Is entering politics the best way to make a difference in this country?

When you have a passion and want to make a change in the world, it seems there comes a point where
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When you have a passion and want to make a change in the world, it seems there comes a point where you decide the only way to actually make a difference is to stop fighting against the government and work from within the system to break it down – the old, “if you can’t beat them, join them’ mentality.

But is this best course of action? Does anyone come out of the political machine with their beliefs and morals in tact?

On Q&A on Monday night, Indigenous journalist Stan Grant confessed he would consider entering politics in order to move forward his goals of a more equitable nation.

Fresh from his viral speech on racism, which some have described as “Australia’s Martin Luther King moment”, the reporter told Tony Jones he found the reponse to the speech “overwhelming” and now felt a sense of obligation that could lead him into politics.

“Yes, I would consider something. Is it in my thoughts? Yes, it is in my thoughts,” he said.

When pressed on his future, Grant added, “Federal politics, potentially advocacy, potentially staying in the media and continuing to do what I do.”

If you’re a huge fan of Grant and would love to see him in Canberra, don’t hold your breath – he insisted there is “no flesh on the bone” of the idea, Fairfax reports.

Would politics be the best choice for Grant? Would he be able to survive the maelstrom? After all, it didn’t go so well for Peter Garrett, a staunch environmentalist who soon found himself approving a pulp mill and marine dredging.

Even our Prime Minister is having trouble holding onto his values, if you listen to Anthony Albanese:

Is politics the way to get something done in this country? Or do all pollies lose their hearts eventually? What advice do you have for Stan Grant?

  1. Joyce Sebar  

    If you join a main stream political party you do not have your own voice anymore. You have to toe the party line, that is why Peter Garret failed.

  2. If you want to save the world stay out of party politics. Peter Garrett was a prime example. Albo is correct about Malcolm Turnbull, all those ideals scrapped for the keys to the lodge. I have heard politicians say that the arguments held within Party rooms are far tougher than those against the opposition. The big achievers for their electorates and on issues important to themselves are often the independents. I think Stan Grant may achieve more staying right where he is.

  3. I don’t agree with all his views but he is a very impressive person. He has the potential to become a very effective politician.

  4. After listening to his speech I think he would make a great politician , he could be a great asset to not only to our Aboriginals but to Australia. He never even wrote that speech down, he did it off the cuff. I would just have to hope that Politics would not jade him .

    • He works for Foxtel, he already is getting a salary higher that what most Politicans are getting now 🙂

  5. It appears that once good people go into politics they lose their way and become clones of what is already there, all out for themselves

  6. Have a lot of respect for Stan Grant and think he would do well in politics. We definitely need more aboriginal representatives in Parliament.

    • Bronwyn Bishop needs to another country if possible, he would be more of an assett than her rorting old arse

  7. I really wish that Starts at 60 would feature the debuttle speech by a young lady called Rita Panahi. Few people realise that Stan’s speech was part of a debate last year. The other side should get a chance to put their argument. If anyone wants to google this young lady they will not be disappointed. As for Stan running for Parliament, he has as much right as the next person.

    • Gail Riley  

      I’ve not read anything from Rita that I didn’t agree with. She gets to the heart of things without fluff and inuendo.

  8. Yes in this country it is the only way. Get your face out there Stan and keep putting your message to the front of the day’s news.

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