Here's why your phone might stop working on December 1

On December 1, the Telstra 2G network will officially be shut down. What this means is that if you own an old cell phone that still only operates on Telstra’s 2G… Well, you’re going to have to upgrade.

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2G stands for ‘2nd Generation’ — as in, the second generation of wireless phone networks. Since 2G, newer, better networks have been introduced, namely 3G and 4G. Most modern smartphones will operate on these networks; however, the older-model cell phones, such as the ever-reliable Nokia phones, will not have the capacity to operate on 3G or 4G. Therefore, if you own a 2G phone under Telstra’s plan, as of December 1, you will no longer be able to make or receive calls.

Though it’s only the Telstra 2G network closing down this December, it won’t be long before the others follow suit. In fact, Optus’ 2G is due for to shut down on April 1, 2017. For those of you who’ve found yourselves attached to an old, safe, reliable 2G cell phone, I’m afraid you’re going to have to say your goodbyes.

I know it’s comfortable sticking with an old phone for years and years, but don’t be afraid to upgrade. Today’s smartphones get better, faster, more innovative, and more useful with every new model. All it takes to adapt to a newer, better phone is a little bit of learning.

When did you last upgrade your mobile phone? Are you happy with the make and model of your mobile phone?