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We all loved travelling and try to do it any time we can afford it. But how do you book yours? Do you go to the travel agent or do it online? Do you do it with your partner or are you trusted with the credit card?

Do you prefer to pay in full or pay it off over time?

Let’s talk today about travel booking! 

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  1. I look on line, use a travel agent but book hotels on line. Effectively booked trains in Europe recently using the Internet.

  2. I book everything on-line where I can. Planning the holiday is half the pleasure. I’ve just booked a cruise for 2016 after using spread sheets to plan 9 different options for holidays. I booked through Expedia and will probably book my flights to Sydney and back through them. However, I’ve been looking at Viator for shore excursions as they are usually cheaper than those offered by the ship. A tip for single travellers – Expedia was the only site I could find that actually gave you the single supplement price on-line. Others require you to contact them.

  3. I haven’t booked any travel for some years but had a long-time favourite travel agent who knew all my requirements. On a couple of occasions when something wasn’t possible, they pointed me in another direction, with excellent results. Don’t think you can get this personalised service online.

  4. On line for almost everything. Much cheaper and you get the times and flights that suit you. Had to use a travel agent recently for a booking on points and the deal wasn’t all that good.

  5. Have booked our last 4 overseas trips online and found it to be very easy and you can find plenty of deals. We travelled to Canada in 2010 and booked it all online, then we went to the UK in 2013 and we booked flights, car hire and self catering cottage for our 4 week stay, all went really well, no problems.

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