Why you need to update your Apple device's operating system now

Models from the iPhone 5, pictured, onwards are vulnerable to Broadpwn.

If you’ve been putting off the update reminder on your iPhone, stop ignoring it now.

The operating system update to version 10.3.3, released three days ago by iphone-maker Apple, gets rid of the risk that an attacker could hack an iPhone via Wi-Fi.

All devices from the iPhone 5 and fourth generation iPad onward have the flawed chips, as does the sixth-generation iPod touch, according to reports.

Appleinsider.com described the fix on iOS 10.3.3 as closing a “crucial Wi-Fi vulnerability” called Broadpwn. The same security hole was patched by an update for Android devices earlier this month.

“The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has rated Broadpwn a 9.8 out of 10 on its severity scale,” appleinsider.com said.

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iPhone users who don’t update to i)S 10.3.3. continue to be at risk that a hacker could remotely access the Broadcom Wi-Fi chip inside their smartphone, bypassing security features such as the passcode.

“The troubling bug only requires users’ iOS device to have Wi-Fi turned on for hackers to gain access to assume control of the phone’s processor – the central computer runs all the basic system instructions,” news.com.au explains.

To update your Apple phone or tablet’s operating system, you can go to Settings-General-Software Update.

Have you already updated your phone? 


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