Assessing the risk of a terrorist attack here in Australia

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes our national security is stronger than Europe’s, but has reminded all Australians to keep their
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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes our national security is stronger than Europe’s, but has reminded all Australians to keep their guards up.

“We can’t guarantee that there will not be a terrorist incident in Australia. That’s why the threat level is set at ‘probable'”, Mr Turnbull told Sunrise today.

“But we are in a much stronger position than our friends in Europe are”, he added. “It’s a sad state of affairs in Europe”.

“They have allowed their security measures to slip and this is a lesson to all of us, to absolutely keep your guard up at all times”.

Mr Turnbull condemned the latest terrorist attacks in Brussels, which killed over 30 people and injured hundreds. The Prime Minister has stood in solidarity with Belgium.

“We are utterly united, completely united in the fight against terrorism, in the fight against this sort of cowardly violence”, Mr Turnbull told Today.

There are calls for Australia to increase security throughout both domestic and international airports, and throughout public transport hubs.

“We have a lot to learn from incidents like this”, Mr Turnbull said. The Prime Minister added that Australia’s geographical isolation means we can exercise greater border control.

“I have asked the Coordinator of Counter Terrorism Greg Moriarty to again convene the heads of the relevant agencies to ensure we focus on what’s happened in Belgium and learn from it”.

Whilst Foreign Minister Julie Bishop warned that no country is immune from terrorism, the government has reminded Australians to go about their daily lives as normal.

“What the terrorists seek to do is to frighten us. And they seek to change the way we go about our lives”, Mr Turnbull told Sky News.

“We have to be confident, we have to be optimistic, we have to be vigilant (and) go about our lives in the normal way”.

What’s your take? Are you worried about a terrorist attack occurring in Australia? Do you think our isolated geography protects us?

  1. Nancy Brenton  

    Although our authorities are doing their best to keep us safe I think there will be other attacks here when they see what damage can be done by just a few people. I think our Government, by being aware of what can happen has done and is doing the right thing to pass laws so that any person suspected of terrorism acts is dealt with severely – if you don’t dabble in such lawlessness you have nothing to be afraid of.

  2. The Prime Minister thinks we are safe because of our isolation that is crap any one of these people can blow us up when they feel like it.We have to stop letting them in because there will be bombs and if any of my family die or get hurt I will shoot the people who did it and I have a lot friends who think the same way so do something about it.

  3. john  

    I think its to late i would be more worried about the Olympics in rio

  4. Just imagine if there was no Islamic ideology, would the world have such terrorists or different ones?

  5. While the world is in turmoil with extremists across a broad spectrum of ideologies, there will be continued threat of terrorism. Does this mean that Politicians of any colour have the mandate to utilize it as a political arm namely propaganda. I say no. The Belgium Foreign Minister summed it up perfectly when he took our Prime Minister who has limited understanding of detente’, that we can not allow fear and paranoia to dictate our societies life. Sure we must be aware, but, not fall into the trap that terrorists aim for to divide our society. The best defense is solidarity in the face of terrorism. Accept that many in our society have different beliefs and that diversity and love for humanity, will overcome. Defend ourselves by all means but not at the expense of the disenfranchised and those families that are being threatened with death. Our Government has been shoddy in utilizing the propaganda of imminent attacks to further their careers and election prospects by pandering to those who are utterly ignorant and delight in promoting xenophobic ideals to further the Nationalistic clap trap under our counties flag. Islam was here long before we were as camel drivers. I have had the fortunate experience live as an unbeliever in any religious fairy tales in Islamic Society in several parts of the world. Not once was I harangued or threatened as I have been here in Australia. I put this down to education. ISIS or Daesh is not, and I repeat, not what is considered Islam.
    However there is an important point that we should all consider. ISIS is a phenomenon created by the Wests involvement namely the Coalition that arbitrarily decided to create conflict for nothing other than financial gain. This caused a power vacuum that allowed the likes of I.S.A.S the Taliban and all the splinter groups to flourish. Just remember. Saddam was the most loved of the Americans and CIA against the Iranians. Qaddafi and the Libyan people had the best social advantages until he refused to cooperate with the Americans. Now after 50 years of isolation Cuba who was never a threat but only in the eyes of the American people is being.
    We as an Australian multicultural society, must for our own well being and survival reject murmurs of war and material aid to mount skirmishes outside our borders, unless directly threatened. The only winners are the armement manufacturers and the Politicians that promote same for their own glory.

  6. Chris Beecroft  

    There are quite a lot of Muslims in this country who say they are against terrorism, but my concern is why are they not doing anything to help us stamp it out, I have to wonder why.

  7. Kevin  

    We need some changes.
    Like calling them murders, not terrorists and
    When is somone going to ask them why do it? The more they blow up, the more we are against their cause and the more we track them down. What are they gaining?

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