A huge majority of Americans say they will vote for this man – are you with them?

Donald Trump has surprised many across the world with his soaring popularity, and it’s now becoming more and more likely
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Donald Trump has surprised many across the world with his soaring popularity, and it’s now becoming more and more likely he could be the next President of the United States.

Today is ‘Super Tuesday’, one of the biggest days in Trump’s political career – a day that will either cement his chances or crush them.

But it’s looking like he will dominate the race for the Republican presidential nomination as 11 states prepare to vote for their candidate, reports the Telegraph.

A CNN national poll released on Monday said the billionaire has 49 per cent support, his highest-ever figure, and more than the other four remaining candidates combined.

Also on the campaign trail are Florida senator Marco Rubio (16 per cent), Texas senator Ted Cruz (15 per cent), retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (10 per cent), and Ohio governor John Kasich (six per cent).

The figures have disappointed anti-Trump supporters as it now appears he is backed by more Americans than previously thought.

For our Aussie readers, Donald Trump needs 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination, and tomorrow it’s expected Trump will gain a majority of the 595 delegates for the 11 states.

One of the biggest controversies right now is a former leader of white supremacist group ‘Ku Klux Klan’ has offered Trump donations, and he hasn’t refused.

Mr Cruz said: “Donald Trump, you’re better than this. We should all agree racism is wrong, the Ku Klux Klan is abhorrent”.


Tell us: do you think Donald Trump will win the election? What affect will it have on the world?

    • I started off thinking that Trump was just a joke and a diversion.

      Now I’m very worried about the sanity of a large percentage of Americans if they’re actually taken in by his bigoted, misogynistic propaganda.

  1. It’s enough to make you want to hide under the bed.

    • George  

      No offence mate but people like yourself do exactly that, hide under the bed, whenever there are any tough decisions to make.
      Trump is never more needed than now with terrorism becoming accepted as part of everyday life, global financial crisis and political correctness gone mad.
      Churchill was accused as a nut case by softies like yourself pre 1945, and he managed to beat the odds, pull Britain through and kick Hitlers ass.
      Go Trump.

  2. He is so diametrically opposed to what the Americans have now, the big fear is that there are enough far Right radical rednecks to vote him in as President. The rest of the world has to suffer the consequences.

    • the United States has 1,597 strategic nuclear warheads imagine them all at Trumps disposal !! That is more than enough to blow the whole world up John.

    • SCARE MONGERS….that is what you are!! I rather see HIM in The White House making good decisions then the Liars and Crooks like the CLINTONS once again!! Enough damage has been done to America, it is about time some one stops the bleeding!!! If a Communist is good enough to run as President, why are you all so scared of Trump??? You all rather see a another professional Politician as Pres., then some one with a proven record of success!! At least Trump will not steal from the tax paying public like most of the others have!! Stop your hateful CAMPAIGNING already and let the chips fall where they may….anybody has to be better then what Obama has done or Hillary will do that can not be undone for years to come!! I DON’T THINK AMERICANS ARE READY TO BECOME COMMUNIST……so John Reid…..you got to chill….why is every one called a red neck when they disagree with YOU ON THE
      FAR LEFT?. Go live in a Communist Country….you are free to go!! Then and only then will you once again appreciate and be proud of being an AMERICAN!!! I know first hand what it is like to live under the COMMUNIST BANNER….you on the other hand just know it from books and reading about the Euphoria it promises to be, when it is nothing but MISERY for the people, only the high up in Government Positions live like KINGS….but then YOU would be one of them judging by your smart comments about RADICAL RED NECKS ON THE RIGHT….how about the highly trained puppets in COMMUNISM on the Left???
      LIBBY…..why are YOU not scared of North Korea or Iran??? They have the capability to send one over any day now….thanks to Obama and Hillary!! But instead you worry about what Trump would do?? You are joking right?? You are really showing your colors all the way….red…red….red!!!!!only
      In AMERICA are you allowed to talk such TRASH and not get arrested!! A shame really….

    • Oh dear, Vera, when you know what you are writing about, perhaps someone will listen. Me far left (with or without use of upper case lettering)? No, indeed, I detest extremism in politics and guess the best I can say is I wish that for you. It is a pity you had to stoop so low as to attempt insult – it was like water off a duck’s back, anyway; I take no umbrage – so please, perhaps take some of your own advice: Chill out? Be at peace.

    • Mike here-he’s another Clive Palmer with the advantage of volountary voting at least here in Aus we require people to attend polling stations in the hope that while there they will make a conscious decison to at least vote unlike america where they don’t compel their voters to attend because if they did they might mess up a pretty cushy number, it’s up to the party/candidate to mobilise voters

  3. Hilary or the Donald…..God help America…..might as well vote for Mickey ..Donald is already running his race..

  4. I cannot see the rest of the world wanting to even meet with this guy let alone talk politics. He will have every available person out shooting up people and building walls around America. Pity help America if he gets in.

    • Trump is capitalising on a disenchantment with establishment politics rather than appealing to them with policies.In the highly unlikely event that he became POTUS his supporters will be severely disillusioned as he will not have the ability or freedom to act in the way he is saying at the moment.

    • He would still have too much power! It is a frightening idea that he could become POTUS.

    • How much does th e drug trade from mexico cost the USA in cold hard cash & lives thinking a good strong wall may help some what power is what Obama has taken away from the people of america every one voted him in & now look at the deep SH### they are in

    • Nita Crompton What about what is happening now are you happy with all the problems that have been brought here that the taxpayer is paying for and they are slowly taking over if Trump is not the next President AMERICA is finished it will be another ARAB country hope you enjoy living like that

    • Lesley Scott oh dear I feel sorry if you feel he is the answer to America’s problems. The man is a megalomaniac. He will bring only hatred and trouble.

    • Lesley Margaret Johnston-Croft God help America and the rest of the world. ISIS must be clapping their hands in glee. Just what they need to swell their ranks, an idiot like that as POTUS!

  5. I have American friends who live here in Australia, and they warned me that if Trump is successful we will have to make room in Australia for more Americans to live here, I have to agree with them.

    • Mike here-my mind is totally boggled, 10’s of thousands of yanks bobbing up in Botany Bay seeking aylum

    • We would not allow them in – classify them as economic refugees and send them home 🙂

    • Yes they will come in boatloads and end up on Naru! They will have to wait their turn. It would be funny if it were not so serious!

    • Funny, but no; they’ll apply @ the nearest Australian Embassy/Consulate & follow procedures, as they don’t want to lose their US entitlements to their private pensions! Pity those unable to do so, living on a hand-to-mouth existence, for some of my American friends are in that situation. Some of my friends’ relatives go over to MEXICO & CANADA for much cheaper health care & medications.

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