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Having your car stolen can be a truly horrible experience. I will never forget how my husband’s beaten-up old Range Rover was stolen from a railway station many years ago. Our weekend away was ruined by a call that his car had been spotted dumped on a BMX track.

To add insult to injury, the thieves did only half a job so the insurance assessor could see it hadn’t been in great condition to start with and we had to fight for a reasonable payout.

It seems you are even more at risk of you drive that Australian icon, the Holden Commodore. In a list of the 10 most commonly stolen cars in the past 12 months released by the RACQ yesterday, the Holden Commodore topped the list and just to cement its “preferred” status also ranked second and third and eighth. Other makes and models made by other companies included the Toyota Hilux (twice), Nissan Patrol, Hyundai Excel and Ford Falcon. However, no one came close to the Commodore, with almost 500 being stolen in the past 12 months.

The RACQ said thieves generally targeted older, less secure makes and models and those vehicles not properly secured. However, while several of the Commodore models on the list were old,  one was a fairly new model, which meant either that that particular model was easier to break into or owners were forgetting to lock their cars.

It seems we drivers are indeed doing our boost to boost the statistics by not utilising basic safety matures such as locking our cars after leaving them or while fuelling and not bothering to investigate the sound of a car alarm. The 2015 Car Security Index said 28.5 per cent of motorists admitted they didn’t always lock their cars, 58.1 per cent don’t lock their vehicles while fuelling, and 28.1 wouldn’t investigate a car alarm.

I know I’m been guilty of the first two offences. Car alarm? No, you cannot pin that one on me, at least when it comes to my own car – but only because my car doesn’t have one. 

Do you lock your car all the time? Have you ever had a car stolen after forgetting to lock it, or know someone who has? Tell us what happened and if you managed to get the car back in one piece.

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  1. No always lock it even in my drive way. Also as soon as I get in it I lock it that way I can’t get carjacked. Never thought it would happen in our safe neighbourhood but it did. Better to be safe than sorry!

  2. Locks only stop honest people. If a crim really wants your car there is nothing you can do about it.

  3. I must admit that I never lock my car in the garage. But I do keep the garage locked at all times.

  4. I have a 1994 Ford Festiva sedan…no self-respecting thief would ever steal it…even if I left ALL the doors open & the keys in the ignition lol!

  5. I always lock my car, same when I go to the servo to get petrol I take my handbag and lock the car.

  6. Yes always Lock it . Can’t be to careful these days . I think you will find your insurance won’t cover you if you leave it unlocked and it gets stolen .

  7. Yes, had a locked car stolen.. Now retired in a quite little village. Car is always locked, even in a locked up garage….it’s just an automatic thing to do now….a good habit to have.

  8. I locked my car, visited a friend for 2 hrs, came outside and it had gone. If they want it – they take it. It was insured – thank goodness.

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