Can you believe someone would do this to a baby?

A family and mother were pushing a pram yesterday in Sydney when a stranger spat in the face of a
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A family and mother were pushing a pram yesterday in Sydney when a stranger spat in the face of a four-month-old baby girl.

Police described the shocking, unprovoked incident as a “despicable act”, and are still trying to locate the man who did it.

On Crown Street, Surry Hills, about 5:30pm yesterday, the man leant inside the pram and spat at the baby, before running off, with the grandfather chasing him.

What happened next has Twitter users saying “karma” – the man was hit by a car but still kept running, and has still not been identified.

A police statement said officers would now like to speak with a man who may be able to assist them with inquiries.

He is described as being Caucasian, aged in his early 40s with a slim build and bald head and was last seen wearing a tie-dyed shirt and shorts, reports the ABC.

Incidents like this make us wonder what happened to our safe streets?

It’s hard to imagine what this family is feeling like now, except anger and fear.

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    • I’m only 58 but we were never have done that. the old days really were better, safer, and people were more happy.

  1. What a shocking act by someone who obviously has mental health problems.

  2. I was nearly going to skip this story, as I find anything involving children and animals weighs heavily. But, I can’t live in a sanitised world. I’m guessing drugs/mental health issues or both are involved. How upsetting for the family. I’m guessing if saliva was spread, the baby will have to undergo testing. What on earth is the answer? They walk among us……

  3. I really hate to say this, but they were probably lucky that was all he did. If he was out of control, it could have been a much sadder situation.

    • I agree. It would make you feel tense everytime someone comes up to the pram even if they just want a peek. If he was in his 40’s he must have mental health issues. Hope he doesn’t have hep c or worse. Waiting game for parents now i guess.

  4. That scum hope he gets what is coming to him that is so disgusting, i was in a bus once and a guy told a little Chinese girl to shut up she was laughing and singing so i told him what i fort of him but kept the swear words to my self that was hard for me lol

  5. Actually nothing surprises me now – Facebook has been an eye opener to the scum that exist – had no idea people could be so cruel and low on so many levels ! Just another dreadful example. Poor people

  6. Why give us some sort of sanitized version? There is probably some racist or otehr reason for this, so why not tell us (you were able to tell us that he was white caucasian after all). Were the parents Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, African, etc, or just “ordinary” Australians? If we are going to get outraged, why not let us in on the secret which you so obviously know? I find this sort of “journalism” disgraceful. Tell us what you know, please, so we can have a more reasoned reaction.

    • I’ve looked up most news reports not one of them gives reference to the nationality of the family with the child. I do find that again to be one sided if it was a dark person or ethic person they would have been smeared over the papers. But regardless of race or color this was a cowardly fascist act what have we come to in a society full of hate that innocent children are being spat at.

    • What the fuck does that matter?
      He is a grub rhat deserves a flogging.
      If the dog has a problem with anyones race, creed or colour thw attack an adult and see how he goes not a totally defenceless baby being pushed in a pram by his/her grandparents.
      I dont give a rats arse if he is mentally disturved he should get a beating not a fn bed.

    • Tess Eakins because the media are the first to put a race to something that is not Anglo the point is that the media are so bias when it will create mass hate or get the population stirred up then they will publish it. In other words more that likely this was a racist attach but the media are not showing it for what it is.

  7. He needs to be taken off the street sooner rather then later no telling what this mad man will do next.

  8. He should be charged with assault as a starting point….then if he needs help for a mental issue then so be it…..he obviously knew he had done wrong because he ran away

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