Let’s talk: Is this sport appropriate for our grandchildren?

British television viewers of This Morning have condemned a segment which showed young girls pole-dancing for “sport”. Eight-year-olds Tilly and
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British television viewers of This Morning have condemned a segment which showed young girls pole-dancing for “sport”.

Eight-year-olds Tilly and Timea, along with their eleven-year-old friend Mia, pole danced in midriff shirts and shorts. The segment was intended to spark debate about appropriate sports for kids.

Tilly’s mother claimed that pole-dancing was a form of “fitness” which had helped Tilly gain confidence. “Tilly was bullied at school for being fat”, her mother explained.

“(Pole-dancing) was advertised and I asked her if she wanted to give it a try”, Tilly’s mother added. “It’s fitness, when you see what they physically do, there’s nothing provocative”.

However, the public has a very different perspective. One Facebook user wrote, “this is not right! Strippers pole dance, children do NOT. This is not age appropriate”.

Whilst another added, “it is sexualising kids. The outfits, the moves… It may not BE stripping but it is influencing kids in a way that’s adult, and not what a child would naturally gravitate to”.

Psychologist have also weighed into this debate saying, “pole-dancing undoubtedly includes sexual views”.

“I think we are in a culture that sexualises children…. Whatever way you look at it, (pole-dancing is)¬†inextricably linked to sexualisation”, added psychologist Emma Kenny.

Do you think pole-dancing is an appropriate sport for kids? Are you worried about your grandchildren growing up in a overly sexualised society?

Eight-year-old Tilly-May and Timea and 11-year-old Mia took to the pole to showcase the moves they learned in a pole dancing class for kids.

Posted by Yahoo Canada on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Do you think pole dancing is too sexual for children? Let us know in the comments below… #PoleDanceDebate

Posted by HuffPost UK Lifestyle on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

  1. I’d prefer they did ballet, tap and jazz, or physical culture, or gymnastics…so many choices out there.

  2. This is so wrong, and the mother who thinks it will help her bullied child is crazy, pole dancing is definitely a sexual thing and she is showing her daughter to be liked she has to be sexual, this is the kind of thing that causes problems later in life, surely she can come up with some other “sport” to help her

  3. It is not for children there are so many other things out there she could be doing, I think the kids will still bully her when they find out she is pole dancing, bad choice mum.

  4. While pole dancing is a great way to get fit .
    It unfortunately is generally associated with the adult world .. So sorry don’t agree .
    There are so many other things to choose from when younger .

  5. Actually just looked up the history of this and it started 800 years ago in India as a sport for endurance and strength. It only became sexualised in the early 1900s and in fact since the late 1990s people have been trying to get it recognised as a sport and fitness regime, even trying to get it included in the Olympics. I just know I don’t have the stamina, flexibility and co-ordination to do it!

  6. If we called it pole acrobatics, it would be ok..it is a pity it has been sexualised, because it is a great way to get fit, the same as doing acrobatics on a beam or trapeze or rings… It is just a bar….it has been turned into sexual entertainment, when it should have remained a sport for every one to watch and enjoy, just like we enjoy other forms of acrobatics.

  7. Not so young,bring them to gymnastics then maybe go pole dancing when they are older my daughter( 40 ) tried pole dancing in Christchurch found it very hard

  8. Personally, I think that there is a bit of overreaction to this. Maybe it’s in the connotation associated with pole dancing, but to say that children are being sexualised by this form of exercise is in the individual’s interpretation of what sexualised means.
    It is all in the eye of the beholder. What will people criticise next, rhythmic gymnastics, jazz ballet, tap dancing? I can’t envisage that these girls are performing erotic moves as they pole dance, so I think we should be less judgemental and if this is the only form of exercise that appeals to these girls, then it is far better that they pursue this than sit on the couch playing computer games.

    • Gerry Vigus I respect your right to view this as you see fit, after all it would be pretty boring if we all saw the world through the same pair of eyes.

    • I agree Peter Leotta – it is an excellent as a form of exercise, if people were to get thier minds out of the gutter they could see this.

    • I agree Peter, I went to a trial class once about 10 years ago, damned hard work. If it’s getting the girls exercising and there are only children in the class I don’t see the problem. Anything that helps a child gain more confidence is a positive.

  9. What is the difference between here and young gymnastic girls at the Olympics or any other Gymnastics events held around the world all year long. The difference is: Dirty Minds. The kids are just having fun without the evil adult bullshit. tj

  10. It’s a sad fact of life that ANYTHING in a dance movement format can be seen to sexualise young girls, and boys for that matter!

  11. I don’t understand, what is it that makes it sexual is it just the dirty minds of people or is it the word pole. I suppose I shouldn’t comment at all as I have never ever seen anyone pole dancing, maybe someone could explain to me what is sexual about it ?

    • Unfortunately it is the connection with strip clubs that have sexualised this activity. In itself it is an excellent form of exercise. To me it is a form of gymnastics.

    • They use the poles in strip clubs but they also have tables and chairs so maybe we should sexualize them too

  12. Having only recently had some instructions in pole dancing I can attest to it being a form of gymnastics that requires strength, and agility – none of which I posess! It has been sexualised by its use in nightclubs, and in the minds of the of those who want it that way, but is in fact no different to Rope Dancing that might be seen on stage or at a circus. Call it something different if necessary – Pole Ballet, Pole Gymnastics or Airial Ballet or something, and let the kids get on with it, it is an excellent form of exercise!

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