Bronwyn Bishop finally addresses that infamous helicopter flight

Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop has finally broken her silence and addressed the helicopter flight that ended her career as Speaker

Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop has finally broken her silence and addressed the helicopter flight that ended her career as Speaker of the House.

Appearing in Sky News last night, Ms Bishop spoke to reporter David Speers and admitted that taking a $5,227.27 charter helicopter flight from Melbourne to a golf course near Geelong in 2014 was “a pretty dumb thing to do”.

She said at the time she hadn’t thought of it that way and was more focussed on getting to a fundraising event than how she was spending taxpayer money.

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It was probably a pretty dumb thing to do,” she said.

“There was a lot of discussion about what other people had done, it became I think a very messy period but there were lots of people that were very supportive.”

The flight eventually led to Tony Abbott asking her to resign from her position, putting a strain on their once chummy relationship.

“When Tony asked me to resign himself I did,” she said.

“As I said it was to protect him and I did, that’s it it’s kind of yesterday’s news.

“It was a dumb thing to do and I did repay the money.”

When Ms Bishop delivered her resignation speech to parliament earlier this year, she alluded to tension behind the scenes, saying there was “much more than meets the eye in that saga. But not for now.”

She refused to comment further in the interview last night though, leaving people to wonder what really happened, and instead said that she has complete faith that Mr Abbott will retain his seat in Warringah and that the Coalition will win the election come July 2.

What do you think of Bronwyn Bishop’s apology? Are you glad she’s finally admitted to wrongdoing?

  1. Paul Goldfinch  

    Please take this old lady off the media merry-go -round. If we are to go forward lets not bring up the past or out of warrantee politicians. She dishonestly obtain a pecuniary advantage, was caught out and now has hindsight! Please credit the public with some commonsense.

  2. Bye bye Bronwyn you should have retired gracefully before you were pushed. Seems you too have got “right to rule” mentality.

  3. Newton Hill  

    and she retires with how much? Plus the job at Sky? yep, she’s living in regret all right. One could ask what she stands for now. Certainly not the poor and dissdvantaged of her own age group. It would be good to shame her with our own Senior Party and show her the good that could be done with a high end income.

  4. Michelle  

    I’m sorry…..”Hairdo”….you’re forgotten already!

  5. Glenis  

    Let her be – she was voted in legally. Remember ‘you without sin cast the first stone’ and when you point the finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing at yourself. Keep your own house in order – we were taught these basic truths as children !!! Where have they gone

    • Dianne Brelsford  

      She was voted in to serve the needs of her constituents and the citizens of Australia. Some politicians seem to forget that when they get elected.

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