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One of the greatest joys in growing older is seeing your own children grow up and have children of their own. There’s something about becoming a grandparent that is just so special.

Do you remember how you reacted  to the big news you were about to become a grandparent for the first time?

For many of us, even though we have been hoping for the news for a long time, it has quite an impact. You can feel it in your stomach – a sort of shock, but a happy shock that gives you a little flutter of excitement.

See this grandfather’s priceless reaction in this Youtube clip:

As this grandfather did, it seems even those of us who aren’t the clucky type turn to water.

“I’m going to be a grandparent,”  you mutter to yourself, thinking of all the wonderful years ahead watching your grandchild grow up.

And, best of all, you get to share in most of the good things, without having to go through the actual work of changing nappies, 3am feeds, teething and the like.

And,  you can be a “good” person in that child’s life, spoiling them and doing things with them they enjoy without having to be a “bad” person enforcing rules they don’t like, like going to bed early. Well, at least most of the time!

Yes, it seems becoming a grandparent has a lot to recommend it.

Share some of your own memories: How did you find out you were going to be a grandparent and how did you react? What was the first thought to go through your mind?

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  1. That’s exactly how I reacted when I got the news a couple of weeks ago and I’m still smiling and telling anyone who cares to listen.

  2. I told my daughter when she told me of her pregnancy I was too young to be a Granddad. I was 59 at that time. But the 2 grandchildren are now my best friends. Very thankful for that.

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  3. It’s wonderful to hear that ones children have chosen to start a family or expand it, grandkids are great to have around and my wife and I love them with all our hearts. We do need to be thoughtful for those who are not able to have children and there are those that choose not to, they need our love and time also.

  4. I was 46 when I became a granny. Was delighted, and when he was born I was even more ecstatic and bored everyone to death with how wonderful baby Joshua was. He is now 24 and still wonderful, as are my three other grandchildren.

  5. I became a Grandmother for the first time earlier this year and am enjoying every minute of being Nanny. Must admit I cried when given the news that my Daughter was pregnant.

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  6. When my daughter and son in law came back from their hospital appt they looked slightly odd and my son in law was very pale. I immediately thought there was a problem with the baby but straightened my spine in readiness for the news. After a bit of guess work it finally came out they were expecting triplets, all girls and totally unexpected as they were naturally conceived. I screamed with delight but the son in law couldn’t speak for two days lol. That was 5 years ago and they are pure joy xxx

  7. Well I am 64 and soon to be a great-grandmother. Got 5 grandkids between 23 and nearly 4. A great-granddaughter due any day now to my 21 year old grand-daughter.
    Love all my kids to bits.

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