Alan Jones says we should create another stolen generation

Criticism is climbing over a controversial debate that was ignited by Alan Jones. Mr Jones has proposed that Australia needs to
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Criticism is climbing over a controversial debate that was ignited by Alan Jones. Mr Jones has proposed that Australia needs to create more stolen generations to address the issues around drug and alcohol abuse across our nation. The antagonistic radio host says that children in such situations should be taken away from their families.

His opinion is igniting furore across social media and driving some to call for him to apologise.

Are you of the same mindset or do you believe that family should be preserved at all cost?

In his radio show, Jones was discussing the weekend’s Indigenous All Stars Rugby League game on the weekend when the topic came to light with a caller. His caller described the respectful lead in at the match that included a minute’s silence and the singing of the national anthem in indigenous language as a load of twaddle before controversially proposing that half the stolen generation were taken for their own protection.

This led Jones into a tirade of suggesting that we need stolen generations that only Jones knows how to carry.  He marvelled at how our country needs to take peoples’ kids away to manage the epidemic of drugs and alcohol on future generations.

“There are a whole heap of kids going before the courts now, or their families, mums going before the courts, and dads who are on top of the world with drugs or alcohol, and suddenly they go back into an environment where children are brought up in those circumstances,” Jones said.

“Those children, for their own benefit, should be taken away.

“Yeah Dell, we’ve gone mad haven’t we? We have gone mad. I just thought it was unbelievable.”

Do you think Jones is right?  Do you really think that taking kids away will achieve the right outcome for society on drug and alcohol abuse?

    • Shane  

      Yes, he is a wanker! Although he probably does it less often these days!
      In fact I wish he was more of a wanker because then he would spend more time alone doing the act in his bedroom, or car, or closet, which means less time that he has to give his verbal radio sprays.

    • Yes, keep the listeners hearing what they want to from this excuse for a person . Don’t know how Graham Richardson can bear to have a TV show with him!

    • I don’t agree with just removing kids from family, I will say though he is making some sense here. There are kids out there doing it tough because of crap parents who maybe through no fault of their own have no idea how to get off drugs and alcohol.

    • Jillian Johnstone Graham Richardson should neither be seen or heard …. he left the Larbor Party under a stinking cloud. He has no more credibilty than you think Jones lacks.

  1. Personally I think this man only appeals to people with low intelligence. No one with any brain would listen to this moron.

    • You should go west and see how the children are treated by their drunk parents until you see if for yourself you have no idea. It would make you cry!

    • Peter Mynard I’m not saying abuse doesn’t exist what I’m saying is that this moron is a total waist of air space preying on very ignorant people. This man is very well paid to create bull crap. He doesn’t have the ability either morally or personally to see how insulting his words are.

    • Really !! That is funny Bea little considering he’s paid more money than you will probably ever see . And the fact that most people can appreciate all sides of the coin ( except for you apparently ) that would make us more intelligent than you I would think . It certainly makes us more respectful of the opinions of others after all you have them and we read .
      There is no question , Alan jones has strong opinions ( not always in line with some people ) but also no question is has more intelligence than the average person , especially some on social media . He has also helped in many dreadful situations .
      And if you needed help too would get it from him ( mores the pity ) . Try growing up first .

      • normalozperson  

        Ever heard of PT Barnum you were the kind of people he was talking about look it up

    • Peter Mynard I have seen it for myself and not out west but right here in the city. Girls crying, incest, “you’re hurting me Uncle Bill” shocking physical damage to the innocent – nobody goes to the school a five minute walk away but us evil white neighbours couldn’t get help for them. If Allan Jones can – I’ll be happy.

    • That is just it Leone, if us evil white people try to help or stop the nonsense and hurt we are called every name under the sun and more and it is not appreciated, if they could help the kids by helping the families then I think that would be the best idea, are the children able to go to another member of the family while the parents are helped and taught how to be parents.

    • Well said Bea!!! 😊 lot more background, history that no one is even acknowledging.. HEINOUS crimes committed by all colours of the rainbow. Only the MINORITY are more exposed.. NO ONE SHOULD BE LABELLED OR PLACED UNDER THE SAME UMBRELLA. NO ONE REGARDLESS OF RACE, COLOUR OR CREED !! The ignorant and their sweeping and generalised statements. With the advantage of exposure to incite ones bigoted and narrow mindedness. Just awful.

