The one power tool that every woman needs...

As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes, I find myself faced with a problem that only a man can solve. I sound petty I know, but it more than often involves one bottle of wine and one cork that won’t budge.

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My arms have lost a fair bit of strength over the last few years, and even the most ergonomical bottle opener will help me. But, I think I may have found something that will instead!

This little device, commonly known as an electric screw driver, by Skil Power, is so much more than just that. How? It comes with a corkscrew attachment!

What a marvellous idea! It snugly fits in the neck of the bottle to shift that cork and let the wine flow freely! How fantastic!

SkilLike any other electric screw driver it has forward and reverse functions and holds a charge for 18 months. It whirs at 200rpm so opening a cheeky red can be done in seconds – though, due to the noise, not on the sly. So please don’t consider taking it to the park for an evening picnic with friends.

It seems as though right now it is only available for purchase in the US… But we’ll keep you posted so when it hits Australian shores, we’ll all be powering through a nice vino in no time.