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Odds are you’ve sent a fair number of emails and received even more. And, while we’re all new to digital etiquette, we’re wondering what is the most appropriate way to say goodbye?

Depending on whether you’re working or not you could send as many as 120 emails a week – some are quick while others are lengthly; you may want to show you’re fun, relaxed, professional or blunt.

Either way, the need for a sign-off is the same, and it requires an attuned sense of digital manners. Your choice will impact the perception of the person on the other end of your message. It can change the tone of the whole email.

According to the experts, this is how some classic sign-offs are perceived. Do you agree?

Sincerely: out-dated and formal

More later: foreboding

Cheers: utter nonsense – this is an email not a pub goodbye

Best wishes: potential farewell forever

Talk soon: can strike fear in certain corporate situations

Respectfully: too stiff

Xo: should be reserved to dear friends

Thanks: best be avoided

Warmest regards: how is this measured?

Take care: do you know something I don’t?

Thanks!: too chirpy

Some other common sign-offs include: “thanks“, “regards“, “yours truly” or… nothing at all. Some suggest “Best” is most appropriate for all situations, while others say it should be avoided because it’s impersonal and abrupt (not to mention grammatically ambiguous!).

Let’s Talk: How do you sign off your emails? Does it change depending on who you’re writing to? 

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  1. Just my name however who really cares, I know I don’t even think about how someone signs off, and certainly don’t judge them for it.

  2. Everything I say, you say is nonsense. I just sent an email to my Accountant whom we have got friendly with over the years. All the old sign offs look OK in a letter but an email isn’t really the same. I pondered over the saluatation and ended up by putting ‘cheers’ Now you tell me I am not at a pub. Yours sincerely to too formal, I was not going to say ‘love’ so in my case what should I have put?

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  3. I usually write Regards or Kind Regards…would like to hear of some other ideas to sign off with…

  4. Oh dear must be in a pub but I say cheers then my name. If it’s a business email I have a full signature with my logo. With close friends mainly just my name and kisses

  5. Respectully and sincerely I agree are far too formal for an email – I would only use those in a business letter actually sent on fair dinkum paper – but any of the others are fine in my book … personally I use Cheers

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