    • Carolyn Brown you have no idea about my finances do do not make assumptions. And I didn’t make my money or preying on stupid people. They saying stupid is as stupid was. I have no respect for people who are in these power positions yet abusers the crap out of them. If they didn’t have a audience then they wouldn’t be there. Obviously your part of his audience you poor person read a book it might actually teach you better than this moron could

    • Carolyn Brown earning a lot of money does not make him either intelligent or measure his integrity. It just makes him a prostitute to his ego. This man has been caught out lying in order to destroy others so many times that I can’t believe anyone with a smidgen of intelligence even listens to him. There is no virtue in respecting the opinion of a malicious liar.

    • Open your eyes people, there are thousands of kids out there in trouble, what are we as a nation going to do about it? Bury our heads in the sand!!!

    • Lee stealing them from their families IF they can be helped at home is not the answer , what do you want to do? create another generation that never knew their families ? More help needs to be on the ground out helping these families. Taking child away should only be a last resort

    • Carolyn Brown so you associate making money with high intellect. So Donald Trump will make an excellent leader of the so called free World wow scary

    • Leanna that is the last thing I am suggesting, I have said that on several posts here today. For me this has nothing to do with race or colour, it’s kids in general, we are in trouble big time!!

    • Lee, I agree with you! Maybe Anita Cobby’s murder could have been prevented had the murderers been removed from dysfunctional families as children!

    • Funny how all you people can abuse the bag out of him so once again it will get swept under the carpet and literally hundreds of children will be both sexually and physically abused every day. At least he had bought the problem to the for.

    • Leanna Stephenson – there are many young children dead because authorities didn’t exercise that last resort when they had plenty of warnings & should have …. the victimhood industry needs to be put to bed & the interests of childrens safety & protection from chronic drug/alcohol/violent abusive family situations ….. black, white or brindle. My parents used to get vists from state welfare officers in the late 50’s early 60’s just as a matter of checking children were being looked after & not neglected. No I’m not Aboriginal.

  2. Get to know families and you will experience the pain of the Stolen Generation.

    • i got to know a man who was sent out to Australia during//after the war, heard how he was treated and he was white. it happened to lots of kids back then.

    • I know a number of adults who were from the stolen generation although they remember and reconnected to their original family they are grateful for the life they gained and have two families. They know it shouldn’t of happened to their original parents but they have grown into wonderful adults who have raised functional children and have stated had they remained they would not have achieved

  3. We need to deal with the issue of all the children who are facing drug and alcohol abuse in their families. Stealing children didn’t work the first time. It’s not going to work again. It involves far more children than those of Aboriginal descent. A disgusting suggestion.

    • I disagree that the stolen generation issue didn’t work. I have had dealings with a number of “stolen” children who all said that in many ways it was the best thing that could have happened in the circumstances. They were fed, clothed and educated and in later life became role models in their communities. The alternative for them was to live in the squalor of the camps in poor health and desperate living conditions. I agree that it is probably not a solution now but Jones is raising an awareness of a growing problem which will escalate with the soft policies of our modern society towards drugs. I don’t particularly like him and his views either but at least he starts conversations rather than reacting indifferently to the evils of our society.

      • Jan Edwards  

        I think you’re right and I also think some people should be sterilised after a number of children into a world without any intentions of nurturing them.

    • Agree….there are people trained to help these families. It’s a major problem. ..if you take the children where will they go? So many children in the system now with not enough foster care etc…. Aboriginal children need to be with Aboriginal families. ..we all need to help!

    • Every avenue should be explored before children are taken from their mothers. that should be a last resort when all else fails

    • Did anyone watch Four Corners last night. Dying to Dance was the heading. This is what’s happening to our teenagers.

  4. Funny how the supposed Stolen Generation have all done reasonably well in life while those left behind have all been gone long ago. ALL children,be they black,white or brindle should be removed from dysfunctional parents particularly those parents involved in drugs, drink and physical or sexual abuse of their children.To do otherwise is to perpetuate this dysfunction through future generations.

    • How do you know they have all done well? you people know every one of them? they have spent a life time in misery searching for their families and identity

    • Exactly Rosalind Battles Paul Claringbold what a statement. Obviously you have no idea because you refuse to see the evidence that these people lived there childhood in horror. The institutions of the past where nothing but havens for pedophiles and cruel Christian people. What do you think the royal commission into sexual abuse us about. It’s about the majority of these children being ” PROTECTED” by the state/s placing them into these havens for these evil monsters. If you think that these children are all doing fine THINK AGAIN. If you think that things have changed THINK AGAIN. Yes children need protecting from abuse and yes it happens in there own homes. BUT because Australians have a REAL problem about learning from the past they have a REAL problem admitting to there inhuman racist bigotry segregated predigest ways they continue with the same old same old. We have had a welfare act since the middle of the 1800 it clearly states about the need and protection for our children. They haven’t then or even now been able to abide by this act. Why because of corruption control greed racism and contempt and disregard of how and what the impact is and has in a child who is continually being abused under the disguise of ” protection “

