Leisel Jones had these brutal words to say about her father’s death

Olympian Swimmer Leisel Jones announced the death of her estranged father Les by telling the world she didn’t feel anything
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Olympian Swimmer Leisel Jones announced the death of her estranged father Les by telling the world she didn’t feel anything about his passing.

The 30-year-old shared one of the only pictures she has of her father on Instagram with the heartbreakingly upfront caption:


In 2008, Jones’ father Les publicly called on his daughter, one of 11 children, to end their eight-year rift. He had been diagnosed with cancer and had this message for his her:

“I need to tell Leisel: “Don’t let this go too far’ because I don’t know how much time I have left. I don’t want her to feel sorry for me. When her swimming life has finished, she will have the time to dwell on what I have done or haven’t done.”

The swimmer has been both praised for her braveness and criticised for her indifference by family members who insist Les had continued to reach out to his estranged daughter.

Jones wrote about the absence of her father in her life in her 2015 memoir, Body Lengths, Fairfax reports.

Declaring that you’re unmoved by the death of your father is a big call, and possibly one the 30-year-old will regret later. It also must have been difficult for Les to die knowing he had never rebuilt a relationship with his famous daughter.

What would you say to Leisel Jones about the passing of her father and how she feels (or doesn’t) right now? Have you been in a similar situation?


  1. What ever feeling leisel has or does not have is nobody’s business but hers,her father has passed its not going to make any difference to him….

  2. Just because they are our parents doesn’t mean it’s a ‘Happy Days’ family. I shed no tears when my father died and have no regrets either. This is her business – nobody else’s

    • You are right Granny about it being her business BUT she must have made the statement and put it out to the public. Then it gets on the net and everyone has an opinion. No, I have not read anything about it because not interested.

    • Lyn Hallam I don’t think its fair on the rest of the family who actually may have loved him and were close… Its as if she is the only one that is important there….. I personally don’t have a great opinion of her anyway…. her book or whatever… so that’s my opinion too, that I put out there… hmmmm

    • Jennifer – Lisa is entitled to her opinion. Each to their own, i say. I am sure she wont be bothered by what you think of her. Who are we to judge?

    • Alan McCombe : She mad it public, she put it “out there” for everyone to see and have an opinion if they want.
      I can understand her sentiments.

    • well by tweeting she makes it everyone’s doesn’t she – some sad situations never resolve…. just have to let time heal and move on as best we may…

    • Sue Richards an opinion is not a judgement.. she is judging isn’t she… or is it just her opinion too. I am only saying its a private thing and might blight others opinions of him that don’t even know the man.

    • Alan McCombe She has made it “other peoples business” by making the public statement. She could have kept it to herself.

    • She should have kept it to herself if she didn’t want others to comment. I’m heartbroken to say I have two daughters who treat me with malice and disregard. My crime? According to others I spoilt them I overcompensated for being a single parent. They were my life. This is my pain forever as a result. Please don’t judge. No one knows what goes on in others lives or for what reason. I personally think it’s a tragedy she didn’t make peace. I can relate to her father. May he rest in peace now.

      • HJN  

        I can relate to your situation Lee.. been and still am in a similar position.. not only my children but also my siblings. I am totally alone now coping with cancer and fibro myalgia.. don’t want pity, but it would be nice if I had some support ..

    • She wrote about her estrangement from her father in her book so it was a well known fact. Why should she have “kept it to herself” – she was passing on a message about relationships between fathers and daughters. Read the caption under the second photo. Very moving.

      I too was estranged from my father and felt no sorrow when I heard he’d died – and his second wife didn’t bother to tell anybody. We heard via “the grapevine”!

  3. People never really know what goes on behind the scenes , my only comment is I think it should be a private comment not spread across social media

    • Many of us have regrets and some have dirty linen but I think sharing some things on a fublic forum is tasteless. There’s a place for some comments and it’s not facebook.

    • Maybe she put it on social media to shut the critics up. No one knows what happened other than her family so you have no right to judge her. My father has an issue with my family and until he deals with it things aren’t going to change. But let me tell you this, I will not bow down to him because of his issues. He always said to us growing up that he would never turn out like to his father! Unfortunately he has.

  4. This is really no one else’s business other than Leisel’s, we all have skeletons in the closet. However our private life can remain that way, PRIVATE. And so should Leisel’s.

  5. She looks like him and every time she looks in the mirror, she will be reminded of him….it’s sad but you can’t really get away from your parents

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