Is laundry only a woman’s job?

As a child do you remember playing house to be like your mum? Serving tea and biscuits and pretending to
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As a child do you remember playing house to be like your mum? Serving tea and biscuits and pretending to clean up after your dolls? Or going to your grandparents’ place and watching your grandma cooking, cleaning and ironing for your granddad while he read the paper?  You may not have questioned it much at the time but the gender roles within families are certainly being discussed today thanks to one TV ad…

Ariel, an Indian clothes detergent brand, has released a powerful ad called “Share the Load” that has had everyone talking about gender roles in the home. The ad shows a mum coming home from work, putting the dinner on and looking after her child while her husband and father sit back and relax.

It is shown from the point of view of the woman’s father who writes a letter apologising for placing these stereotypes on her while growing up. He says it’s not too late to change though and the ad ends with him helping his wife with the laundry.

So what do you think? Do these stereotypes of male and female roles still exist in your home? Do you wish they could change or do you think they are practical?

Here is the ad, have a watch and tell us what you think!

  1. marilyn willson  

    yes they should chane, although I taught my son that he has to take part in the clean ups, his father and I are still stuck in traditional roles, mainly I feel from the mans side, all those years of being the main provider still seems to drive the self entitlement shown by this generation of men, nothing mentioned of the child rearing, home running and also working and studying. Then the man retires and still is oblivious to the role of the woman, he thinks he’s earnt the right to be waited on, but the woman never retires does she, and in the unusual event of having to raise grandchildren her work just goes on and on, and dare to whinge to the man, his reply oh but he’s getting old, well arent women aging also

  2. Susan Bell  

    Neighbours child came over to play with my children. They played mothers and fathers. He lay on the couch with his eyes shut, when asked he said I’m just having a kip on the couch like dad does.

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