in western parliaments. They don’t have to fight with us, they can smarm their way in through our politically correct politicians and power brokers. The likes of the Greens will welcome them in and only realise what they have done when they are displaced in parliament. In the meantime, “lone wolf” attacks will continue and other more organised attacks will occur in Europe and the States in order to keep the people frightened. That is how this mob work.

  6. Ysabeau  

    Turnbull is a complete and utter fool. He has no understanding of islam and hasn’t bothered to educate himself. Likewise anyone who thinks ‘isis’ is near defeat. In my opinion, the average Australian ‘man in the street’ knows more about islam now than any politician, because so many so-called ordinary folk HAVE bothered to make the effort to learn about this threat to all of us – this political ideology called islam. And make no mistake – it is nothing but a threat to our beloved country and our way of life.

    If you want to learn the truth, buy Sunshine Coast author, Harry Richardson’s book, “The Story of Mohammed: Islam Unveiled”. It’s available on Kindle for $1.38 via Amazon, or a hard copy online (about $10). Best money you will ever spend. You can read it in a couple of hours. Highly recommended.

  7. Margaret Morcombe  

    ISIS was a CIA creation.The US pretend to be fighting them, but are arming and funding them. Malcolm Turnbull would know this by now. He was Goldman Sachs (giant vampire squid with tentacles in everything and gopher for the US treaury).. The term conspiracy theory was invented to stop the truth movement.
    Australians need to become more proactive to get rid of lying politicans. Too much beaurocracy. Australians will be fighting for their lives in the coming depression. We dont need all of this beaurocracy and we certainly do not need to be involved in illegal criminal wars. Why?


      Margaret, where did you dream up that complete drivel you wrote ? ISIS funded by the American government?
      Obviously you must have been living on a desert island on the 11th September 2001? I feel deeply sorry for you for your twisted and repugnant beliefs.

      • Ysabeau R.  

        Guy, I have seen this kind of comment before. There are myriad sites in cyberland that sprout such fantasies — e.g. you do know that some people refuse to believe that 9/11 happened at all? others ‘believe’ that it was directed by the US government. Also a popular one at present is that the moon landing in 1969 was filmed entirely in a studio – there never was a real spaceship and Armstrong, Aldrin and the third astronaut were all actors? Hmmmm. See what I mean?

  8. Barbara Fitzpatrick  

    The US killed Sadaam To save Iraak but there is more people being killed than Sadaam ever did.So many innocent getting killed. The Arabs have been have been fighting each other for generations with factions .They need unity to The one and only true God .The God of the bible Jehovah.

  9. David AITKEN  

    For an educated person Malcolm Turnbull displays an ability to make the most stupid statements and to
    ”’ Turn well meant words into Bull ”’ and no doubthe is well qualified being an ex lawyer .

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