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Only 10 years ago, we could walk into a video store and hardly be able to elbow past other families in the store trying to get the latest release. And by the time we’d gotten to the rack, they’d all been booked out. Fast forward to 2014 and video stores are closing left, right and centre, thanks to downloads and video streaming.

There are still a handful of video stores around, so today, let’s talk: do you still rent out DVDs regularly? Do you support your local store? Tell us below!

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  1. Video stores have been dying slowly for a few years now and the clock has turned back 30 years as I see more and more Deli’s and corner shops renting out videos on a small time basis offering more of a customer service than a collection.
    Times change and life moves on and video streaming on demand without leaving the house will finish them off

  2. Local video store closed down, now we have a vending machine outside our local IGA to rent out movies.

  3. No haven’t been to one for years and the one just up the road has been closed for a while now.

  4. Video stores still alive and thriving in Tassie.

  5. At least 20 years since I visited one of these. Nowdays there are plenty of movies on TV without having to rent them. I just record them and watch when there is nothing else worth watching.
    I’m currently watching The Smurf Movie which i recorded last week.

  6. I never have been a regular visitor to them and I can’t remember the last time I did. I am a avid cinema goer and so I have already seen what I want to see

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