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A recent poll poll of people across Australia have resoundingly voted that domestic violence is as much or more of a threat than terrorism.

The poll was run by gender equality organisation Fair Agenda. The numbers tell of a strong opinion on this – 74 per cent of Australians believe domestic violence is as much or more of a threat than terrorism.

Digging a little deeper, 48 per cent said domestic violence was more of a threat, 26 percent said it was “about the same”, and 18 per cent said it was less of a threat.

This result is in agreement with Australian of the Year Rosie Batty, from her recent address to the National Press Club:

We’re spending hundreds of millions extra on the war on terrorism, but women who fear for their safety are still being turned away from services because of a lack of funds.”

As a nation we need to re-assess our priorities. Women and children are dying because of family violence and we need to see a commensurate response.

“There is no shortage of goodwill from our leaders, but we need words put into action including increased funding of family violence services. Every day they wait, more lives are put at significant risk.

On average two Australian women are killed by domestic violence each week. Thirty-one have been killed in the first four months of 2015.

The merest hint of terrorism and money and resources are quickly found, and political leaders are quick to appear in the media to highlight alert, alarm, response, etc.

But domestic violence?

“We’re in the midst of a family violence epidemic, yet inadequate government funding means thousands of women are still being turned away from the services that should be helping keep them safe,”, said Fair Agenda executive director Renee Carr.

“When a woman tries to escape abuse, she is at great risk. It’s unbelievable that with a rising murder rate, and all the talk about addressing this issue, governments still aren’t fully funding frontline services to keep women safe.”

Let’s Talk: Do you think domestic violence is a more important issue than terrorism? Should be talking about counter-terrorism in the family home?

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  1. Poverty causes most of the Domestic Violence, eradicate that and it will all but disappear.

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    • Not true. ..poverty does not cause violence. ..many people in poverty are beautiful people and cherish their loved ones. ..many rich people create violence. ..it happens in all social climates

    • Based on what evidence??? domestic violence perpetrators are found in all parts of society and religious groups, trust me I know. And yes it is a far bigger issue than terrorism, particularly as portrayed by our very afraid leaders on both sides of politics.

    • Aggressiveness and Violence is cause by a lack of education, low self-Esteem,mean jealousy and whatever bad happen in their childhood or teenage hood..like ( divorce parents, fight in front of the kids), alcohol, poverty n drugs, being in a bad environment. All these can trigger violence at some point in people’s life . It will come out soon or later unless there’s counselling during each phase of their life .

    • so your meaning to tell me Jaqueline and Daryl that Phil Walsh’s son was so poor he killed his father and stabbed his mother? wake up..it affects all areas of society, The rich can abuse just as easily as the poor..it is not about money..it is about the violent and jealous nature some posses

    • Have to disagree, Daryl. I have a friend on the wrong end of family violence and she is married to a barrister. Another lady I know has a good paying job as has her husband; she, too, has had a dreadful time of it. There is a problem with all too few cases notified (it could be as little as ten percent) but that may apply even more at the upmarket end of the so-called ‘socio-economic scale’ than at the lower end (the higher up, the greater the potential loss of face, for example). Family violence is a very real concern at all levels of the community; the main answer is for us to be aware of it, to accept it as a fact and to do everything we can to bring it to an end.

    • Load of bull. If anything, there is more domestic violence in the well to do sector than there is in the poorer regions. We just don’t hear about it as much.

    • Education and class have nothing to do with domestic violence, in fact some of the middle class suffer a lot more than the poorer section.

    • Wow Jacqueline, you obviously have been living in a different world than me ! Violence affects all walks of life …. I don’t know where you got that information from, domestic violence just doesn’t include bashings, slaps, rape etc, it also involves verbal violence, no matter what back ground you are from. Get your facts right !

  2. NO Domestic violence can be avoided , Terrorism you can’t avoid . it will be everywhere and unknown

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    • Try telling an abused person that they could have avoided it Dawn. Do you think the victims ask to be attacked?

