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So many people spend Christmas on the road, exploring new places and meeting new people camping or camper vanning their way around. When strangers surround you at Christmas time, what is the proper festive etiquette?

Some campers say they invite the campsite strangers to sit under their “mess tent” and share drinks together like a surrogate family. Others prefer to bask in the sun enjoying their own privacy.

There is no doubt that if you are the part type you will begin to create some noise, but how much noise is appropriate… Should it be the same as every other day or are there holiday exceptions?


Do you think that there is a special set of etiquette rules over holiday periods? Or is it just the same as any other day while you are camping? Tell us what your experience or expectations are!


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  1. We are staying in a small caravan park for Christmas. It has been arranged for everyone to bring a plate to share in the recreation area .

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