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How many times do you find yourself talking to your children or grandchildren and find them preoccupied on their phone?

I was recently decluttering and downsizing a client who was babysitting her granddaughter, who spent most of her time either playing on her phone, texting or talking.

It brought back memories for me of when I was younger spending time with my granddad. The interaction we had and the time we spent together seemed much different to that I experienced in the session with my client. In my recollection with my grandad, there was more interaction, more talking, it seems like more attention was given. There were no distractions or interruptions of mobile phones. We were always in the moment.

It seems the phone can prove to be quite distracting. It could seem it may steal away opportunities for families to bond and spend quality time together. It could seem children may be more interested in what is going on in Facebook, Instagram or in their friends lives than spending quality time with the family. But to them this is normal, this is what they have grown up with.

Technology is here to stay, but how we incorporate it into our lives is how we can make the difference.

For me, it’s about getting back to the simple things like planning cooking lessons, art projects, walks in the park, outings to the movies, time allocated with no technology. Plan distractions that end up being lifelong memories. Something I plan to do with my own children. Something we didn’t have to think about many years ago but are quite conscious of now.

What do you think? Are mobile phones stealing us of quality time with our children and grandchildren? What do you think?

Rebecca Carlow

Rebecca Carlow is an Organising Consultant and director of Raw Beetroot. Raw Beetroot are the home downsizing specialists. We organise everything from decluttering your home, assessing storage and furniture spaces, organising and managing the entire moving process – including packing, unpacking, supervising move day, furniture placement and set up of your home, leaving you to enjoy your new home and lifestyle.

  1. Well I read bedtime stories to my grandchildren from my iPad last night. I’ve played games that help them read on iPad. I’m about to play minecraft with the older one. I think as long as the screen time is monitored it’s not a problem. Last night we baked cupcakes and played under sprinklers. It’s what you make of it.

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    • i agree with you , I try to keep up with their gaming interests and they cook meals and bake with me. I taught my granddaughter to knit,I think we need to be able to talk to them on their level and technology is here to stay

  2. It is like everything, there is good and bad. My grandchildren live thousands of kilometres away, we FaceTime most mornings, my 11 year old granddaughter is on Instagram, we share photos. All great fun, and a way to communicate, maybe different to the way we experienced time with our grandparents, I love the technology. We also do other stuff, when they visit we cook, go for walks, scrapping, sewing, make go carts etc etc.

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    • Toni , I do the same with my grandies ,infact that’s why I use FB to stay in touch with them in their world. They rarely use their phones when staying, as we do heaps of other activities together. However I do feel phone etiquette needs to be taught. & enforced to all age groups eg.restrict use in public,certainly if someone is in conservation with you or dinning with you.its easy just put away on silent until alone. .Over seas countries will not allow such public use restaurants or while being served in a shop etc.

  3. I find it rather rude when I have a friend or relative visit me and they are more interested and all consumed in their darn phone than me. If you want to play with your phone, don’t come visit me. I lost a long standing friend because I had a go at her for being so rude. i was talking and she was using the darn phone. i didn’t know if she was listening or not. Very hard to have a conversation on your own. And she was old enough to know better as are many people. And for the record, I am not that boring. Time for some mobile etiquette and rules to be laid down.

  4. So true Margaret Peluso ..We are in a different age now and if we don’t keep up with it we are left behind..
    I find it keeps me in constant contact with my grandchildren via Face Book and I download some great photos for my scrapbook..
    Yes of course it is is like anything and has to be monitored.
    I am really taken with this digital age…

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    • I was thinking after I responded to this. How many of our grandparents or parents for that matter played skippy or hopscotch with us. Probably not too many. It’s easier to play games with them on the computer if you’re arthritic or disabled too. Doing things they enjoy is what’s important. I played stupid minecraft for half an hour today and then we went outside and drew on the concrete for a while. Probably shouldn’t have done that cause now I have to clean it off

  5. The short answer is YES. We ban the phones during a meal but then they all slither off on some pretext to check their phones, Ipads or whatever. The art of conversation is surely almost dead in most families.

  6. Yes.Need parents to restrict time on all IT items,parents must set example themselves & put the effort in to change habits.

  7. I think reading all this rubbish steals my time away. Times have changed. Life has changed. Move on or move out. Time is what you make of it. Stop whining about technology and get over it. It’s here to stay. My grandpa didn’t whinge about the new electricity or cars He accepted change. If we don’t have change we wither and die.

  8. Cant beat it … ( old saying ) join it!!! Get with it & ask them to teach you … Its a young world keep up with them …

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