    • I just think some could avoid it, By leaving . I wouldn’t know never known anything about it. BUT I know what I would do, MOVE

    • You have no idea what you are talking about Dawn, talk to someone that has been through it & you may learn a thing or two, attitudes like yours only make it harder for the victim blaming themselves.

    • Dawn. I have been there and done that. Moving does not help. They follow you. You need money and somewhere to move to. You need shelter for your kids. If you have a job they stalk you at work. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    • Dawn Bruce ….. it’s very easy to say that without being in that situation. Many women with young children don’t have a choice but to stay, not only through lack of funds, but they fear for their lives and children too. Many women have no back up from family either. As you say. ‘I don’t know anything about it ‘, so perhaps you shouldn’t have said anything.

    • I dont understand how SO many people can be victims, It seems like every one. I thought I had lived , married to a sailor , living on 4 bases, never heard of Domestic violence . till noe

    • Possibly it has been around you Dawn – I had a neighbour who was abused by her husband – she eventually confided in me. Every time I heard them arguing I used to wonder if I should ring the police. He kept her pregnant and the mental abuse was just as bad as the physical. She thought she was useless and deserved the treatment she got. When she finally got up the courage to take her 6 children to her parents with her he took an overdose and promptly rang his mother so she rang the ambos – then she looked like the villian not the victim. She did eventually leave him for good though. Unfortunately these abusive bullies not only do physical harm but mental harm in that they controll the victim.

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      • You are absolutely right! I have been a victim or every sort of domestic violence you can think of from beatings to rape, being convinced you are losing it, being threatened with guns and it is very difficult to get out of it. During that time I also worked with a police prosecution unit and they had no idea of what was going on. I also dealt with those who were victim to it in my work as you could imagine. It crosses ALL walks of life and still a very much hidden thing and it will continue to be so with some of the narrow minded views like on this page, it is no wonder it is not reported more when after being abused, one gets further victimised and critisised for reporting it!

  3. Dealing with domestic violence will empower the Australians affected and give them the confidence to lead positive lives, terrorism causes people to live in fear of the unknown which makes them easier to control. The priorities currently in place are very sad for us all.

  4. Of course Domestic Violence is much more of a threat than terrorism. A suitcase left unattended will bring many police, crowd control and TV cameras – but a woman with broken bones goes to a police station and the best protection she can get is a piece of paper. WFT?

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    • You think it’s that easy to get away from them you have no bloody idea 3 years I have been separated from him but he still harasses me I live in fear every day and the law protects him more than me
      For the rest of my life I will looking over my shoulder he can do what he likes !!!!
      I will never be free not with the way the system works here in Australia A piece of paper does nothing to protect me from him because there is never enough proof you have to have witnesses and he makes sure there are none !!!!

    • So you wouldn’t be unhappy about that SUIT case blowing a building full of PEOPLE up ?
      You are making choices ?
      Why ? They are both important .

    • This government chooses to pour millions if not billions of dollars and air play into one problem while the Minister for Women lets funding be cut from the other.

  5. Domestic violence s the biggest threat in this country, if the Government put as much effort into trying to stop it and they do with scaremongering over terrorism, we might have chance at making head way into the problem..don’t wait till people die..long goal sentences if they offend in any way

  6. Domestic violence is because an individual person is an arrogant bastards (female or male) who thinks they have the right to control. …no one else is as important as them

  7. Domestic violence is being reported on more, and public awareness is increasing, but I am not sure the incidence is increasing. People have tended to suffer in silence, not reporting domestic violence because of fear and shame, but, now, are more likely to come forward. We need to encourage education on this issue, and offer support to those affected

  8. Is this a new thing? Or are we just more aware of it. It doesn’t matter what the answer to that is, it is still totally unacceptable !!!

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  9. I escaped from domestic violence relationship 14 years ago. People ask why don’t the women leave, well I have lived in poverty ever since, and my husband was earning a good wage so it has significantly impacted us! well at least we’re alive and well unlike those other poor women..

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