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Family Feud is back on the air and is one of the most highly rated shows currently on our televisions. Watching TV with the family has been a hallmark of Australian family life for decades: how did your family come together around the TV when you were growing up?

Did you eat your dinner from a tray, eyes fixated on the screen? Did Mum and Dad cuddle on the couch to watch their shows when you were tucked up in bed? Or did you huddle around your neighbour’s set, which was the only TV on your street? 

Let’s talk: Share your TV experience growing up – and how it’s changed! What is your family ritual now?

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  1. TV came to Brisbane in 1959, the week after I turned 10 and we were the first in the street to get a great HMV 3-in-one in tasteful mahogany. I ruthlessly exploited this windfall and only admitted selected kids from my school who could and would do my homework – and they would get the bonus of milk and biscuits from my unsuspecting mother. Sadly, it didn’t last long as more and more families got their own box and, indeed, one of my erstwhile “friends” turned against me (but only after his family got a set) and he blabbed to teachers (and my mother!) that he had been cajoled into doing my homework. It was a sticky phase in my life then.

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