Let’s talk: are we too politically correct?

Earlier this week a social media campaign to cast a woman to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond went viral

Earlier this week a social media campaign to cast a woman to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond went viral as thousands of people around the world threw their support behind the cause.

People complained the role had been played by a man for too long and that a woman was just as capable of playing the suave and deadly spy.

“It’s gender inequality!” they shouted, “anything a man can do, a women can do too”.

The campaign was just the latest in a long line of issues around political correctness that have popped up over the past few years.

Golliwogs have been banned from toy stores as they are now believed to incite racism, Santa Clauses in Sydney’s Westfields have been banned from say ‘ho ho ho’ as it sounds too much like ‘hoe’ – a derogatory name for a woman, and some schools won’t allow kids to play musical chairs because it apparently encourages bullying.

So what is going on in the world? When did we all get so sensitive that we have to be extra careful about what we do and say so we don’t accidentally offend someone?

While it was definitely time for certain things to change in the world, some say the concept of political correctness has gone too far.

Many have pointed out that women faced all sorts of inequality and their whole lives managed to carry on without kicking up the fuss people do these days.

“I worked in an office full of men during the 70s and put up with all kinds of behaviour that would be considered politically incorrect these days,” wrote one woman on Facebook.

“I just carried on and did my job though. I don’t see why everyone has to complain and whinge so much about every perceived slight these days.”

Others say the changes are long overdue, but do we really need to change the name of the classic English dessert Spotted Dick to Spotted Richard – as they did in the UK after concerns it would offend people?

And did a school in America really have to go so far as changing the name of Easter eggs to ‘spring spheres’ to avoid causing offence to people who did not celebrate Easter?

What’s your opinion on this issue?

Are we too politically incorrect? Or, is it better to be careful and avoid offending anyone?

  1. Kate  

    The world has gone mad . Why change James Bond to a woman how stupid is that. I have 2 gollywogs and my grandkids love them . I would like to talk to these people that start all this crap about political correctness. Get a life people

    • Maybelle  

      Totally agree, Kate!
      Just absolutely ridiculous!

      Will people be actually be offended, or is it just a perception?

      Most of this garbage came with the arrival of Muslims into this Country. Before that, we didn’t have such crappy, & downright stupid ideas, which are changing/changed OUR normal way of life.
      Why are we kow-towing to a minority cult here?


  2. Sallyann Lamoin  

    A dessert called Spotted Dick, Santas saying “ho, ho, ho” and golliwog dolls. Really? How about we put this energy and passion into some really worthwhile causes such as stopping wars, feeding the hungry, providing homes for the homeless, helping out with random acts of kindness. There is so much good we can do without this nonsense.

  3. Di  

    Political correctness is undermining our culture and way of life. People have lost their sense of humor and light hearteddness . Turning into mamby pamby lot.

  4. Angie B  

    It is all laughable! As if we don’t have enough serious problems in the world! People who worry about Golliwogs and Santa Clause have too much time on their hands. And. leave spotted dick alone!!!

  5. Dianne Clarke  

    “Spring Spheres”- you have got to be joking. It’s too much – get a sense of humour people. A golliwog is beautiful – why can’t that be the message instead of a negative one. Ho Ho Ho – if someone thinks they are being referred to – change your job or is it the poor garden hoe being offended by Santa. We have Christmas and Easter in this country – if you don’t like it then just ignore it and do something else on those days – don’t go to day care or where ever, don’t get involved in Christmas. There are so many different cultural events held now that surely every one is covered and it is up to the individuals to attend the ones they believe in.

  6. Ann  

    Still love my golliwog knitted by my mum. I am now 68 yo. I’m not predgidous either.

  7. Advance Australia Fair was written by Peter Dodds McCormick and first sung in1878 byMr Andrew Fairfax. On the face of the original (Mass Produced) Sheet music it states “Respectfully Dedicated to the Sons and Daughters of Australia. Price Two Shillings

    This quote, taken from the Australian Government Web Site indicates just the beginning of PC in Australia – thanks Gough Whitlam.

    The original words of the song have been changed with ‘Australia’s sons let us rejoice’ – the original first line – being replaced with ‘Australians all let us rejoice’ and further changes have occurred in the rarely sung third verse.

