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Source: Malcolm Turnbull

How does a prime minister, new to the job, celebrate his birthday? With a media blitz including eight interviews in major publications, apparently.

Malcolm Turnbull turns 61 today and he has gifts for everyone, pledging everything from light rail to tax reform.

The PM has declared government assistance to help get the $11 billion Melbourne Metro rail project going, along with other infrastructure projects, saying the government will look at new ways to borrow to help get several projects off the ground.

He has gifted the Labor party with an olive branch on workplace laws, calling on the opposition to negotiate over legislation stalled in the Senate.

For the economists at the party, he has raised the idea of a sovereign wealth fund when the budget returns to surplus and has promised to push ahead with tax reform. He’s also promised those of us who are doing it tough that he would take the banks to task over interest rates.

Environmentalists will graciously accept their gift of his presence at the Paris climate change talks at the end of the year– the previous plan was to send Julie Bishop, which did not send a positive message to fellow nation leaders.

Finally, a present for all and sundry: a a repeated pledge that he will see out the government’s full term, holding an election in a year’s time, reports The Guardian.

According to the ABC, the Prime Minister will mark his 61st birthday with a private function in Sydney today.

Will you be wishing Malcolm Turnbull a happy birthday? What other gifts would you like from his government? 

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  1. Pensions in line with costs amd wages? I didn’t hear him say that. Oh that’s right he didn’t. Silly me.

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    • Base pensions are indexed twice a year, in March and September, to reflect changes in pensioners’ cost of living and wages. The pension is increased to reflect growth in the Consumer Price Index and the Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index, whichever is higher. There you go – already done.

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      • pension is a benefit not a ight…we are supposed to look after our own future to some degree, go live in a country where there are no pensions and see how things work. I don’t care if you paid taxes all your working life so did we and have just retired and not looking for a red cent from the government.

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        • The country I come from even after paying taxes all my working life I was not allowed a pension as my savings was too high.
          Not to worry Australians I do not get a pension here either have to look after myself

    • Why would you think the pension needs to equal the minimum wage? Pensioners do not incur the same costs as a worker and have access to a broad range of concessions that workerts do not. See you just have a sit down and think about it for a minute.

    • Yes you may pay the same for an apple, but you get a cut in, Ambulance, Prescriptions, Doctors Fees, X-rays, Blood Tests, Hair Cuts, Sec Bills, Gas Bills, Phone Bills, you can get a seniors card and get up too 20% off things! Dentists are cheaper etc, etc, etc what do you think you should everything cheaper??????

    • I went to the government dentist. I had the filling two months when it fell out. All low income earners can get a lot of these discounts and I will not be made to feel ungrateful or that I gave to be eternally grateful for working my butt off most of my life and having to “just get by”. I, along with thousands of pensioners have to look at the price of meat for instance and decide whether we really need it. My car sits in the driveway a lot of the time because sometimes I can’t afford petrol. Hell I can’t afford a car most of the time. This on actually belongs to my son. I am luckier than a lit of people because I worked in a low paid job for ten years until a year ago. I got one last tax refund which was a good one and yes, I am going to spend it on not being alone over Christmas and if that’s wrong, so be it. But it is not right on a normal week to wonder if you can get a loaf of bread cheaper so you can buy a cake when you have worked all your life. My opinion!

    • Me thinks you think the Government owes you!!!! Maybe you would be better off ( I am not being patronising here ) going into a facility where all your needs are met and you do not need to worry about how much things cost as everything is provided for you.

    • Me thinks no-one owes me anything but what I have earned and a little respect. So Judith Forbes, try not to be so condescending when you have no idea about my life or any of the pensioners that struggle through no fault of their own and you might just learn a lesson in manners and humility. Have a nice evening.

    • Judith Forbes you don’t know any of us, you type in a few words and think you know us all. Fran has worked hard all her adult life, how do I know? I was recently admiring her work photo’s on facebook, something you will never be able to do, Fran like many pensioners are only asking for a fair go