    • right wingers , Liberal voters, they have no compassion for anyone except themselves

    • And David James people who listen to this dribble brainless crap who think they are being educated and intelligent by listening to the ” word of God ‘ . It must be right because Alan Jones said it. The only image I have of people listening to these Fascists talk back radio shows is a very sad one and I really couldn’t put it in writing because they might actually see this image every time they look in the mirror but see nothing a ring with that image

    • I might have done better if I’d been removed from my family too, doesn’t mean it would have been right

    • Sue Todd until the welfare act is cleaned up they will continually make the same mistakes.

    • Is a terrible problem that goes in a cycle – if anyone can come up with a workable solution they will be a genius! The foster care system (many of which families involved in are great) some though are worse than the parents

    • if the ‘stolen generation’ had not been removed, most of them would not have survived as things were in those days. I’m not saying people didn’t suffer and some of the places they were taken to were abusive but it also happened to the orphaned children both here and the ones from Britain. I’d rather children were taken from abusive homes and at least given protection and many of foster parents are very good.

    • Trust Alan Jones to come up with a statement containing sweeping generalisations. There are some children who may be better off removed from their homes. There are children suffering horrific and constant abuse. However for some the problem within the family is poverty and lack of hope. These are the families that need help and support. The children need an education, the parents too may just not know how to parent. Removing children from these homes could be completely the wrong thing to do. We need more trained workers who can spend time with these families and help them as a family group.

    • Yes Lyn many are wonderful I agree. The problem is so big and widespread we just don’t have a system to cope at present

    • Nita Crompton Taking the children away on a permanent basis .But sometimes it may be necessary to give the parents a chance to get off the alcohol and drugs . IT is a huge problem in the outback and so very sad to see . It needs support systems from within their communities . MAY BE put the parents into rehab . I honestly dont know the answer but they are killing themselves and it is so sad

    • Lyn Pride You do understand that the stolen generation was nothing to do with family abuse or neglect don’t you? It was a legal construct to take mixed race children (usually as a result of rape) from their families to be raised ‘as white’ in order to breed out the black race. There were no checks to see if the children were well cared for or not. Nothing to do with that at all. Purely based on skin colour. Begun before 1869 this was continued and enshrined in law. “1911
      The South Australian Aborigines Act makes the Chief Protector the legal guardian of every Aboriginal and ‘half-caste’ child under 21 years old. The Chief Protector also has control of where the child lives. The Chief Protector is replaced by the Aborigines Protection Board in 1939 and guardianship power is repealed in 1962.

      Federal government passes the Northern Territory Aboriginals Ordinance. The Chief Protector is made the legal guardian of every Aboriginal and ‘half-caste’ child under 18 years old. Any Aboriginal person can be forced onto a mission or settlement, and children can be removed by force.


    • Lyn Pride in many cases the children were not in abusive situations. They were taken by the authorities simply because they were aboriginal & not considered human. Many of these children were used as slaves in the homes of the wealthy.They were not orphans & were torn away from loving families,the effects on the family were horrendous .All because of our sense of superiority.

    • Paul Claringbold, the removal of mixed race children was nothing at all to do with abuse or family dysfunction. Before you make spurious assumptions it might be good if you learned a little more about our history and what the stolen generation laws were about. They were NOT about abuse or dysfunction. It might be good if Alan Jones were to educate himself too before he made such a thoughtless comment.

    • Stolen generation wasn’t about abuse and AJ choice of words is appalling. However there is a.lot of abuse and dysfunction within families mainly from drug and alcohol which needs to be addressed and failure to do this will end in a lost generation. It’s terrible how some kids are living beautiful big eyed babies that end up roaming streets then jail. This is what must be addressed and parents need help first – dry out and become responsible adults for their children’s sake.

    • Both my parents were mixed race..and i was snatched out of my mother’s arms at 6 mths old….WHY BECAUSE I WAS ABORIGINAL AND SHOULD’NT HAVE BEEN BORN

    • Jill Kroll. Yes it is a huge problem, and sad too, and not only in the outback though it is there that there are fewer services to help. I feel that rehab and education (both of children and adults) would help many of these families, and I agree with you that providing support systems from within the communities would be a huge step forward.

