Let’s talk: is the Australia First Party abusing this Aussie icon?

Australia’s right-wing political party, the Australia First Party, is being accused of abusing one of our historic icons. The party

Australia’s right-wing political party, the Australia First Party, is being accused of abusing one of our historic icons.

The party has lodged its logo with the Australian Electoral Commission, choosing to use the Eureka flag as its emblem.

The flag is a recognised symbol of The Battle of the Eureka Stockade on December 3, 1854, which took place in Ballarat and led to the deaths of more than 25 people, most of whom were rebels.

The battle was between Australian gold miners who rebelled against the colonial authority the United Kingdom and is an important part of our nation’s history.

Members of the Ballarat Eureka Centre say they are sick of political parties from both the left and right taking the symbol and using for their own self-promotion.

Former Ballarat Eureka Centre director Ron Egeberg said the emblem should be treated with more respect.

“It’s been hijacked over the years by left and right-wing political groups in pursuit of their own vested political interests,” he told the ABC.

“And that’s a totally unacceptable use of the flag.”

eureka flag
The Australia First Party is copping backlash over it’s use of the Eureka flag.

Mr Egeberg said while the party’s moves were “inappropriate”, he would not be lodging an official complaint with the Australian Electoral Commission.

“Everyone can have an opinion, we’re a democracy,” he said.

“[But] wearing the Eureka flag, whether it be a lapel pin or a T-shirt, should be worn as a badge of honour … not used as a vehicle to create dissent.”

The Australia First Party has courted controversy in recent years for protests about mosques being built around the country and gained notoriety for it’s part in the rallies against a proposed mosque in Bendigo last year.

“The party consider it appropriate that its emblem, the Eureka flag, was the best logo representation we could have,” a spokesperson said on the party’s Facebook page.

“The party has employed the Eureka flag as a sign of its commitment to Australia’s identity, independence and freedom,” they said.

“In recent times, and as part of the ongoing culture wars, certain leftists have tried hard to sully the history and meaning of the Eureka flag.”

The party said they knew the choice of emblem would “invite the usual ranting of the usual suspects”, but said it would “welcome” objections.

What are your thoughts?

AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY TO REGISTER EUREKA FLAG AS ITS LOGOUnder changes to the Electoral Act, all registered parties…

Posted by Australia First Party on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Do you think the Australia First Party is disrespecting the Eureka flag? Do you agree with the Australia First Party’s policies?

  1. Susan Bell  

    This is so disrespectful, the Eureka flag was used as a symbol of democracy and equality. The main aims of the people on the gold fields, was to establish full adult franchise (men and women), the payment of parliamentarians so that the poor could stand for parliament, the releasing of crown land for housing and farming, the right to form unions, the right to a decent wage, the establishment of schools, the recognition that the mining tax (every single person who worked on the goldfields, children, women and men had to pay the tax) was a vicious tax used to control the people.
    These people from Australia First Party have no moral right to use this symbol of workers freedom.

    • Ted Jaeger  

      They’re using this symbol to represent Australia’s struggle not to become like England and Europe, and retain our own identity, which they have lost over there. Therefore the symbol is appropriate.

      • John Nesbitt  

        Excellent reply Ted!
        We don’t want to become another Eurabia!

    • Rod Tonkin  

      As the Eureka flag is already used by the left wing CMFEU, I can’t see why others can’t use this symbol.

    • Pamela  

      Ted and Rod have got it right!

      Right-wing parties are fighting for our freedom against left-wing insidious evil.

  2. betsy jury  

    Its OK we in New Zealand have a few spare designs you can use, they are similar, really they are.

  3. I think it is a Fitting Flag for this Group to use ** after all they are trying to stand up to Dictators, Political Correct stand over merchants etc they are trying to say they disagree with those in Power & are being ridiculed just for having different opinions !! I believe standing up for what one thinks is an Aussie right **

  4. Robinoz  

    If they are anti-Islam and against Islamic command centres being built I agree with them. I don’t care what logo they use.

  5. John Nesbitt  

    Hopefully they will have a lower house candidate in my electorate.
    I would vote for them after the installation of Turncoat as PM took away my choice of a conservative party amongst the major parties.
    I would never vote for Labor or the wacko Greens.
    Hopefully there will be a huge swing away form the Coalition just to teach them a strong lesson never to install a Labor plant as their leader!
    I don’t understand why it’s not now obvious that Turncoat is deliberately sabotaging the Coalition’s chances at the next election.
    If there is no conservative choice then my vote will be INFORMAL.

  6. John Nesbitt  

    Oh, by the way.

  7. Jim ( Dingo Jim ) Mitchell  

    Certain Union mobs have been using it for years and they are proven too be not always honorable and law abiding so I’m sure a political party can use it.

  8. this flag was made an illegal icon by the Queensland Government several years ago with the Vlad laws. its illegal to fly it, wear it or have it on your person in Qld. Campbell Newman passed it to law

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