Is this $750,000 ‘ambulance bus’ really a good use of money?

It’s safe to say we all agree: more funding for our ambulance service is very worthwhile. But is this really the best use
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It’s safe to say we all agree: more funding for our ambulance service is very worthwhile. But is this really the best use of it?

A new “ambulance bus” has come under fire from drivers, with the Ambulance Employees Association declaring it a “waste of money”.

According to The Advertiser, the union had not been consulted about the idea, which it says will be of extremely little use to our hard-working ambos.

Association state secretary Phil Palmer called the huge 12 metre vehicle a “white elephant”, pointing out the idea had many flaws that would stop it functioning as intended.    

“When the idea first bobbed up we were told it would be used for transporting non-urgent patients between hospitals. It can’t do that because it won’t fit at EDs at places such as FMC, the RAH, the Women’s and Children’s and so on.

“Now we are being told it will be used at major events like Schoolies.

“The bottom line is it will not be used on a day-to-day basis and at $750,000 is frankly a waste of money — taxpayers are not getting bang for buck and the Government has been sold a pup by managers who are no longer with the SA Ambulance Service.

“With Treasury breathing down our necks for cuts this money would have been much better spent back filling key positions”.

Health Minister Jack Snelling has defended the purchase, standing by his assertion that it would give paramedics a life-saving advantage for car crashes and bushfires.

How do you feel about this use of resources? Can you imagine it saving more lives, or does it hinder more than help?  

  1. Yes it is a wast… 750 k … So we now pray for a big tragedy to deploy it…. Big bus! Crap roads! Heavy traffic! You just don’t get it Australia…. How many paramedic well fitted bikes….first response could we get for $750,000.

    The upkeep alone is an issue…. Me thinks the table pen pusher was at the wheel of this one… Give him a shock from the many defibrillators onboard

    • and those pen pushers should pay with their jobs but they will just get another promotion. It must get approved by someone, he/she should go and all those who researched and came up with this dud.

    • It is all about saving matter at what cost! ‘Pray for a big tragedy to deploy it’ is not the answer either.

    • Like I said for what ever reason a bus has happened when quick response in built up areas seems to be over looked. Tell me this… What other countries do this.

    • Victor Watson I agree but the subject is the costing and the size We truly do never ever want a disaster that we need a bus of this size

    • Well I think we covered the subject fairly well with all the relevant posts we received. Get rid of the bus and buy bikes for fast response paramedics. Of course the patient cannot be transported on the bike. That would need a bigger vehicle like an ambulance or a bus. Hmmm?

    • Nobody said a ambulance would not be used or a number of them. I am not in this field but understand logistics and costs. We have not even looked at other options ….. Just a bus…

  2. In a situation with a lot of casualties it would come in handy. But how many times does that happen. You would also need extra ambulance personnel to man it. Weighing all the pros and cons I don’t think it is a good use of resources. It this in South Australia?

    • Yes it is in SA. And the ambos are not happy about it. They were not consulted and if they had been they would have had a lot more pressing things to spend the money on.

    • The old saying. “A camel is a horse designed by a committee” comes to mind.Some idiot in the public service justifying his position. Three quarters of a million dollars spent on something that just might come in handy one day. Heaven forbid the Minister and his department consulting with those who have been lumbered with their decision.

  3. It will also be used to transfer patients from the old Royal Adelaide Hospital to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. Not being able to fit in Emergency bays should not be a problem, I was once wheeled in a bed from the flying doctor plane through a hanger & out to an ambulance at the Adelaide airport, so these problems an be over come

  4. I’d have been surprised if the Government ever consulted with the union on any decision. They just go ahead and do whatever they want. This ambulance bus will be useful at big events, such as schoolies, music festivals, etc, when there will be a steady stream of people needing treatment, as well as disasters

    • I would certainly feel a lot easier to see one of these parked at any large event I was attending, especially in today’s terrorist threat situations.

  5. What a waste of money. Just goes to show that the pollies do not consult with those at the ‘coal face’ of any organisation. They just do things to make themselves look good to win the next election. This latest government is the announcing government. They just keep anouncing they are doing things without getting much done.

    • Pollies never consult at the coalface, and by coalface I mean the actual workers not the heads of departments.

  6. I am sure it will have its uses. Unfortunately though mainly at disaster areas. It would be handy for evacuation areas in fires as the ambos could treat burns and other injuries. I don’t see it very useful for transporting people, except as one person has already written from the old Adelaide Hospital down the road to the new one. I can see the problem with ramping at Flinders getting worse if they can park this bus there to hold the seemingly endless overflow from Emergency.

  7. It’s like a lot of things in this country, the powers that be just don’t consult with the people who will be using the product. These decisions are made by people who fly desks!

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