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Australia’s industries have been facing increasing competition from international organisations as more and more set up business here in Australia. And this week, a retail chain has announced they will be setting up 120 more stores in Australia.

This is Aldi.

The big question is, will you be shopping here and is it right or wrong to do so?

Aldi claimed in 2011 that 70% of their products are sourced locally in Australia. And if you take a walk around you will find that many of the products are from Australian brands that aren’t as well known as others. These are also brands that aren’t being sold in Woolworths and Coles stores.

We know that many Australians make the choice not to shop at Woolworths and Coles in favour of local stores which is great – but no matter where we shop, it is the products that really matter. Supporting Australian businesses means buying Australian products – no matter where they are from.

So with that in mind, tell us, will you be shopping at Aldi when it goes national? 

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  1. Amazing thing is that once aldi opens, nearby Coles and Woolies store drop their prices!!

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    • At least Aldi is pushing competition between Coles and Woolies! They have very good quality products, no problems with refunds etc and cheap groceries. cannot stand Woolies. They have us by the short and curlies!

    • I have shopped at Aldi in Frankston , Victoria . They have great prices AND products . Bring them on over here .

  2. Yes I will. Woolworths and Coles are becoming too expensive. As long as I can buy Australian made products I’ll be happy.

  3. I already shop at Aldi and have done for the last 7 years. Good completion for the other supermarkets.

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    • Are their goods made from Australian grown and owned products? So many vegetables and fruit in Woollies and Coles are imported and I won’t buy anything that isn’t totally Aust. Do they carry Dick Smith’s products? C and W seem to be removing him from their shelves.

    • Mike here-I’m told that since Costco opened it’s doors 2, yes 2 days ago the big two are already asking their customer base to remain loyal to their stores. Could be urban myth but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. Aldi are employing Austalian Staff, I find that a good enough reason to support them.

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  5. Hate Aldi, there staff are rude, they don’t sell everything for a weekly shop so you still have to go else where, there stuff is often little above ground level, they are out of town and Coles is closer. I don’t like supermarket shopping so get my groceries all at one place. Meat from the butcher and green groceries from the green grocer.

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    • When you refer to a “weekly shop” do you mean I can’t buy just one apple, or one carton of milk. Or do I have to buy in bulk? I’ve heard conflicting reports on this.

    • You can buy one or as many as you like of most items. Some fruit is packaged for your convenience but not all fruit and vegetables are pre packaged.

    • I shop at Aldie,s occasionally as the store is not close but I agree the staff think they are doing you a favour.Terrible!

    • the green groceries i buy from local green grocer who sells locally grown items. I don’t like the rudeness of the staff or the long check out queues at my local Aldi – nor did they tell me they added a surcharge for credit card.

    • I shop at Aldi and the staff are great! No you can’t get everything but fruit and veges are fresh daily and so much cheaper. I agree that they do need an express aisle!

  6. ALDI is a lot like Jack the Slasher from way back and Franklin’s stores the only diffefence is they have the backing of a company as big as the other two! To right I’ll shop there I can’t afford not too!

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    • I remember Jack the Slasher. They gave you a black texta when you went in And you had to write the price on each item.

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