    So, let’s now look at the new PC version of what has become our Anthem:

    First Verse:

    Australians all let us rejoice,
    For we are young and free;
    We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;
    Our home is girt by sea;
    Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
    Of beauty rich and rare;
    In history’s page, let every stage
    Advance Australia Fair.
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    Advance Australia Fair.

    Line one, sorry offensive … We are not all Australians therefore we offend new comers to our great country, replace with, “People” … scratch rejoice, sexist (Joyce, predominantly female name) replace with “be happy”

    Line two, sorry offensive … shows little or no tolerance for the aged or the imprisoned … disgusting, delete completely.

    Line three, unmitigated lies … our soil is not golden and when did you last see a wealthy working class person. Replace with … We’ve got browned and in many cases barren earth and have to work hard to make a quid – unless you’re a dole bludger. (intentionally offensive!!)

    Line four, sounds sexist … Girt (short for Gertrude – Female) … replace with … gender un-known on the beach by the sea. (can’t say person, refers to male, (per)son)

    …and so it goes until we get to – Advance Australia Fair … upsets the PC’s – Australia’s not fair, it keeps trying to push ahead of the queue, I have to get a job ‘cos the dole doesn’t pay enough, the government should supply all housing, cars and drugs … aw, der, not fair prickly pear.

    Bloody Hell, let’s call a spade a spade. If you’ve never upset or offended anybody then you’ve never stood up for anything you believe in.

    Now, get out there and offend the PC Brigade, it works for me and I’m 73.😇

    • Phil Gilbank  

      If newcomers don’t like our National Anthem, tough titties! Let them return whence they came! I come from the school of ‘when in Rome etc” This should be the attitude of all whop come here. If not, go back!

    • Rod Paton  

      Totally agree with you Rob Greer!
      If we visit another country, we have to abide with their laws, culture and traditions, why change ours just because some cotton wool kids and vote chasing politicians might get offended? The world is going crazy. Change Easter Eggs to Festive Spheres? Are they serious?? Stop singing Christmas carols as it might offend other faiths? Do we tell them not to celebrate their religious festivals and traditions? No we do not! This is a tolerant country where in a democracy we should be able to speak our minds, it’s called freedom of expression people! Get a life!

    • Wendy Toussis  

      Hahaha. Your rewrite of the National Anthem is brilliant.

    • Pauline Miles  

      Very clever & very funny Rob .

  8. How sad is it that we can’t even have an open conversation with a friend in a coffee shop for fear of offending someone, somewhere. Jus because you can hear what I’m saying does not mean that you have any right to listen. When political correctness started my parents were the first to say that things were only going to get worse, and get to a point of no return. Where can we go from here? There is no up unless we begin to realise just how stupid society has become. If you don’t like what you can hear me saying, then don’t bloody listen. I have no interest in your conversation so bug off out our mine. I understand that gender equality was a fair bit overdue, however a female James Bond! Have we become so utterly stupid that we can’t see how dumb this whole idea really is. Hmm just Hmm. I can just see it now, a ‘Jane Bond’ shagging all the men in her movies. She will become known as the biggest s#*t in movie history. 😅

  9. sue morawsky  

    Political correctness gone mad. When my kids became adults and they asked “What’s for dinner?” , I invariably answered Spatchcock then Potted Dick. Hope I didn’t offend all the desserts out there. Poor Richards – spots all over them.

  10. Mal Pace-Smith  

    Gollies are for sale here, not sure about the pudding as i never liked it but cant imagine Kiwis changing the name for pc reasons. Just carry on as usual there are far larger things to stress over!

  11. Lyn  

    Grow up get a life deal with things the way they are this getting “offended”by stupid things is childish and immature the touchy feely little bubble doesnt help people deal with real life!!!!

  12. Henry  

    “It’s gender inequality!” they shouted, “anything a man can do, a women can do too”.

    BS! The James Bond character is an embedded image. Women protesting against this are nothing but fascist female mysoandrists.

    • Ursula Sorensen  

      Yes there are women spies but Ian Fleming wrote about a suave male spy called James Bond not a female spy. It wouldn’t be the same with a woman. Wasn’t Bond’s boss a woman?

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