    • Judith Forbes, you my dear have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You are an ignoramus! As a pensioner at 63 and unable to work due to health problems and forced onto Newstart because I don’t meet the criteria for any other pension, I understand where Fran is coming from. There’s an old saying, don’t criticise or condemn me if you haven’t walked a mile in my shoes! And it’s pretty clear you haven’t! Fran is just echoing what many pensioners say and feel. Yes we get subsidised in many things but not our basic needs like food, fuel and rent! So tell me Judith how would you manage if you were on a NS pension with rent assistance which equals $705 per fortnight and you pay $700 per f/night in rent, this is what I do! I do not smoke or drink and I have to somehow find enough to put aside for electricity, fuel, car rego, and any thing else that crops up. You have absolutely no right to criticise someone who just wants s fair go and thinks they deserve a fair go after spending most of their life working and paying taxes! I started work at 15 earning $8.00 a week! How dare you accuse Fran or any of us of thinking that we think the gov owes us! We don’t think it! We know it! We didn’t have the backstop of super that others now have. That didn’t become compulsory till 1993. So yes Judith, pensions should be higher and yes Judith we do want and deserve the respect as an older generation that has worked their arses off and paid their dues for this country! And forgive us if we sound whingey or whiney it’s only because the dumb arse consecutive governments of this nation are not listening to us and we feel it’s all becoming a bit futile, but guess what Judith? Your going to be in our shoes one day if your not already and my fervent hope is that you can then look back on your condescending comments and wish you had seen the truth and showed more empathy, of which you obviously have none!

    • Fran Spears But you don’t pay the same for rates, power, water, travel. You also have access to Medicare concessions, etc, etc. And because you’re not slaving away all day you won’t need to buy so many apples!!!

    • John Green i dont pay rates because i lost my home through no fault of mine. I cant travel on public transport so i dont get travel concession and i slaved away all day and many a night for over forty years and brought up three kids, so get off your high horse.

    • You don’t have to explain to these people Fran, your life is none of their business, instead of coming in here telling everyone they are wrong and trying to meddle in others lives, they need to get out there and lobby the Government they voted for to get things changed. I totally support Fran and the many other pensioners out there that are in Fran’s position or worse and I respect her opinion

    • Fran Spears Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself if you like. The fact is the minimum wage is there to support a family. The Pension is not. That is why there is a single rate and a married rate. Oh, and I see the usual SAS/ALP affiliates are camped on the site today. You know, Leanna, Libbi and Rosaland, or Rozzy, or what ever she calls herself this week.

    • Oh get over yourselves please….I am entitled to have my say….I am as old as you and Lyn Joseph, I do live on $700 odd a fortnight, I pay $560 a fortnight in rent, I also take care of my 35 year old totally dependant daughter on me for everything on my own. As for Rosalind Battles and David James I could not care less what you say or think your both arrogant no it alls I ramble on with rubbish do I well read your own rambles Rosalind….and mind my own business well that would be something for you wouldn’t it David. I also look after my troubled 14 year old Grandson so am aware of how hard it is in the real world. I have paid taxes all my life also. What I said was not meant to offended you I was just meaning that if you did live in a facility you would NOT have too worry about money as everything is provided for you. I just choose not to whinge and whine when things get tough.

  2. We would all look good for 61 if we had his life. Sorry Debbie. Doesn’t matter what he looks like as long as he treats us all equally.

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    • I’m 62 Roeg. They treat you as old after sixty but they let the leader of the country be whatever age. Doesn’t make sense to me. And before anyone has a go, there are thousands of people and businesses in this country that treat us as too old to know what we are talking about, to do jobs we may have never done before or too old to be taken notice of.

    • His age and his looks mean nothing, what is important is his policies and he has Abbott’s polices, you an put lipstick on a pig but that won’t make it a Movie Star all it will make it is a Pig with lipstick

  3. More spending in the city and suburbs. What about the country. NO public transport, and as the previous treasurer said as we’re poor we can’t afford to drive or buy patrol. Also no jobs in the country.

  4. Just wish he, and all politicians in Australia could be transparent of what they truly think Australia should be. The current status quo has been in the pipeline, facilitated by all past political parties, for a very long time. Malcolm has just now put the icing on the cake, well and truly. A Google look at the current August 2015 residential and agricultural land legislation is well worth perusal. It actually says that taxpayers had to foot a lot of expenses that could have assisted our own health and educational benefits.

  5. Well, he could do us all a favour and jump off the harbour bridge with a candle in his hand singing a star fell from heaven

  6. Besides him being Liberal and all – got to admit that he is good to look at. I mean, after looking at that monkey faced Abbott for so long, Turnbull is nice on the eye!

    5 REPLY
    • Too bland for me, has good elocution, coiffured hair & probably facials. It’s the conservative policies what counts anyway, not getting sidetracked with the difference from Abbott.

    • Sorry no appeal to me, I like men who look like men, not over primped and polished Butlers, but each to his or her own

    • Ted Bundy was good looking too but unlike Turnbull, Ted was good at his job.. he was a serial killer, never mind many more cuts to the poor and Turnbull might just rival Ted

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