Could this simple phone feature reduce the death toll on roads? 47

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Earlier today I came across a random tweet. I don’t remember who said it, but it was basically questioning why we didn’t use a particular feature on our phones more.

I scratched my head mentally for a moment thinking ‘I’m sure there must be a damned good reason’, but no amount of pondering the question helped me arrive at a good answer.

Like many of the best ideas it is a simple one: why not have road safety campaigns that encourage…

a. Drivers to use aeroplane mode on our phone while we’re driving.

b. Mobile phone manufacturers to rename Airplane Mode to Driving Mode, seeing as we’re in cars much more than planes

c. Making it illegal to drive without aeroplane mode on unless you have a hands-free method.

We’ve all seen the safety ad campaigns about not texting or looking at our phone while we’re driving because it distracts you from what you should be doing, which is looking at the road ahead and thinking about your driving.

On the face of it, it seems a really simple and effective solution. If your phone doesn’t ring when someone is calling or go “ping” when you receive a text message you cannot possibly be distracted because you don’t know about it. A sort of what you-don’t-see-won’t-hurt-you approach.

It’s a real pain switching your phone off and then on again, but just changing it to aeroplane mode takes only a second, so it’s much more user-friendly. And if it saves lives, then why not?

Have you ever been distracted by your phone while driving? What do you think of the idea? Would it work?  



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  1. Although I now have an integrated system in my car, I haven’t always yet there is a sure fire way you won’t be tempted to answer your phone or look at it if you put your bag or phone in the boot.

  2. My phone has a driving mode. I have set it up so it sends a text message saying you are driving and you’ll get back to them if you receive a text message. I can answer calls through my cars system. It comes on automatically when my car and phone connect through Bluetooth.

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    • your car has Bluetooth ? – wow – that’s something I’ve totally missed in the list of things I need – guess that impresses – um – anybody ?

      tho’ I have liked the ability for bluetooth on mobile phones to play to nearby wireless bluetooth speakers – I’ve read the sound quality is not the best, but the convenience is nice.

  3. I put mine in my handbag and zip it up you can return calls and text when u get to your destination its a no brainer

  4. It’s getting beyond a damn joke when idiots use their phone while driving and putting lives at risk.

  5. Why don’t people use bluetooth?

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    • Because we don’t know how.The car knows how – but we don’t. Lots of things in the house have “Bluetooth” connections. We find that a complete mystery. Mind you, I’m sure all the young P platers do know how, but consider themselves above the law and as the law is so weak, the law is no deterrent.

    • It’s in the car manual, how to set it up. If in doubt, get it done for you at the next car service.

    • Our car is a bit older so we had to select the driver each time there was a change. We now pair one with the handsfree and one to Tom Tom.

    • We have Bluetooth on our cars but neither is easy to use or much safer. On one the take call and hang up buttons are behind the steering wheel and invisible if you are driving and it would be necessary to look to find the right button. On the other the details come up on the screen but to touch the correct area of the screen while driving on our rough roads around home can be tricky and I’ve accidentally hung up people. If it is a caller I don’t know, I can see that on the screen and pull over to answer, and those that come up with a name I call back later.

    • Most car dealers will set up your blue tooth for you. Also, most cars can do it almost without outside help! I do get very annoyed when I see someone driving and holding their phone when I know that late model Jaguars all come with blue tooth. Come to that, late model everythings are fitted with it now.

    • Just buy bluetooth $14device and pair ot with your phone. Turn bluetooth on and also on your phone, you also can make calls and your eyes never leave the road

  6. Thanks for this, now off to the dump, have much today to leave there, then on to the Vodafone shop for another lesson and now I have an additional question.

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