Let’s Talk: Is this sort of response appropriate?

No one will deny the tragedy that was the accident that occurred at Dreamworld recently. Four people lost their lives
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No one will deny the tragedy that was the accident that occurred at Dreamworld recently. Four people lost their lives at the theme park, a family was left devastated and the Australian community was in shock.

Now there are reports the Dreamworld boss, Deborah Thomas and her family are being threatened.

While you can understand an outpouring of grief, are nasty threats appropriate behaviour?

Thomas has claimed her family has received threats on social media since the deaths of Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett, his partner Roozbeh Araghi and Cindy Low from New Zealand.

It has Thomas concerned for the safety of her family, and the Australian Financial Review reports that the threats appear to have started after the Sydney home Thomas has and the school her teenage son attends were both pictured online.

Thomas has openly admitted she wished she had been more persistent in getting Queensland Police assistance so that she could personally contact the families of the victims.

“If, heaven forbid, we ever had to do this again, the decisions we made would be very different,” she told the Australian Financial Review.

She became the subject of much criticism when the mother of Goodchild and Dorset, Kim Dorsett, was able to get in touch with her through reporters at a press conference held after the incident, and further when it was revealed she was allegedly due to receive more than $850,000 as a bonus.

In a statement, Thomas revealed she would donate more than $167,000 to the Australian Red Cross.

An investigation into the horrific accident continues. Early reports suggested a malfunction cause the raft in which Goodchild, Dorset, Araghi and Low were travelling to flip, pinning them between the conveyor belt and a raft in the water.

The theme park has remained closed ever since the accident.

Do you think threats towards Deborah Thomas and her family are justified or do they detract from the real issue at hand? Share your thoughts with us.

  1. Heather Turner  

    Unless you’ve walked a mile in her shoes, ask what you can do to support not only Deborah and her team, but all those who have been so badly affected. Grief needs support and understanding, love and prayers and of course practical action.

  2. Deb Lancaster  

    As terrible as the tragedy was, it was an accident. Dreamworld is being investigated, that investigation is ongoing and when it is completed the results will be made public. People should really wait until it is completed to see what really happened and why. Threatening people and their families is not appropriate. Support the families, Dreamworld staff and wait. Time will tell, threats do not help anyone.

  3. J.Loehr  

    to blame the person on top is wrong so think b4 you say or do anything
    i am so sorry for the families but even them dont blamer her

  4. Robert Cripps  

    Your opening question “”Is this sort of response appropriate ?” , well of course it isnt & heading this article in this manner is also entirely inappropriate.
    On another matter, there are many CEO”s of organisations in Australia receiving exorbitant salaries but are not widely experienced, with their organisations surviving despite their management structures. If all organisations were lead by competent management at least 30% productivity gains would be uncovered. Why does this happen, well it comes back to mates protecting mates & thereby inappropriate recruitment or promotion. Our society has become gready & lazy & protective. I suggest that ccorrectng management would then untape potential within staff who previously have been suppressed by a management nervous of their positions being threatened.
    These comments are not conjecture but fact from observations through a 40 year career.

  5. Truth 13  

    From where did the Red Cross come in to this tragedy ?. Red Cross had JUST NOTHING to do with this accident. Why did Debora Thomas decided to donate $167,000 to Red Cross, that had nothing to do with the families of the dead. If she donated that to the Ambulance Service, at least it should have been bit better. Only reason to donate this money to a registered charity, and not direct to the families is, SHE CAN CLAIM THE FULL AMOUNT, AS A TAX DEDUCTION’ BEING A DONATION. If she gave it direct to the families, she loose that amount, as she is unable to claim it back. WHAT A SHREWD WOMAN SHE IS. All crocodile tears.

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