Let’s talk: is Kmart better than Target?

Both Kmart and Target have been go-to shops for Australian customers for years, but new reports show that Aussies definitely

Both Kmart and Target have been go-to shops for Australian customers for years, but new reports show that Aussies definitely prefer one over the other.

Customers have been flocking to Kmart over the past few years, leaving Target to wonder where it went so wrong.

New figures show that Kmart smashed Target in the profit stakes, making well over $1 billion more at the till.

Kmart has somewhat reinvented itself over the past few years, offering customer up-to-date and affordable fashion and a homewares section that has gained a cult following.

Target on the other hand has struggled to find its place between high-end and affordable.

Many of the clothes and products on sale at Target retail for over $100, something which puts off many customers who don’t think its products are high enough quality to cost that much.

Senior Lecturer of International Business at QUT Dr Gary Mortimer, says Target has two options.

“There’s two options, he [Target’s CEO] can push Target slightly more upmarket and into the Myer space, rather than compete against his own store Kmart,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Or alternatively – and this is what the rumour has been – they actually start to almost be the same retailer so bring the target model back down to the Kmart everyday low price.”

Some customers say they don’t Target to drop its prices though and reckon they can get better quality there than at Kmart.

“If you want quality products that stand the test of time, everyone knows Target is the place that steps things up,” said one customer.

“Kmart’s new shop layouts aka rat mazes, frustrates the hell out of me. The whole store layout is not convenient for customers who end up walking around frustrated because they cant find the one thing they came in to quickly get.”

Other’s though have jumped on team Kmart.

“I agree that Kmart has stepped up their homewares, and you can nab a real bargain without breaking the bank,” said one commenter.

“Target is very middle of the road now and their homewares are pretty blah.”

Which do you prefer?

Do you prefer Kmart or Target? Do you think Target is too expensive nowadays?

  1. Christine brown  

    I prefer target,find quality is a tad and I mean tad better than k mart

  2. I prefer Target for better layout and product quality. Kmart is a shambles. Depends which one you live closest to anyway.

  3. Mary Merrington  

    It is cheaper and the quality is good.

  4. Yvonne Seebohm  

    I think Target is better quality, but enjoy wandering Kmart as their products are varied. Prefer Target for clothes.

    • M Smith  

      I only go to Kmart when I cannot find what I’m after. I have always prefered the quality of Target goods. Although I’m disappointed in the quality of clothes adults and children’s these days. My children who are all adults now.all grew up wearing Target clothes. Because the quality in target clothes used to wear well with boys wearing them. And I used to layby from when new stock came in until xmas.I was on very limited budget. It worked well.

  5. Chris  

    Target clothes are better but way too expensive – even when on special. I know that you ‘get what you pay for’, but in this day and age where we have to watch every penny, Kmart is much more affordable and their clothing has improved a lot.

  6. Elaine Omdahl  

    I prefer Target for clothes, they are more expensive but better quality, KMart is making great inroads in homeware though, I find Target clothes wash and last longer

  7. kmart morayfield has been turned into a nightmare not much of anything they should look at how kmart caboolture park has done it.
    Target is too expensive for most and as someone said its like a rabbit warren.

  8. Pat Calder  

    Target clothes are better quality than K Mart without a doubt!

  9. Terri martyn  

    Karratha target seems like the poor relation of target, it regularly looks like a messy second hand store. Lots of discounts on stock that appears old stock . You would have thought there were millions of women in the town that spend all their time at the pool our beach by the number of bathing suits available. I shop at target on line more than I do in store.

    Kmart prices are good but some quality poor.

  10. Beryl Anders  

    Target hits the target for me. Better quality products, service and store layout.
    Prices MAY be higher, BUT quality is much much higher! Target for me!

  11. Target is much better quality than k mart or Big w love store layout etc

  12. Jenny  

    Stopped shopping at both. Target doesnt have the variety and customer service is nonexistent. The kmart designs are a mess and confusing. Check out in the middle of the store them being checked again as you go out. Plus if you see something before leaving store too difficult to go and pay again. Forget it. Will shop at westfield smaller shops.

    • Irene  

      I agree with Jenny ref., customer service in both stores, it is truly nonexistent. No staff can be found on the floor only at the check outs, this does not work for us Seniors. Poor customer service Kmart and Target, your loosing all round.

    • Totally agree. Can’t stand KMarts new layout with the checkouts in the middle of the floor. I always see things I want on the way out but can’t be bothered to go back and queue again. Target for me everyday.

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