70 per cent of patients think doctors are being ‘unreasonable’ about this issue

There are certain things we expect from our doctors – a reasonable ‘bedside manner’, knowledge and experience… and that they
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There are certain things we expect from our doctors – a reasonable ‘bedside manner’, knowledge and experience… and that they are vaccinated against common diseases.

A survey of 2000 South Australians has found that the vast majority of people believe a doctor is being unreasonable if he or she refuses to be vaccinated against the flu, and also whooping cough, Medical Observer reports.

Nearly 70 per cent of survey respondents said it was “unreasonable” for healthcare workers  to decline pertussis (whooping cough) immunisation, with a similar viewpoint when it comes to the flu vaccination.

Interestingly 95 per cent of those interviewed believed their health-care professionals have an obligation to have their jabs, particularly as they are often so keen to make sure we’ve had them.

Pertussis vaccination is recommended for anyone who has grandchildren on the way as our immunisation will most likely have lapsed. New South Wales is currently experiencing one of its worst outbreak of whooping cough as vaccine stocks run dry, Fairfax reports.

Flu vaccines are recommended for all Australians over 65.

Would you expect your doctor to be vaccinated against these infections – and others? Is it part of their ‘duty of care’?

  1. can only comment on the UK as a retired nurse I had to have vaccinations for several things, so would expect any healthcare worker to be responsible and do the same.

  2. Took me a year to find one in our town after mine retired now I go to a new medical centre and see a different doctor every time. So any relationship with them has gone. I’m just another in a long day.

  3. I would have thought vaccinations for doctors would have been common practice and a sign of being responsible.

  4. At the surgery where I work, we all, including the doctors have our injections for the flu etc,and last week we all had blood taken to make sure all our injections are up to date, including chicken pox, Hep A and B.

  5. I have to confess that I am a naughty doctor who sometimes miss the flu vaccine as I don’t get around to getting someone to jab me & it’s hard to give it to yourself. All my other vaccines are up to date though!

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