I’d rather have William and Catherine as my King and Queen. Here’s why!

I know who I want as my king, and it’s not Prince Charles! My opinion might be risqué but please
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I know who I want as my king, and it’s not Prince Charles! My opinion might be risqué but please listen to reason, because I know I’m not the only Australian who feels this way.

Firstly, let me acknowledge something important: I know that Prince Charles has actually picked up where our beautiful Princess Diana left off, and has managed to raise two accomplished and sweet-natured young men in William and Harry. Prince Charles has accomplished many charitable works too, just like the rest of his family.

I know that children are normally a result of both parents, and a recent royal documentary seemed to show William and Harry getting along well with their ‘pa’. However as another Starts at Sixty reader aptly put it, “I just can’t get past that adulterer Charles”.

When Prince Charles announced his engagement to a nervous twenty-year-old, the world fell in love with Princess Diana. Unfortunately theirs was not to be a royal love story. Biographers for Prince Charles revealed that before his wedding, he wailed “I can’t go through with it”. Whilst Diana revealed her own premarital reservations, saying “I can’t marry him, I can’t do this, this is absolutely unbelievable”.

I just wish that Prince Charles had married the true love of his life, Camilla. As another Starts At Sixty reader put it, “Charles and Camilla really are soulmates who have loved each other since their teens, but were prevented by royal protocol from marrying. He bowed to tradition and did the ‘right thing’, but unfortunately with things not working out so well (for) dear Diana”.

Everyone makes mistakes, but marrying the wrong woman at the expense of another is poor form. Of course, if Charles and Diana had never married, we wouldn’t have William and Harry. These two young princes are a breath of fresh air! As another SaS reader said, Princess Diana “lives on in William and Harry”. I believe William and his wife Catherine would make a much more fitting king and queen than Charles.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their adorable children George and Charlotte, have reinvigorated what’s best about the monarchy. Their genuine warmth and accessibility to everyday people is something that Prince Charles has seldom been able to capture. In recent weeks alone, we’ve seen Prince William surprise children by flying a helicopter into their school, taking ‘selfies’ with the kids. We saw Catherine let her guard down too, pulling silly faces and dancing freely with children at a London hospice.

A different Starts At Sixty reader said recently, “Wills next in line please” and I agree. I think that William and Catherine bring an approachability to the royal family, and echo what we all loved best about Princess Diana. They carry out their charitable works with dignity and drive, bringing attention to all manner of issues. “The Queen must be so proud” is something that other SaS readers have said about William and Catherine. I can’t help but wonder whether Elizabeth herself is considering the throne’s succession?

Our young royals seem “not too different to the rest of us”, as one Starts At Sixty reader said recently. I believe William, Catherine and Harry are the future of England’s monarchy. Kings and queens have abdicated in the past – that’s how Elizabeth herself came to the throne. It’s my personal opinion that Prince Charles should hand the royal reigns over to this younger generation. I’m certainly not alone in this belief, but the future remains to be seen…

Do you think that William and Catherine would make better rulers? Should Charles hand the royal reigns over to this next generation?


  1. I’ve been saying that all along, if Charles makes it to king which I don’t think he should,( he’s married a divorcee commoner and should be out of the running), it will be the end of the monarchy. The only chance they have of survival is if William and Kate take over the reins

    • You know the royal family and the british government brought about this situation all by themselves by refusing to alloe Charles to marry Camilla (because she was too common.to be the mother of the heir) but actively encouraging him to have his bit on the side as long as he was discreet. So stop blaming inly Charles for the whole sorry story…pity Charles had to marry the wrong woman then divorce her and then have her die tragically..but one good thing came of it ..he developed tge balls to take over where Diana left iff ib the rearing of his lovely sons and he developed the strenth to go against the establishment and finally marry Camilla. In spite of what you all hope Camilla will be Queen unless Charles dies before his mother.

    • Charles is an idiot and he ruined Princess Diana’s life and the boys lives when he moved on with that harlot so stop defending him

      • Robb Gee  

        Yes Charles, have mercy on us all,and tell mummy you don’t want to be King and go play with your organic veggies. William and Kate have style, enough of a separation from the commoners to stay Royal but obviously caring. Charles has his stupid jokes, a strangled accent and a wife who, according to some sources, produces enough horse do do to keep his farm going from one season to the next.

    • Joan Savell He has been a Monarch in waiting for a long time and he probably won’t be king for that many years. It is his right and I think divorce or not, they have to move with the times. At least William won’t have to wait a lifetime to take the job he has been groomed to do all his life. If they bypass Charles, I will be totally disgusted with the royals.

    • Lyn Mottrom obviously he didn’t ruin the boys lives and they seem to get on well with Camilla so get over it it is none of your business.

      • Cloudy  

        I don’t think for one minute that Harry and William get along with Camilla very well. I think they pretty much ignore her. It’s my opinion for the sake of the public they put on a good show. They probably harbor some sort of resentment over what happened to their dear mother.

    • It’s nobody’s business but everyone is having an opinion and that is mine so get over it

  2. They need young blood, Charles is retirement age and is from a different era and world. Times they are a changing !

  3. Definitely NO…Let the Cambridges bring up there children without having the pressure of being King and Queen of England…Their children are so young and with their parents being in line, they can have more time with their children than they otherwise would have…In 15-20 years it will be different…

    • Cloudy  

      Why doesn’t Charles have to step down as did another Royal years ago due to marrying a divorcee ? Does anyone have an answer ?

  4. Charles, in spite of many people putting him down, is a good man and, as the heir apparent, will be the next king and so he should. Let William and Kate have this time together to live as normal a life as they can.

    • If you could hear William talking about Charles, you’d know you are right. Quite a different perspective than the public have

  5. Charles is an idiot and should never be King,look at his choice of Camilla,proves eh is brain dead already.Let he go along talking to his plants he is happy with them and his old lady he wanted to be her tampon fo goodness sake.so soon we forget !!

  6. Sharron Duce  

    I think Charles would make an excellent king, His commitment and respect for the environment and other cultures is excellent in the meantime William and Kate can get on with parenting their children which would be a difficult task if you are a monarch, Let them enjoy their children while the are young, Even though many dislike Charles over Diana, I believe Charles could pave the way for William and Kate and quite frankly this is what they would want, Let those who judge or cast doubts do not really know what happens in a relationship between husband and wife and even if they have had affairs in society this has nothing to do with the job or commitment they give, it’s a ridiculous attitude to adopt.

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