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Town Hall chiefs of the Denbighshire County Council in North Wales have banned a set of phrases relating to interacting with seniors in a 31-page booklet on politically correct language. We’re wondering if this is political correctness gone mad…


The booklet, distributed to the 5,000 council employees considered “the elderly” an unacceptable and offensive phrase suggesting that “older people” is a much more appropriate term for seniors in our community.

Also mentioned in the booklet is that calling people older than yourself “love” or “pet” is also offensive, and inappropriate, especially to women.

The booklet was created under their “Respect Policy” however many taxpayers and over 60s in the area consider this a total waste of taxpayer money.

As over 60s, do you take offensive to any of these words or phrases? If the Australian Federal or State Governments were to produce something similar, what would you think of it?


Have your say and tell us if you think this is a great initiative or if this is political correctness taken to the extreme?  

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  1. I’ve been called a few things in my long life that would make the idiots who wrote this hair curl! This is typical bureaucratic, do-good bull, by people who have to create a reason for their own employment, so they make up this rubbish. I think “Starts at Sixty” should write to this council, telling them what a pack of idiots they are!

  2. Big waste of money, Personally I am more offended at the four letter words used regularly today and the words aren’t pet or love.

  3. If Australia wastes money like that the 60s and over will need to protest strongly

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