Australia Post said to be ‘raking it in’ from offshore casinos

Maybe the reason your snail mail is taking even longer to deliver is because Australia Post is too busy pocketing

Maybe the reason your snail mail is taking even longer to deliver is because Australia Post is too busy pocketing millions of dollars from offshore casinos that prey on local gamblers.

According to The New Daily the postal service is also providing financial services to online casinos, which are illegal to operate in Australia.

It says an offshoot of the state-owned Australia Post, POLi Payments, had booked $5 million in revenue over the past 18 months by handling the payments for international online casinos.

Under the Interactive Gambling Act it is illegal for overseas gambling companies to provide casino-style games to Australian residents over the internet. Only online sports betting operators with a local license can operate in Australia.

Although POLi Payments doesn’t provide or advertise internet gambling as one of its services, the online casinos promoting POLi Payments are explicitly targeting Australian residents. These include and POLi Payments does however, collect fees when Australian residents use its payments service to deposit cash in offshore internet casinos.

“If it [Australia Post] is involved in facilitating these payments Australia Post needs to recognise it is contributing to the growth of gambling addiction and the enormous harm it brings to Australians and their families,” independent senator Nick Xenophon told The New Daily.

An Australia Post spokesman refuted the claims, stating the $5 million revenue was actually significantly less than $1 million per year, and that fees derived from the businesses were only a fraction of the $6 billion generated in revenue by the corporation last year. It told The New Daily that the POLi Payments business was compliant with Australian laws.

This latest news couldn’t come at a worse time for Australia Post, having recently introduced technology to deliver small parcels by drones.

Australia Post managing director and Group CEO Ahmed Fahour said the drone delivery of small parcels would provide customers with even more choice on how and when they receive their online shopping, ad this was just one of the many innovations the company is exploring.

The trial builds on Australia Posts recently announced $20 million innovation fund where the organisation will directly invest in great eCommerce businesses with ideas that will improve customers’ lives.

Do you think Australia Post is ‘doing the dodgy’? How have you felt about the way Australia’s postal service has changed over the years?

  1. Penni Tastula  

    We pay the CEO $4,000,000, yes that is four million dollars a year, plus bonuses even although it has been making,huge losses. I find it obscene that a public servant earns 10times as much at the Prime Minister. The top 10 Australia Post executives earn some $20 MILLION dollars a year between them. It is time Australia Post returned to its place as a government department and stopped being a fully funded (we taxpayers cover all losses) government business unit.
    It will save us Taxpayers millions.

    • Dread  

      Actually AP isn’t “fully funded” by the Fed Gov. They’re a statutory body, but they have to generate their own revenue, and pay a percentage of profit back to the government.

      So, while the Fed Gov doesn’t fund to pay the stupidly huge CEO salary, in the case of the revenue from hosting the gambling payment, the Fed Gov is actually also a party to accepting the profits from online gambling.

  2. Heather  

    Australia Post……………hmmm…….upped the cost of a stamp to $1, dropped home delivery of mail to now three times a week. This is what they call ‘customer service’?
    Wow! This sure IS progress…….NOT!
    No wonder people are switching more, & more to email.

    My Pharmacist now hands out customers’ accounts to them, as they see them in the Pharmacy. He can’t afford to post them anymore!

    They rake in millions $$$$ from online goods ordered as parcel post.

    In the ‘good old days’ when it was called the ‘PMG’, we got mail up to, & including Saturday’s, so 6 deliveries’ a week. At Xmas time, we got two DAILY, including Saturday.

    All’s going backwards at the rate of knots. Post Offices now ‘sell’ everything, I’m just waiting for displays of the ‘kitchen sink’ next. Ever been in a 20-25 or more person length queue whilst a ‘new Australian’ is applying for an Australian Passport? That ties up one AP employee for at least 30-50 minutes’, whilst the one other employee is trying to locate a ‘missing parcel’! It’s just the pits. They still shut on a Saturday at the quaint old time of 12:30pm. That went out in the ’70’s when extended trading hours’ came into being, but AP hasn’t caught up yet!
    And what entitles them to an EXTRA day off at XMAS time? It’s not as if they’re worked to the bone during the year, with their ‘Dolly Parton’ work hours of 9am to 5pm. So for FIVE days, NOTHING moves at AP! No wonder we’re called, & ridiculed overseas, as the ‘land of the long weekend’.

    They’ve shut Post Offices in Shopping Centres, & moved them to obscure, inconvenient locations. Today, I saw that a postal Pillar Box has been removed from a S/C pedestrian entrance, where to, I’ve no idea. So I had to stop off at another place to post my $1 worth of letter! And yet that’s ‘customer service’, according to AP!

    Sick & tired of their ways!

  3. A.richardson  

    Australia Post should sack the CEO,he has destroyed the business and destroyed the service.

  4. Jill Wilson  

    Drones??? I can just see the broken windows, drones in power lines and all the injured kids and dogs, not to mention the elderly terrified out of their wits by a drone attack! How about we just get back to the old system and actually employ PEOPLE to deliver mail? A few years ago you met and had a chat to your postie each day. One even used to ride his bike up our driveway to deliver mail and have a quick word with my disabled husband, sitting in the garage. Then they were given a set time to complete their deliveries and no chatting with customers under threat of dismissal! Now they want to cut us back to 3 deliveries a week. They upped the price of a card or letter to $1 and took away all the letter boxes. They are mostly now at obscure locations and only emptied once a day. Another kick in the guts for the elderly who have to somehow access these POs when they used to have a letter box in almost every street. In the USA, my sister can give a letter to the postie to be sent off. Why can’t they do that here?

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