Let’s talk: Did the minor parties just get screwed over?

There has been lots of talk about preferences over the past few weeks and now Malcolm Turnbull has announced the

There has been lots of talk about preferences over the past few weeks and now Malcolm Turnbull has announced the Liberals will preference the Greens last, or behind Labor, in every Lower House seat and in return, Labor says it will direct its preferences to the Liberal Party over the Nationals in the seats of Murray, O’Connor and Durack.

Both the Greens and the Nationals are understandable furious at the outcome, with Greens leader Richard Di Natale saying the decision has “nothing to do with principle, and everything to do with a dirty deal between the Labor and the Liberal Party, the Coles and Woolies of politics”.

However, Mr Turnbull says he has made the call so as to avoid another minority government, which historically as made it difficult to pass legislation and come through on election promises.

“This is a decision I’ve made in the national interest,” Mr Turnbull said, reports ABC.

“The big risk in this election is that we would end up with an unstable, chaotic, Labor-Greens minority Government as we’ve seen before.”

Despite Mr Turnbull’s reasoning though, Mr Di Natale says it is less about the good of the country and more about protecting the major parties’ interests.

“We don’t know whether the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party are joining together to lock out other independents,” he said.

“People are saying they are fed up with business as usual politics. This deal does everything it can to protect the duopoly the two major parties enjoy.”

The decision has received mixed reviews from voters with some praising the move and saying it is a good idea to avoid another potential hung parliament, while others say it is just another case of the big kids in the playground trying to bully the little guys.

What do you think?

Is this decision the right move for the good of the country? Or are the Greens and the National Party getting screwed over?

  1. Kevin  

    Minor parties can become de facto government when they hold balance of power – yet only a few voted for them. Thats not democracy.
    A major party may be voted for by the majority, but lose due to preferences – that’s not democracy.
    At present the Libs have the most voting intentions, but may not get in due to preferences. Australia needs one person, one vote, period. Don’t care if Labor or Liberal wins then, as with no preferences, its a true vote.

    • roy batkin  

      Vote 4 a minor arty in a local election. They r a distraction in parliament

    • [email protected]  

      Totally agree.

  2. Newton Hill  

    I think most readers would be looking for a party that reflects THEIR interests. We can all play the same game as the major parties and place them last on our ballot paper. I would invite the revolt and am currently searching for a Party that reflects our (60 Plus) interests and concerns in Perth. I would join them as a paid up Party member if the policies they stand for reflect the matters that will make a difference to us all going forward.

  3. Colours  

    The ALP put a brochure in my letterbox a couple of weeks ago decrying a (non-existent) deal between the Libs and the Greens. Now they’re the ones doing dirty deals with their supposed rivals, to keep out any MP who might think for him or herself. I won’t be voting for Tweeledum OR Tweedldee.

  4. Tom  

    We all have a choice who we vote for. Do not follow the how to vote cards – make up your own mind and don’t be sheep. The senate is easy now with just 12 numbers to fill in so you don’t have to put a number beside no-hopers. Never vote above the line if you want what you really want registered.

  5. [email protected]  

    The minor parties have been a disgrace in this senate. Not to me tin the Greens and Labour. These people should stop think g of their votes and look at the harm to our country with a debt that is out of control. We want services but how can we pay for them with no revenue. Something has to give. Surely we can spend $5.00 on a co-payment to Medicare. Have it means tested. Logic has to prevail. Do not vote minor parties it is better to throw your vote empty. No harm to not having a hung parliament. The old independents coming back suffering from relevance and big egos need to look at the chaos they caused that government which put us into legislated debt. Crazy people voting for them. The xenophon vote is like voting greens. He does that mostly anyway. Vote major parties n both and let us give them a go with no more excuses of hostile senates. Who would vote Jackie Lambie a populist vote who can’t read her briefs let alone discuss anything rationally.

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