Let’s talk: Is Roger Federer right to support Maria Sharapova’s ban?

Roger Federer has come out and publicly said he supports Maria Sharapova’s two year ban from tennis for taking an

Roger Federer has come out and publicly said he supports Maria Sharapova’s two year ban from tennis for taking an illegal substance, much to the surprise of many.

Earlier this year Tennis champion Sharapova admitted to using a banned substance to help her performance and yesterday the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced she has been banned from the sport for two years.

Sharapova immediately said that she would be appealing the ban, citing the punishment as “unfairly harsh”.

But Federer says he supports the ban and believes that more needs to be done to stop cheats in the sport.

“It doesn’t matter if they did it on purpose or not, I don’t really see the difference,” Federer said.

“You need to know what goes into your body, you have to be 100 per cent sure of what’s going on. If you’re not, you’re going to be damned.

“I stay by my word that we should be saving blood samples for 10, 15, 20 years to come, so you have to scare away the people who think they could cheat.”

Sharapova’s case is just the latest in a long list of athletes around the world who have been caught cheating by taking drugs to boost their ability and their performance.

It seems as though the pressure to compete has become too much for many athletes, who are looking for any way possible to win the gold.

Sharapova’s ban has divided many, with some backing her and saying her punishment is to harsh, since she claims she didn’t know the drugs she was taking were banned at the time.

However, others have sided with Federer and say it’s about time people in high-profile positions learnt the consequences of their actions.

What do you think?

Is Maria Sharapova’s two-year ban too harsh? Or does she deserve to face the consequences no matter what?

  1. Wayne Watkins  

    Looks like she will have to survive on the miserable millions she gets from Nike & others . Life is sure tough at the top !!

    Lance Armstrong got away with it for years on drugs , but eventually most of them get caught , long after they’ve laughed all the way to the bank .

  2. Gillian Langman  

    Yes she should be banned for two years, she knew what she was doing – why does she think it’s ok for her to cheat! Like Wayne says she’ll just have to learn to live off the millions she has already made!

  3. Jan Foley  

    Any top athlete should be checking the banned drug list on a daily basis. New drugs are added to it all the time, so why wouldn’t you keep a check?? There are no excuses! Just because they are at the top of their sport, doesn’t mean they will never be checked. She broke the law so she must pay. Sharipova deserves the ban she got. I am sure she will survive on her accumulated millions, even after having to hand back her prize money she won at the Australia Open!! You cheat, you pay!

  4. Helen  

    It’s been reported that she only took these drugs leading up to a big tennis event. If this is true you have to realise that she knew they would enhance her performance. Even if it’s not true she should be responsible enough to stay aware of drugs on the banned list. She says her drugs had a different name but that would only be the drug companies name for the drug. The contents of the capsule or tablet would be listed on the container as with all drugs. She knew!

    • Gail Walslh  

      The ban should be enforced. Big money equals big responsibility.
      I congratulate Roger Federer for having the courage to speak up. Zero tolerance is the only rule to have.

      Zero tolerance i.e. ‘expulsion’ should also be applied to ‘brat’ behaviour.

  5. Bhutia Pemba Tshering  

    I strongly support Maria Sharapova most of the tennis stars are jealous of her name fame talent and the popularity, and most of the woman tennis player feels insecure with her. Two years ban should be revoked immediately, we don’t want to loose such a great champion and the most talented athletes.

    • Lynne Danley  

      It has nothing to do with what a great champion she is. It has to do with cheating. She has been taking this stuff for 10 years. It’s for heart conditions, but the medical dose is for just a few weeks. Not only the players but their coaches and managers were informed that it would be banned in January 2016. She didn’t even tell them she was using it. Why the sneaking around? She knew. Don’t kid yourself.

  6. Bhutia Pemba Tshering  

    I think Roger Federer should not interfere in this matter . I think he have no right to support maria sharapova’s two years ban. A good athletes should support a good athletes. Is Roger Federer being paid to say so?

    • Mandar. Mahadik  

      Rightly said.. A good athelete should always support good athelete. But sharapova has cheated..and so That is why Roger is supporting the Ban against Sharapova. and one more thing What makes you think so.. that roger is being paid to said so?? Roger is wealthy enough & he doesnt need to be paid to make such statements..

    • Lynne Danley  

      Yes, he should get involved and so should Djokovic, Nadal, Serena and the other superstars in the sport. Young people look up to them. When they hear their great heroes speak out, they listen. The more publicity sanctions for using PEDs gets, the less likely kids will start using them.

  7. Sharapova has ruined women’s tennis for me with her screaming on the court throughout the match. A few years ago the people at WImbleton complained strongly, but nothing came of it. Younger players come along copying the “screamers” to appear determined. She should have been banned for this behavior. As long as people will submit to this and sit courtside to watch, women’s tennis endures this behavior. Drugs….. of course, she should be banned. I look forward to some relief and the possibility of watching more women’s tennis picking great matches with self contained players.

  8. M Harper  

    Bhutia Pemba Tshering

    Federer was was not interfering, He was asked the question and simply answered it by giving a truthful answer about his feelings on the matter.

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