Let’s talk: Has Malcolm Turnbull done enough in his first year as PM

It’s been an interesting year in politics to say the least and on the anniversary of Malcolm Turnbull’s one-year reign
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull tour the Anzus hall at the Pentagon on Jan. 18, 2016. (DoD photo by U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Clydell Kinchen)(Released)

It’s been an interesting year in politics to say the least and on the anniversary of Malcolm Turnbull’s one-year reign as prime minister, many are taking the chance to reflect.

When Mr Turnbull dethroned Tony Abbott to take the top job, he said it was a matter of leadership and capability. So has Mr Turnbull delivered on either of those things?

His major criticism of Mr Abbott was his “failure” to be a strong economic leader.

“It is not the fault of individual ministers,” he told a packed press conference in a Parliament House courtyard. “Ultimately, the Prime Minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership our nation needs.

“We need a style of leadership that explains complex issues, sets out the course of action we believe we should take, and makes a case for it. We need advocacy, not slogans. We need to respect the intelligence of the Australian people.”

In the 12 months since then our economy has shown growth and the unemployment rate has dropped. All good news for Mr Turnbull.

Where some say he is really struggling though is in leadership.

The election campaign from both sides of the aisle was panned as a mess and utterly uninspiring, but Mr Turnbull did manage to sail narrowly to victory.

While Mr Turnbull has been said to be consultative leader, who doesn’t make captains’ calls, he has also proven to go it alone made headlines when he quashed the idea of a GST increase without talking to Treasurer Scott Morrison first.

While a year isn’t enough time to define a prime ministership, it does lay the groundwork for things going forward.

Mr Turnbull’s approval ratings have dropped significantly, with his dissatisfaction rating at 53 per cent according to the latest polls. While the Coalition is still the preferred party, Mr Turnbull is trailing Bill Shorten as preferred leader.

So as he makes his way into his second year at the helm, what is your verdict on the PM so far and what would you like to see in future?

  1. Veritas  

    Nothing this weakling could do would be ‘enough’.
    He’s a wimp, can’t make a decision to save himself, or us.
    Wants to waste millions’ $ on a vote on ‘gay union’, as he’s not the ‘balls’ to do so!
    Has never had to ‘fight’ for ANYTHING in his life, due born a ‘silvertail’.
    In other words, he’s effing useless, as a PM.

    The idiots’ of the LNP got ‘rid’ of a GOOD man, in every way, in Tony Abbott.
    Now the Country’s got to pay for that dumba$$ decision by having this useless moron in top job.

  2. Mike  

    I find Malcolm Turnbull uninspiring to say the least. We are supposed to feel safe in the knowledge that we are being led my someone who has the ability to stand up to the extreme right or left of their party. The plebiscite on same sex marriage is a huge waste of time and public monies. $175mill to be spent on a decision that could be made by a free vote on the matter and change the law if need be. This money would be better spent on improving services for LGBTI youth.

  3. To say he’s “uninspiring” is praising him. I find him to be arrogant, eg; the Senate blocks what he wants, so he changes the voting system for it and calls a double dissolution. Result, he only just gets back in,(blind Freddy could have told him that). Does he learn anything from that? No, he goes straight back to his old ways pre election.
    He’s on a par with that other useless PM, the “dud Rudd”! And would you believe it, I used to be a Coalition voter! Not any more!

  4. Donice Keenan  

    I must say I agree with those who say , ” Malcolm had a plan to become PM but no plan to BE PM

    He gained power by subjugating his personal beliefs to the right wing power brokers of his party.

    I saw him speak several times at meetings prior to the 2013 election and he left me uninspired.
    Having said that I also saw Abbott speak a number of times too. Altho I had little time for Abbott at least he never wavered on his core beliefs.

    The Western World as a whole sadly ,is bereft of Statesmen and Women and is ruled by career politicians hand in glove with the corporate world at the expense of the citizenry .

    • Fadila  

      Hear hear well said listen and listen well !!!!!!

  5. Felicity Fletcher  

    When I was in the defence force I was proud to wear my Australian. uniform. It was part of the feeling of being and serving in every way. I can’t imagine the insult of having to wear Chinese uniforms it would take away the whole spirt of the Australian defence forces.

    • Amanda  

      Oh! Felicity, I couldn’t agree more!
      I felt GREAT pride in wearing my AUSTRALIAN made Army Uniforms!

      AND they were just SO comfy, & warm, when needed!

      Cheers to you, & in our Service!

  6. sheila smyth  

    short answer NO – he has not done enough it’s almost as if he’s scared to make a real decision – bury your ego Malcolm and get to work – remember the Election and what the people want – that’s whe we employ you!!!

  7. Leon Collinson  

    Couldn’t agree more with all the comments made especially the one where the politicans work for us not themselves or their party. I really think they have forgotten their constituents they represent are also their employers so when they put forward policies like cuts to aged care and the like they are crucifying there employer, doesnt seem normal behaviour to me.

  8. P Worrall  

    Turnbull espoused principles that Indicated a more moderate direction For the LNP. We now know That was empty rhetoric.Same old backward RW policies that destroyed booming renewable energy Industry.Science & technology infrastructure. Auto industry. NBN fiasco, Disgraceful treatment of refugees, Pensioners, self funded retirees, The sick and the poor

    • Mareela  

      P Worrall couldn’t have said it any better. What you say is so true and so sad for all Australians. In my lifetime I’ve never seen such greed in our politicians and their inability to govern Australia for the benefit of all Australians. The underemployment and casualisation of the workforce is deplorable and Turnbull and his party will do nothing for Australian workers. Home ownership is becoming a thing of the past thanks to Abbott/Turnbull.

  9. Melissa  

    This multimillionaire hasn’t a clue, full stop.
    He’s just such a ‘non-person’ as a PM.

    Has no idea how to ‘run’ this Country, & we’re paying for his gross inability.
    Ineffectual, & useless.

    Damn shame they got rid of Tony.
    At least he knew what he was doing.


  11. The question asked…”Has Malcolm Turnbull done enough in his first year as PM”
    The question should read “Has Malcolm Turnbull done anything in his first year as PM”

    • Chel  

      Wal Arnot, I don’t think anyone could have made a better comment! You hit it right when you say he has done nothing. He got the job he has craved for many years only to discover that now he has it he doesn’t know what to do with it.

      At least Tony Abbott did have some good achievements, if only he hadn’t got sidetracked with a couple of very silly decisions to say the least.

  12. Trish  

    he has done nothing for Australia, but given bucket loads of money to over seas, he is a waste of space, and getting big money for his neglect of Australians he is a moron, big noting himself to the UN by promising to take in more refugees, fine if they are REAL refugees, but most of them are not, he makes out we are a rich country, but we are getting poorer by the minute, thanks to him

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