Donald Trump attacks the ‘biased’ media

United States Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has never been one to mince words, but has he finally gone too far?

United States Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has never been one to mince words, but has he finally gone too far?

In a speech yesterday, Trump went on a personal verbal attack on some members of the media for what he perceives as biassed media coverage.

“I think the political press is among the most dishonest people that I have ever met,” Trump stated before pointing out a journalist Tom Llamas and adding, “You’re a sleaze because you know the facts, and you know the facts well.”

Llamas took to Twitter to say:

Donald Trump then went on to call other members of the press by name and call then “losers”.

It’s not the first time a politician has accused the media for swaying the public’s opinion and creating a negative campaign against them.

In Australia, former prime minister Tony Abbott took a swipe at the media attacks against him following his demise saying, “We have more polls and more commentary than ever before; mostly sour, bitter, character assassination.”

In an era of social media and 24-hour news cycles, it appears that media agencies are turning more towards unsourced information thereby rewarding deceitful behaviour and negativity.

Have journalistic standards weakened over time? Is this an acceptable way for a politician to speak to the media?

  1. It seems to me that “Twitter” is the sewer of communication and genuine un-biased journalism is almost dead.

  2. I’m convinced that the owners of papers have political preferences, like everyone else, and use their papers to promote those preferences, rather than providing all the information in an unbiased manner so people can make their own informed decisions. As a result I don’t believe anything I read in the papers and I’m more likely to believe as the truth, the stuff they ‘omit’ .

  3. There has always been bias in news reporting, the old saying of never let the truth get in the way of a good story. However now it’s a case of media owners telling the editors what the news is or isn’t. Anyone who believes what’s reported in the major media is living the lie. I can’t say I blame Trump for losing it.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    If I were in Mr Trumps shoes I would be calling the media worse than what he called one journalist. Get a better job mate stop going for the jugular. Everything is taken and twisted by journalists nine times out of ten. What a pathetic bunch !

  5. [email protected]  

    Trump may not be a wordsmith or have inclination to monitor his mouth, but he is right when he says the media is biased. The media lies…..the media edits comments to meet their criteria. Truth is thrown out the window…..

  6. [email protected]  

    I agree with each comment regarding biased media, thankfully, each contributor wrote varying articles pertaining to the initial question, yet no-one mentioned that there are a lot of gullible people ‘out there’ who take every word they read or what they see on TV as gospel without taking the initiative to research for themselves, sadly these
    people almost always relate the lies spread in the broadcasts and articles, not only as the journalist contrives the propaganda but as the reader then interprets/perceives it, him or herself!
    I have read lies which are so damaging to world peace, it’s frightening and tragic.

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