    • Paul, you are right! Big mistakes were made with the stolen generation, they tried to breed out the aboriginal race. Now the pendulum has swung too far the other way, where children are left in bad situations, no matter whether aboriginal or white.

    • What,like how the Aboriginal women preferred to work in the brothels run by the Afghan Camel Drivers. They did that as they were well treated not like their treatment with their own people. Don’t come all “noble savage” with me because like all races of humanity there is good and bad. Sure mistakes were made but many good things happened too.

  5. He needs to be gagged. He very rarely says anything that is good and so many people believe every word that spills out of his evil mouth.

  6. No he’s right. most of the people complaining now of being part of the stolen generation wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the stolen generation

    • Actually I do and yes I do have proof. You poor deluded people are doing the Aboriginal community no favours. They need to take responsibility for their own problems, not continually blame it on others. Australia is an inclusive society where anyone can achieve whatever they want. Many from the Aboriginal community have achieved the Australian dream, but it wasn’t by whinging and whining and blaming others. It was by getting off their bums and working hard like anyone else.

    • Well I only know the ones mentioned in the official report and true I’ve probably only spoken with 60% of them personally., during my studies. But I think that qualifies me, how about YOU !

    • It’s a load of crap….and yes l know peeps from the stolen generation. …did a lot of damage!! You make sweeping statements without the knowledge. .

    • Libbi, none of us are experts. We’re just concerned, caring people wanting the best for our indigenous brothers and sisters. What, apart from bleating on Facebook, have you actually done Libbi. I’ll bet it’s NOTHING. Have you actually been out to were the real aborigines live, have you seen the conditions. Until you have Libbi, shut up – you know nothing.

    • We had a much loved Allie Who was taken from the Alice river in 1910. She lived with our family until she died close to 100. She left a message to be read at her funeral. ” Tell the Stewarts not to be sad when I am gone. I had a wonderful life and I loved them all”
      Family came from all over Australia for her funeral. She was taken to Starke Station to help care or our mother when she was a baby. My family owned and operated Starke for over 70 years. It was given to the Aboriginals 20 years ago. It is deserted, covered in rattle weed, no cattle, houses trashed and even toilets broken. The evidence is there for anyone to see. I might add that Noel Pearson suggested the same thing as Tony Jones a few years ago, that all children be sent south for schooling and to get away from the dreadful situation on the settlements.

    • Rosalind Battles check on the statistics for deaths of aboriginal children left with their families back then

    • Actually Dave Druce yes , I lived and worked in Paraburdoo for many years and then down south of W.A in Pinjarra they have a large aboriginal population there. My best friend from school is Aboriginal and her grandchildren practice Aboriginal culture and been on the ABC’S Black Comedy tv show not only acting but traditional Aboriginal dance. You know nothing about me, so don’t presume. You are not qualified in Aboriginal affair’s , I bet you have never even met an Aboriginal.

    • Libbi you seem to be an embittered sad woman. I’m truly sorry for you. I’ll pray for you – but please go away, don’t respond to me any further, it’s truly tedious.

    • you have a big mouth Dave Druce and Libbi called you out and you can’t handle it, you are the sad one making up lies, why would an accountant interview the stolen generation ?

    • Why wouldn’t an Accountant talk with the stolen generation and no Rosalind I never said I interviewed them I said I SPOKE with them. Like Libbi you are obviously another self righteous, indignant person who can’t see the wood for the trees. I’ll include you in my prayers along with Libbi. But please go away don’t bother me anymore

    • You are a real chalmer aren’t you Dave Bruce – sniping madley when called out.

    • Dave Druce it was people with your pious, superior attitude who ruined the lives of many wonderful Aboriginal families by depriving them of the love & companionship of their parents & siblings.Libbi has as much right to her opinion as you do & your attitude to her is extremely disrespectful.What makes you think your prayers are going to benefit anyone?

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Deanna, we’re ALL entitled to our opinions including you Libbi and ME. If you don’t believe in prayer, so be it, again you’re entitled to your opinion, now please go away

    • So if Dave is WRONG, tell us what is the answer to this problem of neglect, rape and death? I’m talking on behalf of all races, because this has become a terrible problem in so called society.
      But particularly for our Aboriginal children, someone has to care, and stop whining but change they’re lives.

    • Dave Druce I did not say I don’t believe in prayer.To me prayer is an act of humility & I can’t see anything coming from you except arrogance & disrespect.

    • Deanna, no explanation is necessary, but for someone who purports to believe in prayer you do seem to be quite cruel and sarcastic. I guess be Muslim that’s just how you are

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