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A new documentary screening on the ABC has revealed that demand for plus size products is higher than ever, especially amongst younger women.

According to the documentary Fat Fashion Wars, over 60% of teenage girls are overweight. Whereas in the past, plus-size was a label reserved for older women.

Today, retail brands and fashion stores are “cashing in” on the demand for plus-size clothing from younger women.

Plus-size retailers like British chain Evans are eager to tap into a market filled with big, loud and proud girls. Evans is planning to open hundreds of new stores in the next three years.

“The battle for the hearts, soul and purses of Britain’s biggest girls is just beginning”, reports Fat Fashion Wars.

“Plus size customers used to be comfortable middle aged”, the documentary claims. Today though, younger women want to be noticed by fashion retailers too.

“Hello, I’m here and we want to look nice”, said one plus-size fashion model.

Models like Tess Holliday are “big commodities” in the fashion world today, because they can change perceptions about plus-size clothing.

However, their popularity online has forced the question: Is it positive to see a growing number of plus-sized young women?

Or is being “bigger” in your youth bound to create health problems, especially as you age? Starts At 60 welcomes your thoughts today.

Is it empowering to see more plus-sized products, and proud plus-size models? Or should younger women especially try to maintain a leaner weight?

Finally got to wear my vintage wrap made by a Versacé couturier 🙌🏼 Pregnancy glam because I can 🌴💅🏼💕✨ #effyourbeautystandards

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My clothing collection #mblmxtess launches in 5 days!! 🎉💕👗🙌🏼 @penningtons #milkcurve #effyourbeautystandards

A photo posted by Plus Model | Mom | Feminist🌹 (@tessholliday) on

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  1. The majority of women under 50 ,especially teenagers are overweight.Not a good idea to pretend its not so.

  2. There should be more larger sizes not only for women but men as well. It seems the sizes seem to stop at 3xl Not everyone is thin like the clothes designers seem to think we are They are missing out on a lot of money

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